Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Crown warns Hathway to hire a “real lawyer“

Where are the “real lawyers“? Where are the real newspaper editors? Where are the real opposition members elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature. Where are the real judges? It is not good enough for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to continue quoting corrupt members of Saskatchewan Justice without checking to see if there is any truth in what is being published in the StarPhoenix. The StarPhoenix has been protecting corruption within Saskatchewan Justice year after year by failing to publish stories involving corrupt judges, lawyers and politicians in Saskatoon. Why is it that the citizens of Saskatoon have to read the truth on web sites like Star Chamber Proceedings,,, The Persecution of John Lucas and the Mario deSantis Index on the North Central Internet News (NCIN or Ensign) web sites.

There is very little truth to yet another slanted article in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix coverage of the Hathway case in Saskatoon. You can read the truth at href=" Have a read of the article by Candis McLean, Strange Justice, published in the Western Standard on the same page.

Mr Hathway has had three past “real lawyers“, why does he still not have a full disclosure? David Milgaard, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas, Donald Ross, Helen Ross, Donald White, Peter Klassen, Richard Klassen, the Ross twins and many others persecuted by the likes of Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Madam Justice G A Smith and Madam Justice Dovell all had “real lawyers”. A Saskatoon homeowner scammed by his lawyer, Brent Gough to protect another “real lawyer” and former president of the Saskatchewan progressive conservative party, Nicholas Stooshinoff, all of them had “real lawyers“.

Judicial corruption in Saskatoon and decay characterizing the Saskatchewan justice system (from the police to the judges) has been clearly revealed during the last twenty years. It is such a sad state of affairs it makes one ashamed to be a part of this province. The police are corrupt, the prosecutors and judges operate in a state of unaccountable vacuum, and the lawyers practise within an old-boys network that makes sure their respective palms are well greased. The crime rates in Saskatoon and Regina are the highest in Canada. These musings are not speculation. Everyone alive in this province knows it. The people of Saskatchewan live in a state that is closer in comparison to the former U.S.S.R. than it is to a province in a supposedly respected nation.

There is one clear reason for Mr Hathway and John Lucas not receiving a full disclosure, a corrupt administration of justice without any remaining dignity or integrity.

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