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“It’s that kind of thinking that is keeping a corrupt Saskatchewan Justice, from offering any sort of restitution to the Ross twins.”

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"It is a shame that most people connect the word Doukhobor with the Sons of Freedom. The Sons of Freedom today are not Doukhobors."
Peter Makaroff
CBC television production Front Page Challenge (1956)

Justice for the Ross Children, all three of them.

A 12 year old boy, a full ward of the Province of Saskatchewan was taken to a Saskatoon hospital and circumcised to control his sex drive. The boy had sodomized, raped & tortured his sisters, plus others, for a number of years.

This is not the way to treat a child, a ward of the court in need of medical help. He was allowed to continue to rape his sisters until he was 14 years old.

The boy was a victim of abuse by his parents, a victim of abuse by social services, a victim of abuse by Saskatchewan Justice and now he is a victim of abuse by the people of Saskatoon. Justice for the Ross Children, all three of them.

Question Circumcision

"If God wanted men to have a foreskin, he would have created them with it." - Unknown

Question Circumcision - Known -

Saskatchewan's Shame


The Ross Children


There are many safeguards in place to protect the administration of justice from judges who abuse their power. The appellant court in Saskatchewan is one of the safeguards to insure that judges remain impartial and obey the law. A hand full of judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal have been ignoring questionable lower court decisions and the conduct of officers of the court.

The lower court then points out that the appellant court has upheld the questionable lower court decisions and there is no need for further safeguards.

It is the same appellant court judges, it is the same lower court judges. Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell are corrupt lower court judges. These two judges protect political and judicial corruption in Saskatoon, they do it by abusing the law and the process of the lower court.

Justice Malone, Justice Kyle, and former Chief Justice Gerein have abused the process of the court by conspiring to fix the outcome of a jury trial to protect Justice Hrabinsky.

Justice Kyle, a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench with a proud history of protecting the public from corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon is protecting his friend Justice Hrabinsky, a brother judge. His first duty is to up-hold the law and protect the Constitution.

A hand full of lower court judges take control of cases involving the illegal and criminal code violations by officers of the court, and their political friends in Saskatoon. The involvement of Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell in protecting officers of the court from criminal code violations is well documented.

Where are the safeguards?

Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell are further protected by a hand full of appellant court judges who take control of cases involving corrupt judges and judgements in the lower court. The first duty of a court of appeal judge is not to the political party responsible for their appointment to the court, a former corrupt president of the political party, their religious views or the disrepute of the court resulting from unjust corrupt judgements of the lower court.

In my case the first paragraph in Justice Sherstobitoff’s judgement was “The appellant appeared for his trial in a matrimonial matter after a peremptory adjournment. He refused to participate in the proceedings and the trial judge ordered that the trial proceed without him.”

What Justice Sherstobitoff fails to say is that he was fully aware that the peremptory adjournment was an order by justice Dovell after an illegal abuse of the process of the court by Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent.

This is not the first time that judges have partaken in corrupt court proceedings with Justice Vancise to protect a corrupt judge. They did the same thing with Justice Hrabinsky, corrupt prosecutors and a police officer who jailed Johanna Lucas, and all of them knowingly left two 8 year old girls to be raped and tortured for four years.

Where are the safeguards?

The Canadian Judicial Council?
Read what is being said about this self-serving safeguard.
The Canadian Justice Review Board.

To say that all judges are corrupt, is just not true.
To say that all lawyers are corrupt, is just not true.
To say that all police officers are corrupt, is just not true.

Jail For Judges.
This is a safeguard that is needed, not now, but right now. The federal justice department has a responsibility to protect the rule of law and the Constitution.

Where is that rotten stink coming from in Saskatoon?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saskatchewan: Supreme Court of Canada

Did anyone really think that the next justice of the Supreme Court of Canada would be picked from within the judicial rot that characterizes Saskatchewan Justice.

What were the choices?

One of the racist corrupt Christian judges who believe the people needed to be protected from Satanic Cults and women broodmares who have children so they can be sacrificed in a ritual child abuse hysteria.

One of the Court of Queen’s bench judges who left two 8 year old girls to be raped.

The judges who knowingly jailed innocent people who tried to help the children left to be raped.

One of the Court of Appeals judges who protected judges who left 8 year old girls to be raped.

One of the Court of Appeal judges who left two 8 year old girls to be raped.

One of the political hacks appointed to the court to protect the above judges.

A member of the Saskatchewan Law Society who protected a corrupt lawyer/politician.

A justice of the court who protected a corrupt lawyer/politician.

A member of the Saskatchewan College of Law or a member of the Saskatchewan Law Society who have stayed silent and watched Saskatchewan Justice destroy the rule of law in Saskatchewan.

It was understandable why the Prime Minister did not appoint a member of the Saskatchewan legal community to the Supreme Court of Canada. He was protecting the citizens of Canada.

The federal justice department has a responsibility to the people of Saskatchewan. Clean out the rot from within Saskatchewan Justice.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ross Twins: Saskatchewan’s “throw away kids”.

Use them, abuse them and discard them.

Justice For 8 Year Old Girls.

The Ross Twins Claim

As a result of the conduct of one or more of the Defendants the Plaintiffs have suffered serious and ongoing injuries particulars of which are as follows; sexual assault, physical assault, abuse, threats and intimidation, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, mental anguish, a sense of confusion, a sense of immoral uncertainty, a thoroughly immoral environment, a continued need for counseling, physical distress, and psychological distress.

The Twins

The media claims that Michell Mimi Ross & Kathleen Jessica Ross, had innocent citizens accused & in some cases convicted, with their lies. That is simply not true.

“Our lawsuit is not about Social Services and Dueck, MASTAKENLY allowing us to be raped and sodomized for 43 months, it is about Dueck and Bunko-Ruys, ALLOWING US TO BE RAPED AND SODOMIZED FOR 43 MONTHS.” The Ross Twins

A justice who fails to report a fraud that was perpetrated by a prosecutor in his court, should be jailed along with the prosecutor, like any other sort of common criminal.”

- Proceed with the Ross Twins Claim before the Klassen Appeal.

- Proceed with the Klassen Appeal. Before the Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Justice Kyle, Justice Malone and former Chief Justice Gerein’s over two year malicious prosecution of John Lucas.

Johanna Lucas was jailed in Saskatchewan by corrupt judges within a corrupted administration of justice after she picketed to help three children. Two of the children, 8 year old girls were left to be raped, with the full knowledge of judges, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Justice will not be served without justice for the Ross Twins, Johanna and John Lucas.

Justice for 8 year old girls will result in a stink in Saskatchewan far worse then your local pig farm. First, clean out the judicial rot from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Saskatchewan Justice.

I do believe in democracy and I do believe in the power of the people and I do believe that if we took our case and…yelled it loud enough and enough times that we would prevail.” David Asper - The Milgaard Inquiry.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hathway: CTV's W-Five

W-Five. CTV's W-Five has been denied access to Wilf Hathway who has been locked up for over two years in Saskatoon. Story on injusticebusters. The editors of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix continue to huddle under Maxwell Smarts cone of silence.

Wilfred Hathway W-Five Forum

Saskatchewan Justice?: “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word"

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Monday, February 20, 2006

News Flash: Hospital lock down

The 6th floor med wing of a local hospital was locked down on Sunday afternoon for over 3 hours. An elderly women was running wild in her wheelchair, there was no stopping her, the wing was locked down for her own safety after she tried to get on an elevator. The lock down ended when her son arrived and promised to take her for ice-cream.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hathway: Motion Chief Justice R D Lang

I have read the Transcript of Proceedings, Motion, February 14, 2006 before His Lordship Chief Justice R.D. Lang in the Hathway case in Saskatoon.

There was an appearance by Robert G. Kennedy, Q.C. for the Saskatchewan Law Society. What is he doing there? If the law society has a problem with Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky take it up with Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky, not Mr Hathway.

Mr Kennedy agreed to talk to a Saskatoon home owner being blackmailed by Saskatoon Lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff, when she got to his office he sent her to Brent Gough’s office, both of them were benchers with the law society. Mr Stooshinoff was waiting for her on the sidewalk outside Mr Gough’s office and he attempted to bully her into going with him for a discovery. She told him that she would not be in the same room with him. Mr Kennedy and Mr Gough do not protect the public from corrupt lawyers, they protect corrupt lawyers.

The transcript of how the disclosure was going to be dealt with by the court and the prosecution by Justice Lang did not go as planed. His pep talk about how smart lawyers are and how stupid the rest of us are is an insult to people who have a belief in fairness and the truth.

