Monday, February 20, 2006

News Flash: Hospital lock down

The 6th floor med wing of a local hospital was locked down on Sunday afternoon for over 3 hours. An elderly women was running wild in her wheelchair, there was no stopping her, the wing was locked down for her own safety after she tried to get on an elevator. The lock down ended when her son arrived and promised to take her for ice-cream.


Admin said...

Dear James,
I hope you see the humor in it. It is so cute, sweet, I can see it happening. The nurses must be so lost at what to do? I hope you enjoyed the ice cream, but even more that your mom did. Take care

Anonymous said...

It was the staff that let her go. The level of cooperation between the staff is amazing to witness. They are short handed and overworked. The most common statement I have over heard in the hospital is “do you need a hand”. It is this level of care and dedication that should extend to seniors homes. She was medicated at the seniors home to keep her from walking, and when she could no longer walk, to keep her from pushing her wheelchair with her feet. She could not open her eyes when she was admitted to hospital.