Thursday, February 16, 2006

God please, not my grandchildren!

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My mother is doing good, she was up all night the last few days with her cold and I am going to the hospital earlier to see if we can get her back on a schedule of sleeping at night. I am looking into getting the seniors home to return her money. They charged her for a months rent when I refused to allow the health department to send her back. The hospital is also charging her for staying at the hospital waiting for an opening at the new seniors home.

Last summer when I saw how good she was doing in the hospital talking to the other elderly ladies and happy instead of bring her home I inquired about her going to the seniors home. I asked that she share a room as this worked out so well at the hospital. I was waiting to go to the hospital in Vancouver and also asked if she could stay in the hospital until I returned from Vancouver, everyone knew what day I was leaving.

The day before I had to leave for Vancouver at 4PM I was told I had to have her at the seniors home the same day. I thought about cancelling Vancouver as I would have great difficulty doing all this in one day and I did not like the idea of dropping her off at the home and rushing off to the airport. I am the only family she has here. I went to the seniors home the night before but could not get any information or see the room etc.

My friend came to my rescue with rides the next day and he and I thought it was not advisable to cancel Vancouver as it was my only chance of getting medical help for myself. He said it was done deliberately to stress me out but I told him that I did not believe that anyone in the health department would do that.

I was diagnosed with the movement disorder in Vancouver and told I would have to return and see another doctor as the cause of Torsion Dystonia is a faulty gene. I described my mothers feet that are the same as mine and other thing that would leave one to think that the gene came from my mother and the doctor said that is was quite likely that my mother has Torsion Dystonia. It effects family members differently and one can have the defective gene and show no signs of having the movement disorder. When I told the Vancouver doctor that I can ride my peddle bike when I was unable to walk he told me about some others with Dystonia that are the same, they also cannot walk but are able to ride a bike. Others that walk perfectly backward and can not walk forward, can run like the wind but are unable to walk in either direction.

When I returned to Saskatoon my mother was sharing a room with a lady that could not do anything, she could only grunt and was unable to talk. My mother could not stand staying in the room with her. I asked for her to be transferred to another room but the other ladies were much the same and she was not transferred. My mother was placed on a ward that was unsuitable and with people with a higher level of problems. My mother was walking, eating and doing extremely well and I could not get them to move her. I had to wait months before I could place her name on the wait list for another home.

I took information about Torsion Dystonia and a list of medication she was not to be given that I downloaded from the Vancouver doctors web site. She was walking, bored with nothing to do and once a nurse always a nurse, she was tucking others in bed and walking around at night. She had someone with her 24/7 at the hospital and the seniors home only had limited staff members on duty at night. She was being medicated to keep her from walking and when she was unable to walk she was medicated because she would get into her wheelchair and push with her feet.

When I received a bill for her medications she was being given a medication that effects brain chemicals called Seroquel. When I looked it up on the internet there were warning about this medication from health Canada and the FDA in the US. My mother was going down hill from the medications and the ward staff and nurses agreed with me but no one would listen to me and stop the medication. I then asked my homecare worker for help and she contacted the advocate for the elderly and others. I was going through the appeal and was not able to cope with that never mind getting my mother off the medication.

My mother was in bed, unable to talk or open her eyes. I then received the next monthly bill for her medications and the Seroquel was increased from one pill a day to three pills a day. This was after I gave them the information and the warning from health Canada about Seroquel.

The following morning I received a call from the home and was told that my mother was not doing good and they asked if I still wanted them to not intervene medically. I told them my mothers wishes were not to intervene in a medical way that would only cause her pain and suffering before she passed away from another stroke or heart attack. I then told them that my mother was starving to death and the increases from one pill a day to three pill a day was a death dosage. I told them to call an ambulance and “get my mother to emergency, right now!”

I showed the medical information to the doctor at emergency and pointed out the warnings and that my mother was starving to death. I informed the doctor about Torsion Dystonia and pointed out the side effects from Seroquel and low dopamine levels in people with Torsion Dystonia. I told him that DNA testing was being done in Vancouver that would confirm that she has a movement disorder. She has not been diagnosed with Dystonia but this was not a good enough reason to not stop all her medications given the documents and information I supplied to him. He ordered all the medications stopped. He told me after that I was right about my mother starving and he ordered IV’s and he admitted her.

She has been doing excellent considering she had one foot in the grave and is walking again, eating and getting into trouble and is receiving the very best of best care by caring staff in the hospital. Over the next 7 days or so I had the staff ask me about her as they were told she could not walk or talk and would never be able to get out of the bed. She was talking to them within 4 days. I asked one of the staff to help me get her into a wheelchair so I could get her out of the room and down stairs for ice-cream for the first time. I was told the nurse had left instructions that she was no allowed out of bed and when we were waiting for the nurse to arrive I was talking to the staff member in the hallway and she asked me to turn around and when I did, my mother just about sitting in the wheelchair, she got out of bed by herself.

I was told the next day that she was being discharged back to the home and I refused to let them send her back. I told them I would not send a dog back there and that she would be coming home if there was no other place for her to go. This was obviously not possible for me to look after her but they had no other choice, the rules were rules and she had to return to the home. I told them I was going home to get her room ready for her and to call an ambulance and send her home in two hours. I was in my wheelchair and not doing good but she was not going back there so they could medicate her again.

I receiver a call from the hospital just after getting home and was told that they were going to bend the rules, she would stay in the hospital and she would be placed on the wait list for the home I requested.

My friend was right, this was done deliberately. I have looked up the directors of the home she was sent to. All the present and former directors are well known professionals, a lawyer and the former president of the Progressive Conservative club on the Saskatoon campus. Connected to the progressive conservative party and the same radical church originations that the judges involved with the satanic child abuse cases were. A former social services minister. The treasurer is my lawyer who handled my appeal at a cost of over $9,000.00 for going through the motions of making it look like he was representing me. They could not get at me because of the caveat giving my mother the legal right to live in her home for as long as she lives. If not for the caveat we would both have been removed from our home and the house sold. The court order is that I have to list the house for sale within one month of my mother passing away. I reported one of the past presidents of the Progressive Conservative party to the police, I and my mother are being persecuted as a result. They are now using my mother to get at me. The worst thing about it is that there is no point in telling anyone as who would believe it. No different then who would believe that judges, lawyers and politicians left two 8 year old girls to be raped in Saskatoon for four years..

The welfare paid for my trip to Vancouver the second time and I have to return when the DNA results are in. Without them paying for the trip it will make it very difficult for me to return. I am expecting a call this month from the hospital with a return date. I can not think about not going. God please, not my grandchildren. That will get me to Vancouver, if I have too wheel my chair out there.

I was told that if the new home has trouble controlling my mother they will medicate her. That is without question the most ignorant statement ever. I contacted my care worker and she has contacted the elderly advocate and he is going to see what he can do about them charging twice for my mothers care. With the hospital bill and the months rent removed from my mothers bank account by the seniors home there is not enough money to pay them both. I have told them the hospital bill will not be paid as the new home will want a months rent in advance. She will not have enough money to pay them both, I have told them this and if her money is not returned I will have no choice but to bring her home.

I am unable to get involved with a bunch of people and need help to get proper medical help for my mother. I requested a meeting at the hospital, the advocate, the hospital doctor, social worker and get the doctors in Vancouver involved with my mothers health care. My mother has a movement disorder and is entitled to proper medical help. She needs to see a movements disorder doctor with knowledge of Dystonia who will work with the doctors in Vancouver.

My mother is receiving excellent care as long as she stays in the hospital until her medical care is in place with a new doctor working with my Vancouver doctors. They can not medicate her again without the advice of the experts in Vancouver. The new home she is on the wait list for is run by members of our church, United Church, and she will be properly cared for there with the help of a new doctor and her church minister.

I do not have it as bad as Johanna or John Lucas. I do not know how they have managed to survive the past 12 years. What was done to the Ross children was so unbelievable it leaves me wondering what is the matter with this City and the people in it.


Admin said...

Hi James,
I am glad you received the cheque, I truly hope you can find out from the DNA tests about the grandchildren. Hang in my friend!

James Hunter said...

I received a cheque today, February 17, 2006, from Jubilee Residences Inc, Porteous Lodge Trust Account.

Up Date: February 19, 2006
My mother was admitted to hospital on January 4, 2006, after receiving a death dosage of Seroquel prescribed by Doctor Harold Baldwin on December 15, 2005. All the medications were stopped by the emergency room doctor when my mother was admitted to hospital. Attached to the cheque I received from Porteous Lodge was a new bill for the month of January from Mount Royal Drugs listing medications prescribed by Doctor Harold Baldwin and Doctor Suria Bugwandin for my mother who is in the hospital. This seniors home and the doctors are so committed to ripping off the health care system and the elderly it would take a transfusion to get it out of their blood.

Up Date: February 20, 2006

I talked to Mount Royal Drugs. They claim that my mother received:
Up until October 21: Seroquel 34 pills
From October 21 to November 11:
Seroquel 21 pills
From November 11 to December 15:
Seroquel 86 pills
From December 15 to January 4:
Seroquel 55 pills

My mother could not open her eyes, eat or swallow, she was being starved to death. She could not have swallowed a pill after December 15. The advocate for the elderly was contacted in November and asked to contact her doctors and the seniors home and stop this medication. The medication was not stopped, it was increased to three pills a day from one pill a day. Mount Royal Drugs says it is unfortunate my mother is in the hospital. Unfortunate is not the word I would use. The warnings from Health Canada are useless in the hands of the incompetent.

This medication is not approved by Health Canada for elderly demented patients.

June 15, 2005 Health Canada advises consumers about important safety information on atypical antipsychotic drugs and dementia

June 22, 2005 Dear Health Care Professional