There is no amount of spin by the Chief Justice that will change the fact that his court has a history of wrongful convictions, malicious prosecutions, corrupt prosecutors and police officers lying under oath with the full knowledge of the judges hearing the cases.

Richard Klassen with the help of Ms. Geworsky exposed his court for what it is, corrupt. For over ten years the court protected people responsible for maliciously prosecuting innocent people.

Mr Klassen and a few others had their day in court, three people were sacrificed by Saskatchewan Justice, had the police officer who was found guilty of malicious prosecutions been a lawyer, he may well have been appointed to the bench along with receiving his pension and gold watch. The rest are just victims of Justice Lang’s court and the judicial corruption and decay characterizing the Saskatchewan justice system.

As has been witnessed throughout the court procedures, the court has allowed the prosecution to continue with unfounded accusations concerning Mr Klassen, who the hell is on trial here, Klassen or Hathway?

Mr Hathway has had three “real lawyers” and no disclosure. Mr Borden has withdrawn, he could be concerned that he may be charged with another false rape charge, or the new tool in the hands of corrupt police officers and the Crown in Saskatchewan, the you have a drug house and we are going to take your house without investigating law or the you are a foster parent of FASD children and will be charged with sexual assault without an investigation law. Only in Saskatchewan.

What is “supplemental narrative text” and who is the “real lawyer” who thought that one up? Mr Hathway needs to have a look at this text. Justice Lang thinks the time to address the issue of a malicious prosecution is to first successfully defend the case. Justice Lang then says that Mr Hathway could then have a lawyer look at it and say, is there a basis for malicious prosecution or not. What’s the next step. Put Justice Lang’s name on the Statement of Claim and proceed with the same 10 year nightmare that Richard Klassen and his family were put through by judges of the Court of Queens Bench and Saskatchewan Justice. Justice Lang needs to open his tunnel and let some light in, his vision is being restricted.

Justice Lang has a duty to protect Mr Hathway from a malicious prosecution and insure he has a fair trial, a motion and transcript helping the Law Society to prosecute Richard Klassen is an abuse of the court process. Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky are Mr Hathway’s only chance of receiving a fair trial. Justice must be seen to be done. Start with a new prosecutor and trial judge and if this is another malicious prosecution in Saskatoon as the on going Lucas case is, then end them both now.

Mr Hathway can not defend himself without the help of Mr Klassen and Ms. Geworsky. He is not allowed to ask for help from the police force, police officers, the prosecutor or W5. Mr Hathway interrupted the slanderous trash from the prosecutor, Ms Gray. W5 is not a criminal origination. W5 has exposed many injustices in Canada, to say that the correction centre has some control over who enters their premises and that Mr Hathway’s meeting with W5 may not take place as a result is a continuation of the arrogance Saskatchewan Justice is famous for. No one to my knowledge at CTV or W5 has been found guilty of malicious prosecution, this can not be said about Ms Gray’s prosecutors office in Saskatoon or the Saskatoon Police Service.
The Sting

Fetal Alcohol Support Network

Thursday, February 16, 2006

God please, not my grandchildren!

I have moved the Up-Dates: Please see Comments

My mother is doing good, she was up all night the last few days with her cold and I am going to the hospital earlier to see if we can get her back on a schedule of sleeping at night. I am looking into getting the seniors home to return her money. They charged her for a months rent when I refused to allow the health department to send her back. The hospital is also charging her for staying at the hospital waiting for an opening at the new seniors home.

Last summer when I saw how good she was doing in the hospital talking to the other elderly ladies and happy instead of bring her home I inquired about her going to the seniors home. I asked that she share a room as this worked out so well at the hospital. I was waiting to go to the hospital in Vancouver and also asked if she could stay in the hospital until I returned from Vancouver, everyone knew what day I was leaving.

The day before I had to leave for Vancouver at 4PM I was told I had to have her at the seniors home the same day. I thought about cancelling Vancouver as I would have great difficulty doing all this in one day and I did not like the idea of dropping her off at the home and rushing off to the airport. I am the only family she has here. I went to the seniors home the night before but could not get any information or see the room etc.

My friend came to my rescue with rides the next day and he and I thought it was not advisable to cancel Vancouver as it was my only chance of getting medical help for myself. He said it was done deliberately to stress me out but I told him that I did not believe that anyone in the health department would do that.

