Monday, February 27, 2006

Justice for the Ross Children, all three of them.

A 12 year old boy, a full ward of the Province of Saskatchewan was taken to a Saskatoon hospital and circumcised to control his sex drive. The boy had sodomized, raped & tortured his sisters, plus others, for a number of years.

This is not the way to treat a child, a ward of the court in need of medical help. He was allowed to continue to rape his sisters until he was 14 years old.

The boy was a victim of abuse by his parents, a victim of abuse by social services, a victim of abuse by Saskatchewan Justice and now he is a victim of abuse by the people of Saskatoon. Justice for the Ross Children, all three of them.

Question Circumcision

"If God wanted men to have a foreskin, he would have created them with it." - Unknown

Question Circumcision - Known -

Saskatchewan's Shame


The Ross Children


Anonymous said...

Behaviour modification, Saskatchewan style, whack a 12 year old boys foreskin off.

J. Lucas said...
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J. Lucas said...

I told John to stop demonizing Michael, more than ten years ago… I aggree with your post.

Anonymous said...

The three Ross Children and the twins children are victims of Saskatchewan Justice.

Jail the doctor, social workers, officers of the court and the judges. Saying I’m sorry is just not good enough.