Friday, September 22, 2006

Sick abuse of the Ross Twins in Saskatchewan

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I was witness yesterday to a story of the most disgusting and sick abuse of the Ross Twins and the settlement of their law suite against the Government of Saskatchewan and others. This story needs to be told. Not by me, by a full investigation into Saskatchewan Justice. These corrupt judges and justice employees need to be removed from Saskatchewan Justice.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff

The StarPhoenix reported: “Holgate said Bunko-Ruys was involved with the case from the very start, but he came under sharp questioning from Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff over where the evidence was to support that contention.“

Transcript: Ross, Ross and White.
Exam-in-Chief B.G. Dueck
By Mr Miazga

Ross, Ross and White
Transcript Preliminary Hearing
November 21, 1991
Page 77
Exam of C. Bunko-Ruys
By Mr. Miazga
Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff page on Star Chamber