I was diagnosed with the movement disorder in Vancouver and told I would have to return and see another doctor as the cause of Torsion Dystonia is a faulty gene. I described my mothers feet that are the same as mine and other thing that would leave one to think that the gene came from my mother and the doctor said that is was quite likely that my mother has Torsion Dystonia. It effects family members differently and one can have the defective gene and show no signs of having the movement disorder. When I told the Vancouver doctor that I can ride my peddle bike when I was unable to walk he told me about some others with Dystonia that are the same, they also cannot walk but are able to ride a bike. Others that walk perfectly backward and can not walk forward, can run like the wind but are unable to walk in either direction.

When I returned to Saskatoon my mother was sharing a room with a lady that could not do anything, she could only grunt and was unable to talk. My mother could not stand staying in the room with her. I asked for her to be transferred to another room but the other ladies were much the same and she was not transferred. My mother was placed on a ward that was unsuitable and with people with a higher level of problems. My mother was walking, eating and doing extremely well and I could not get them to move her. I had to wait months before I could place her name on the wait list for another home.

I took information about Torsion Dystonia and a list of medication she was not to be given that I downloaded from the Vancouver doctors web site. She was walking, bored with nothing to do and once a nurse always a nurse, she was tucking others in bed and walking around at night. She had someone with her 24/7 at the hospital and the seniors home only had limited staff members on duty at night. She was being medicated to keep her from walking and when she was unable to walk she was medicated because she would get into her wheelchair and push with her feet.

When I received a bill for her medications she was being given a medication that effects brain chemicals called Seroquel. When I looked it up on the internet there were warning about this medication from health Canada and the FDA in the US. My mother was going down hill from the medications and the ward staff and nurses agreed with me but no one would listen to me and stop the medication. I then asked my homecare worker for help and she contacted the advocate for the elderly and others. I was going through the appeal and was not able to cope with that never mind getting my mother off the medication.

My mother was in bed, unable to talk or open her eyes. I then received the next monthly bill for her medications and the Seroquel was increased from one pill a day to three pills a day. This was after I gave them the information and the warning from health Canada about Seroquel.

The following morning I received a call from the home and was told that my mother was not doing good and they asked if I still wanted them to not intervene medically. I told them my mothers wishes were not to intervene in a medical way that would only cause her pain and suffering before she passed away from another stroke or heart attack. I then told them that my mother was starving to death and the increases from one pill a day to three pill a day was a death dosage. I told them to call an ambulance and “get my mother to emergency, right now!”

I showed the medical information to the doctor at emergency and pointed out the warnings and that my mother was starving to death. I informed the doctor about Torsion Dystonia and pointed out the side effects from Seroquel and low dopamine levels in people with Torsion Dystonia. I told him that DNA testing was being done in Vancouver that would confirm that she has a movement disorder. She has not been diagnosed with Dystonia but this was not a good enough reason to not stop all her medications given the documents and information I supplied to him. He ordered all the medications stopped. He told me after that I was right about my mother starving and he ordered IV’s and he admitted her.

She has been doing excellent considering she had one foot in the grave and is walking again, eating and getting into trouble and is receiving the very best of best care by caring staff in the hospital. Over the next 7 days or so I had the staff ask me about her as they were told she could not walk or talk and would never be able to get out of the bed. She was talking to them within 4 days. I asked one of the staff to help me get her into a wheelchair so I could get her out of the room and down stairs for ice-cream for the first time. I was told the nurse had left instructions that she was no allowed out of bed and when we were waiting for the nurse to arrive I was talking to the staff member in the hallway and she asked me to turn around and when I did, my mother just about sitting in the wheelchair, she got out of bed by herself.

I was told the next day that she was being discharged back to the home and I refused to let them send her back. I told them I would not send a dog back there and that she would be coming home if there was no other place for her to go. This was obviously not possible for me to look after her but they had no other choice, the rules were rules and she had to return to the home. I told them I was going home to get her room ready for her and to call an ambulance and send her home in two hours. I was in my wheelchair and not doing good but she was not going back there so they could medicate her again.

I receiver a call from the hospital just after getting home and was told that they were going to bend the rules, she would stay in the hospital and she would be placed on the wait list for the home I requested.

My friend was right, this was done deliberately. I have looked up the directors of the home she was sent to. All the present and former directors are well known professionals, a lawyer and the former president of the Progressive Conservative club on the Saskatoon campus. Connected to the progressive conservative party and the same radical church originations that the judges involved with the satanic child abuse cases were. A former social services minister. The treasurer is my lawyer who handled my appeal at a cost of over $9,000.00 for going through the motions of making it look like he was representing me. They could not get at me because of the caveat giving my mother the legal right to live in her home for as long as she lives. If not for the caveat we would both have been removed from our home and the house sold. The court order is that I have to list the house for sale within one month of my mother passing away. I reported one of the past presidents of the Progressive Conservative party to the police, I and my mother are being persecuted as a result. They are now using my mother to get at me. The worst thing about it is that there is no point in telling anyone as who would believe it. No different then who would believe that judges, lawyers and politicians left two 8 year old girls to be raped in Saskatoon for four years..

The welfare paid for my trip to Vancouver the second time and I have to return when the DNA results are in. Without them paying for the trip it will make it very difficult for me to return. I am expecting a call this month from the hospital with a return date. I can not think about not going. God please, not my grandchildren. That will get me to Vancouver, if I have too wheel my chair out there.

I was told that if the new home has trouble controlling my mother they will medicate her. That is without question the most ignorant statement ever. I contacted my care worker and she has contacted the elderly advocate and he is going to see what he can do about them charging twice for my mothers care. With the hospital bill and the months rent removed from my mothers bank account by the seniors home there is not enough money to pay them both. I have told them the hospital bill will not be paid as the new home will want a months rent in advance. She will not have enough money to pay them both, I have told them this and if her money is not returned I will have no choice but to bring her home.

I am unable to get involved with a bunch of people and need help to get proper medical help for my mother. I requested a meeting at the hospital, the advocate, the hospital doctor, social worker and get the doctors in Vancouver involved with my mothers health care. My mother has a movement disorder and is entitled to proper medical help. She needs to see a movements disorder doctor with knowledge of Dystonia who will work with the doctors in Vancouver.

My mother is receiving excellent care as long as she stays in the hospital until her medical care is in place with a new doctor working with my Vancouver doctors. They can not medicate her again without the advice of the experts in Vancouver. The new home she is on the wait list for is run by members of our church, United Church, and she will be properly cared for there with the help of a new doctor and her church minister.

I do not have it as bad as Johanna or John Lucas. I do not know how they have managed to survive the past 12 years. What was done to the Ross children was so unbelievable it leaves me wondering what is the matter with this City and the people in it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Crown warns Hathway to hire a “real lawyer“

Where are the “real lawyers“? Where are the real newspaper editors? Where are the real opposition members elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature. Where are the real judges? It is not good enough for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to continue quoting corrupt members of Saskatchewan Justice without checking to see if there is any truth in what is being published in the StarPhoenix. The StarPhoenix has been protecting corruption within Saskatchewan Justice year after year by failing to publish stories involving corrupt judges, lawyers and politicians in Saskatoon. Why is it that the citizens of Saskatoon have to read the truth on web sites like Star Chamber Proceedings,,, The Persecution of John Lucas and the Mario deSantis Index on the North Central Internet News (NCIN or Ensign) web sites.

There is very little truth to yet another slanted article in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix coverage of the Hathway case in Saskatoon. You can read the truth at href=" Have a read of the article by Candis McLean, Strange Justice, published in the Western Standard on the same page.

Mr Hathway has had three past “real lawyers“, why does he still not have a full disclosure? David Milgaard, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas, Donald Ross, Helen Ross, Donald White, Peter Klassen, Richard Klassen, the Ross twins and many others persecuted by the likes of Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Madam Justice G A Smith and Madam Justice Dovell all had “real lawyers”. A Saskatoon homeowner scammed by his lawyer, Brent Gough to protect another “real lawyer” and former president of the Saskatchewan progressive conservative party, Nicholas Stooshinoff, all of them had “real lawyers“.

Judicial corruption in Saskatoon and decay characterizing the Saskatchewan justice system (from the police to the judges) has been clearly revealed during the last twenty years. It is such a sad state of affairs it makes one ashamed to be a part of this province. The police are corrupt, the prosecutors and judges operate in a state of unaccountable vacuum, and the lawyers practise within an old-boys network that makes sure their respective palms are well greased. The crime rates in Saskatoon and Regina are the highest in Canada. These musings are not speculation. Everyone alive in this province knows it. The people of Saskatchewan live in a state that is closer in comparison to the former U.S.S.R. than it is to a province in a supposedly respected nation.

There is one clear reason for Mr Hathway and John Lucas not receiving a full disclosure, a corrupt administration of justice without any remaining dignity or integrity.

New sermonette on the Injusticebusters Blog

Saturday, February 11, 2006

John Lucas: Strategy of Deception?

It is to early to tell if the Lucas case is on the right track or just another strategy of deception from Saskatchewan Justice. The fact that the case is continuing after Justice Malone was asked to remove himself as the trial judge after it was discovered Justice Malone and the Chief Justice were conspiring to cook up another wrongful conviction is I think, quite remarkable, but understandable for anyone involved and with knowledge of the history of corruption within Saskatchewan Justice. It could be that Judges in the Court of Queen’s Bench are no longer going to stay silent and have realised the injustice in Saskatchewan courts goes against everything they have been entrusted to uphold by the people. They may not be able to speak out publicly, but they can insure that John Lucas receives a fair trial.

I have said that there was nothing that was not arranged and decided before hand by Saskatchewan Justice in the satanic ritual abuse court cases and the cover-up. Jailing Johanna Lucas was part of the strategy and cover-up. The written judgements to deceive the public and gain an advantage over future claimants were part of the strategy in Justice Hrabinsky’s court and the written judgements from the Court of Appeal. Justice Vancise admitted in his written judgement that his rant about documents had nothing to do with the Johanna Lucas appeal. It didn’t, it was part of the strategy, this case law and other judgements are being used to this day as if it was section 300 case law based on fact and sound judgements. The Supreme Court of Canada was a willing participant, the spin doctors rewrote defamation laws in Canada that is being used to silence the truth.

The Wilfred Hathway case in Saskatoon is a good example, serious questions are being asked about this case. Justice Lang quoted Justice Vancise and his rant from the Johanna Lucas appeal regarding documents, I see this as a real bell ringer, there is a serious problem with the Crowns case.

The memorandum posted on from Terry Hinz to Wilfrid Tucker has left me scratching my head in disbelief. Mr Hinz details the cover-up strategy for Saskatchewan Justice. The cover-up strategy of Saskatchewan Justice resulted in 8 year old girls being left to be raped, the jailing of Johanna Lucas and the continued persecution with malice of innocent people by the three people found guilty in the Klassen civil case. Mr Hinz was headline news, the hero of the Klassen civil case for his testimony under oath about his refusal to proceed with charges and his being floored when he was given the file that reminded him of the Salem witch craft trials. The hero, the crazed police officer and brood mares? Who wrote up this strategy? Blame it on the 8 year old girls and the police officer. Strange justice indeed. I do not believe a word of the testimony of Mr Hinz.

The John Lucas case is another case of malice in a Saskatchewan Court. Organized injustice. It should end now with a judicial stay, and a public inquiry.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Up-Date: A fair trial for John Lucas

I will start by correcting a statement in my last post.

“The rules of court do not apply to John Lucas. Justice Malone provided Mr Lucas with a memorandum of Special Rules on how his “Trial By Judge & Jury”, will be conducted in Queen’s Bench. Justice Malone and his Court of Queen’s Bench Special Rules are an affront to justice ---“

The Special Rules supplied to John Lucas by Justice Malone were written by Justice Ball. Apparently the rules apply to all lawyerless litigants. I will search for a copy of these rules and post it. I would think the rules are a means of speeding up the court process by setting out what is required by the accused and the prosecutor.

Its been over two years that Mr Lucas has been trying to obtain full disclosure from the Crown. The law requires the Crown to make a full disclosure. As long as the accused party has a lawyer there will not be a full disclosure by the Crown. Wilfred Hathway and many others before him have found this out the hard way. If the accused fires his lawyer or lawyers the Crown will then claim that the delay has been caused by the accused because he or she has fired their lawyer or lawyers. Of course the court will agree with the prosecutor as if there are no incompetent lawyers in Saskatoon. Any attempt to introduce new evidence on appeal is seldom successful. In fact the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal will not only not allow new evidence the court will claim that there was no attempt to obtain the new evidence or question the lack of the evidence at trial and therefore the accused lawyer did not think the withheld evidence was important as there was no attempt to obtain it, before or during the trial. The only hope an accused has of obtaining a full disclosure is to get rid of the lawyer and demand a full disclosure.

This is not the case in Justice Hrabinsky, Justice G A Smith or Justice Dovell‘s court. Corrupt judges and prosecutors make up their own rules. They can only succeed when they have the support of the Attorney General and corrupt judges within the Court of Appeal. Welcome to Saskatchewan.

One of the other issues is the authenticity of John Lucas’s documents. At the time of Johanna Lucas’s trial justice Hrabinsky refused to accept documents into evidence and was questioning the authenticity of Johanna Lucas’s documents. Saskatchewan Justice was also withholding other documents in their procession. The administration of justice, the City of Saskatoon, courts and Crown were protecting themselves from public scrutiny after the convictions in the Ross, Ross and White and the charging of the Klassen family and other satanic ritual abuse cases in Saskatoon and area. Some of the documents and tapes being distributed by Johanna Lucas were not used or not entered into evidence at the Saskatchewan Justice Ross, Ross and White witch hunt. Blame it on the lawyers was the response from the justices of the Court of Appeal.

What happened in Saskatoon during the satanic ritual hysteria was so incredible that reasonable thinking people would have trouble believing the truth. Saskatchewan Justice relied on the unbelievable truth of what happened and abused the public trust and respect for the administration of justice by protecting religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and the Saskatoon Police Service.

The failure of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services to protect the Ross children from sick and perverted public servants was equally as unbelievable.

Officers of the court who engaged in the cover-up by jailing Johanna Lucas, jailing and persecuting John Lucas, sealing documents and evidence, issuing cooked up court orders, publication bans and dismissing the claims of people seeking justice and the truth would have had no way of knowing at the time that a man with a grade seven education was going to drag the people responsible kicking and screaming to justice and the truth over 10 years later. By doing this, he exposed the corruption within Saskatchewan Justice, Justice Hrabinsky‘s and Madam Justice Dovell’s courts, prosecutors office, Saskatoon Police Service and the legal community in Saskatoon.

To this day the 8 year old Ross twins are being accused by the media and Saskatchewan Justice of being responsible for the work of these sick and perverted public servants. The twins told these fools that they were not sexually assaulted by anyone other then by their older brother. The documents and tapes withheld by the Crown clearly detail the girls saying they were being raped by their brother. One of the sick fools asked an eight year old girl, “did you enjoy it” after she told her that her brother raped her. One of the twins wrote a note asking a social worker for help because her brother would not stop raping her. The girls were left to be raped and tortured for 4 years while these jackasses were busy manufacturing the malicious prosecution they were found guilty of over 10 years later. This all could have been avoided if one judge, prosecutor, doctor, politician had stood up for justice and the truth. Saskatchewan’s Shame.

The Crown is withholding documents and required Mr Lucas to make application to the trial judge for disclosure. Why? The law requires a full disclosure by the Crown. The Crown is refusing to subpoena Mr Lucas witnesses and expects Mr Lucas to make application to the trial judge. Why? The rules state that the Crown is to subpoena witnesses. The Crown expected Mr Lucas to request Justice Ted Malone removed himself as the trial judge. Why would Mr Lucas be responsible for requesting a judge remove himself as the trial judge? The removal of Justice Malone as the trial judge was the first step towards a fair trial. The fact Justice Malone would not be hearing Mr Lucas’s application was the second step towards a fair trial. Where there is an injustice, obviously seen and clearly understood, there must be a full exposure of the truth. Justice must be seen to be done.

Saskatchewan Justice must punish its own criminals, not to appease the public, to the satisfaction of all the people injured and who have had their lives destroyed in Saskatchewan. Uphold the law.

Mr Lucas withdrew his motion. A conference call between Mr Lucas, the prosecutor and Justice Ball has resulted in what must been seen as being very positive for both Mr Lucas and the prosecutor. Mr Lucas’s witnesses will be subpoenaed. The documents will be discussed between them, I would think this will result in something along the lines of an agreed statement as to facts only this will be an agreed statement as to documents and evidence. Two judges with knowledge of the case have agreed to hear any applications. This is unusual and I do not fully understand why this is being done as once the trial judge has been selected I believe any applications are no longer heard in chambers but by the trial judge. This could have more to do with there being thousands of documents and a trial date in October and a new judge who has limited knowledge of the case. In any event the message I get is that Mr Justice Ball is the third step towards a fair trial. A fair trial for Mr Lucas, now that’s headline news.