Saturday, February 11, 2006

John Lucas: Strategy of Deception?

It is to early to tell if the Lucas case is on the right track or just another strategy of deception from Saskatchewan Justice. The fact that the case is continuing after Justice Malone was asked to remove himself as the trial judge after it was discovered Justice Malone and the Chief Justice were conspiring to cook up another wrongful conviction is I think, quite remarkable, but understandable for anyone involved and with knowledge of the history of corruption within Saskatchewan Justice. It could be that Judges in the Court of Queen’s Bench are no longer going to stay silent and have realised the injustice in Saskatchewan courts goes against everything they have been entrusted to uphold by the people. They may not be able to speak out publicly, but they can insure that John Lucas receives a fair trial.

I have said that there was nothing that was not arranged and decided before hand by Saskatchewan Justice in the satanic ritual abuse court cases and the cover-up. Jailing Johanna Lucas was part of the strategy and cover-up. The written judgements to deceive the public and gain an advantage over future claimants were part of the strategy in Justice Hrabinsky’s court and the written judgements from the Court of Appeal. Justice Vancise admitted in his written judgement that his rant about documents had nothing to do with the Johanna Lucas appeal. It didn’t, it was part of the strategy, this case law and other judgements are being used to this day as if it was section 300 case law based on fact and sound judgements. The Supreme Court of Canada was a willing participant, the spin doctors rewrote defamation laws in Canada that is being used to silence the truth.

The Wilfred Hathway case in Saskatoon is a good example, serious questions are being asked about this case. Justice Lang quoted Justice Vancise and his rant from the Johanna Lucas appeal regarding documents, I see this as a real bell ringer, there is a serious problem with the Crowns case.

The memorandum posted on from Terry Hinz to Wilfrid Tucker has left me scratching my head in disbelief. Mr Hinz details the cover-up strategy for Saskatchewan Justice. The cover-up strategy of Saskatchewan Justice resulted in 8 year old girls being left to be raped, the jailing of Johanna Lucas and the continued persecution with malice of innocent people by the three people found guilty in the Klassen civil case. Mr Hinz was headline news, the hero of the Klassen civil case for his testimony under oath about his refusal to proceed with charges and his being floored when he was given the file that reminded him of the Salem witch craft trials. The hero, the crazed police officer and brood mares? Who wrote up this strategy? Blame it on the 8 year old girls and the police officer. Strange justice indeed. I do not believe a word of the testimony of Mr Hinz.

The John Lucas case is another case of malice in a Saskatchewan Court. Organized injustice. It should end now with a judicial stay, and a public inquiry.

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