Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hathway: Motion Chief Justice R D Lang

I have read the Transcript of Proceedings, Motion, February 14, 2006 before His Lordship Chief Justice R.D. Lang in the Hathway case in Saskatoon.

There was an appearance by Robert G. Kennedy, Q.C. for the Saskatchewan Law Society. What is he doing there? If the law society has a problem with Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky take it up with Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky, not Mr Hathway.

Mr Kennedy agreed to talk to a Saskatoon home owner being blackmailed by Saskatoon Lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff, when she got to his office he sent her to Brent Gough’s office, both of them were benchers with the law society. Mr Stooshinoff was waiting for her on the sidewalk outside Mr Gough’s office and he attempted to bully her into going with him for a discovery. She told him that she would not be in the same room with him. Mr Kennedy and Mr Gough do not protect the public from corrupt lawyers, they protect corrupt lawyers.

The transcript of how the disclosure was going to be dealt with by the court and the prosecution by Justice Lang did not go as planed. His pep talk about how smart lawyers are and how stupid the rest of us are is an insult to people who have a belief in fairness and the truth.

There is no amount of spin by the Chief Justice that will change the fact that his court has a history of wrongful convictions, malicious prosecutions, corrupt prosecutors and police officers lying under oath with the full knowledge of the judges hearing the cases.

Richard Klassen with the help of Ms. Geworsky exposed his court for what it is, corrupt. For over ten years the court protected people responsible for maliciously prosecuting innocent people.

Mr Klassen and a few others had their day in court, three people were sacrificed by Saskatchewan Justice, had the police officer who was found guilty of malicious prosecutions been a lawyer, he may well have been appointed to the bench along with receiving his pension and gold watch. The rest are just victims of Justice Lang’s court and the judicial corruption and decay characterizing the Saskatchewan justice system.

As has been witnessed throughout the court procedures, the court has allowed the prosecution to continue with unfounded accusations concerning Mr Klassen, who the hell is on trial here, Klassen or Hathway?

Mr Hathway has had three “real lawyers” and no disclosure. Mr Borden has withdrawn, he could be concerned that he may be charged with another false rape charge, or the new tool in the hands of corrupt police officers and the Crown in Saskatchewan, the you have a drug house and we are going to take your house without investigating law or the you are a foster parent of FASD children and will be charged with sexual assault without an investigation law. Only in Saskatchewan.

What is “supplemental narrative text” and who is the “real lawyer” who thought that one up? Mr Hathway needs to have a look at this text. Justice Lang thinks the time to address the issue of a malicious prosecution is to first successfully defend the case. Justice Lang then says that Mr Hathway could then have a lawyer look at it and say, is there a basis for malicious prosecution or not. What’s the next step. Put Justice Lang’s name on the Statement of Claim and proceed with the same 10 year nightmare that Richard Klassen and his family were put through by judges of the Court of Queens Bench and Saskatchewan Justice. Justice Lang needs to open his tunnel and let some light in, his vision is being restricted.

Justice Lang has a duty to protect Mr Hathway from a malicious prosecution and insure he has a fair trial, a motion and transcript helping the Law Society to prosecute Richard Klassen is an abuse of the court process. Richard Klassen and Ms. Geworsky are Mr Hathway’s only chance of receiving a fair trial. Justice must be seen to be done. Start with a new prosecutor and trial judge and if this is another malicious prosecution in Saskatoon as the on going Lucas case is, then end them both now.

Mr Hathway can not defend himself without the help of Mr Klassen and Ms. Geworsky. He is not allowed to ask for help from the police force, police officers, the prosecutor or W5. Mr Hathway interrupted the slanderous trash from the prosecutor, Ms Gray. W5 is not a criminal origination. W5 has exposed many injustices in Canada, to say that the correction centre has some control over who enters their premises and that Mr Hathway’s meeting with W5 may not take place as a result is a continuation of the arrogance Saskatchewan Justice is famous for. No one to my knowledge at CTV or W5 has been found guilty of malicious prosecution, this can not be said about Ms Gray’s prosecutors office in Saskatoon or the Saskatoon Police Service.
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Admin said...

Hi James,
It is like two steps forward and millions back! Unbelievable!

J. Lucas said...

There is no legal obstacle to stop Mr. Hathway from having ALL of his disclosure in his own cell at the Saskatoon Correctional… Any other decision would be corrupt. Even the staff out at the Centre, understand why inmates don’t want them near their disclosure.

J. Lucas

Anonymous said...

Organised injustice! Mr Hathway’s Motion asking for a full disclosure has been hijacked by the Saskatchewan Law Society. There is no question now about the intelligent of Mr Hathway. Mr Hathway is demanding his Charter Rights, in a corrupted court.

James Hunter said...

Mr Hathway has received some of his disclosure. Story on injusticebusters.