Monday, February 27, 2006


There are many safeguards in place to protect the administration of justice from judges who abuse their power. The appellant court in Saskatchewan is one of the safeguards to insure that judges remain impartial and obey the law. A hand full of judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal have been ignoring questionable lower court decisions and the conduct of officers of the court.

The lower court then points out that the appellant court has upheld the questionable lower court decisions and there is no need for further safeguards.

It is the same appellant court judges, it is the same lower court judges. Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell are corrupt lower court judges. These two judges protect political and judicial corruption in Saskatoon, they do it by abusing the law and the process of the lower court.

Justice Malone, Justice Kyle, and former Chief Justice Gerein have abused the process of the court by conspiring to fix the outcome of a jury trial to protect Justice Hrabinsky.

Justice Kyle, a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench with a proud history of protecting the public from corruption within the legal community in Saskatoon is protecting his friend Justice Hrabinsky, a brother judge. His first duty is to up-hold the law and protect the Constitution.

A hand full of lower court judges take control of cases involving the illegal and criminal code violations by officers of the court, and their political friends in Saskatoon. The involvement of Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell in protecting officers of the court from criminal code violations is well documented.

Where are the safeguards?

Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell are further protected by a hand full of appellant court judges who take control of cases involving corrupt judges and judgements in the lower court. The first duty of a court of appeal judge is not to the political party responsible for their appointment to the court, a former corrupt president of the political party, their religious views or the disrepute of the court resulting from unjust corrupt judgements of the lower court.

In my case the first paragraph in Justice Sherstobitoff’s judgement was “The appellant appeared for his trial in a matrimonial matter after a peremptory adjournment. He refused to participate in the proceedings and the trial judge ordered that the trial proceed without him.”

What Justice Sherstobitoff fails to say is that he was fully aware that the peremptory adjournment was an order by justice Dovell after an illegal abuse of the process of the court by Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent.

This is not the first time that judges have partaken in corrupt court proceedings with Justice Vancise to protect a corrupt judge. They did the same thing with Justice Hrabinsky, corrupt prosecutors and a police officer who jailed Johanna Lucas, and all of them knowingly left two 8 year old girls to be raped and tortured for four years.

Where are the safeguards?

The Canadian Judicial Council?
Read what is being said about this self-serving safeguard.
The Canadian Justice Review Board.

To say that all judges are corrupt, is just not true.
To say that all lawyers are corrupt, is just not true.
To say that all police officers are corrupt, is just not true.

Jail For Judges.
This is a safeguard that is needed, not now, but right now. The federal justice department has a responsibility to protect the rule of law and the Constitution.

Where is that rotten stink coming from in Saskatoon?

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Anonymous said...

Visitors in Saskatoon walking on the river front path have been holding their noses and pointing at the South Saskatchewan River.

Citizens of Saskatoon have been seen shaking their heads, and pointing up wind to the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench.