Friday, February 24, 2006

Ross Twins: Saskatchewan’s “throw away kids”.

Use them, abuse them and discard them.

Justice For 8 Year Old Girls.

The Ross Twins Claim

As a result of the conduct of one or more of the Defendants the Plaintiffs have suffered serious and ongoing injuries particulars of which are as follows; sexual assault, physical assault, abuse, threats and intimidation, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, mental anguish, a sense of confusion, a sense of immoral uncertainty, a thoroughly immoral environment, a continued need for counseling, physical distress, and psychological distress.

The Twins

The media claims that Michell Mimi Ross & Kathleen Jessica Ross, had innocent citizens accused & in some cases convicted, with their lies. That is simply not true.

“Our lawsuit is not about Social Services and Dueck, MASTAKENLY allowing us to be raped and sodomized for 43 months, it is about Dueck and Bunko-Ruys, ALLOWING US TO BE RAPED AND SODOMIZED FOR 43 MONTHS.” The Ross Twins

A justice who fails to report a fraud that was perpetrated by a prosecutor in his court, should be jailed along with the prosecutor, like any other sort of common criminal.”

- Proceed with the Ross Twins Claim before the Klassen Appeal.

- Proceed with the Klassen Appeal. Before the Justice Paul Hrabinsky, Justice Kyle, Justice Malone and former Chief Justice Gerein’s over two year malicious prosecution of John Lucas.

Johanna Lucas was jailed in Saskatchewan by corrupt judges within a corrupted administration of justice after she picketed to help three children. Two of the children, 8 year old girls were left to be raped, with the full knowledge of judges, Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Justice will not be served without justice for the Ross Twins, Johanna and John Lucas.

Justice for 8 year old girls will result in a stink in Saskatchewan far worse then your local pig farm. First, clean out the judicial rot from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Saskatchewan Justice.

I do believe in democracy and I do believe in the power of the people and I do believe that if we took our case and…yelled it loud enough and enough times that we would prevail.” David Asper - The Milgaard Inquiry.

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Admin said...

Dear James,
The Ross Twins should have JUSTICE! NO QUESTIONS, NO IF'S SIMPLY the right to be heard and listened to in the courts regarding the lawsuit. No throw away the kids, no child left behind!
Sincerely Holly Desimone