Monday, August 29, 2005

I have applied for welfare.

I have been asked many times why I did not sell the trailer. I tried to but did not get any offers that would have paid off the loan. Also I would have no place to live except for a welfare flop house. Keeping the trailer gave me some hope that I would have a place to live.

The letter to my lawyer from the sheriff about the writ. In the last two paragraphs the sheriff says:

I am of the view that there is a judgement. Nothing that I see in that order prohibits the issuance or registration of a writ, nor enforcement against other assets by other means, for that matter.

As such, unless I receive instructions from the solicitor on record or an order from the Court to withdraw the writ, it will remain in place.

The sheriff is demanding payment of $42,553..00 plus interest. This is in his letter to me. Does anyone think that I will receive anything from the sale of the house after the interest and other debits are paid. He goes on to say that there is nothing in the court order to prevent him from seizing my assets. Well there is but this does not matter in Saskatchewan.

My lawyer wrote to the sheriff saying:

In my respectful view, Madam Justice Dovell could not have been clearer that in granting judgement, she specified that that judgement could not be executed upon until after the death of Edna May Hunter or if 1221 Avenue O South was sold.
As a result, the writ must be removed.

The lawyer then went on about the appeal being filed and this was an automatic stay of the judgement.

My lawyer then said:

However, as we are of the view that the registration of the writ of execution is improper in the light of the terms of the judgement of Dovell J., we are writing to inform you that we have obtained instructions to apply for an order expunging the registration of the writ of execution.

If the trailer is sold all the money will go to my X wife. That could not be any clearer. As long as the writ is in place the only thing preventing the sheriff from seizing all my assets is the appeal. Unless I get some help with the appeal or support, other then give them the money I am going to end up dead. That may be a blessing.

I have applied for welfare, the process was not the nightmare that I was expecting, in fact it was just the opposite. Friendly caring people. It was without question the most difficult task I have ever had to do in my life. I have talked to people over the years that had no reason for being on welfare or CPP disability benefits. Others that have spent years in jail receive a much larger amount of benefits from early CCP then I do. I have gone over 35 years living on next to nothing. I enjoyed it. I am in my wheelchair on most days now. My arms are getting weaker, I can wheel the chair but can not extend my arms or move them higher then my shoulder without pain and muscle seizure. This will be my last summer riding my old peddle bike. I am having trouble cutting my grass and keeping up with the house cleaning.

I receive $345.59 early CPP. That is my total monthly income. I have a sick judge saying other wise and like other people persecuted by them there is nothing I can do about it. There is an unwritten law in Saskatchewan, if one speaks out about corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan no one will help you. This is especially true if Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are involved.

I thought what is being done to me was sick and disgusting. What was done to the Ross children in Saskatchewan is a story that needs to be told. John Lucas and his wife have been telling this story. They have been jailed and persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice for over 12 years. I will have to concentrate on looking after myself here for a bit and find a place to live. I will continue to post about the Ross Children and John Lucas when I get a chance.

The welfare will not come anywhere close to covering my expenses. I will get my expenses down so I do not need welfare.

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Nicolas Stooshinoff listed 7 cash sales slips for building materials Windsor Plywood claimed were not paid for on his first Statement As To Documents.
Windsor Plywood Builders Lien Scam Documents.

Statement As To Documents P1
Statement As To Documents P2
Statement As To Documents P3
Statement As To Documents P4

Mr Stooshinoff then produced a Supplementary Statement As To Documents and claimed he had never seen the cash sales slips or the first Statement As To Documents. The information on the cash slips was copied on to charge slips listed on the Supplementary Statement As To Documents. Mr Stooshinoff told a Saskatoon Police Officer he had never seen the cash slips. Mr Brent Gough, president Saskatchewan Law Society, Justice G A Smith and the prosecutors office were all involved in the cover-up. A lawyer blackmailing a Saskatoon Homeowner. Protected by a corrupt administration of justice.

Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 1
Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 2
Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 3

Frank Quennell

My email to Frank Quennell January 11, 2004 - Decision to appeal the Klassen case is nothing more that an attempt to protect a corrupt legal system.

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James Rugg
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Letter regarding James Rugg Page 2
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The incompetent James Rugg. - Another lawyer without the balls to protect their clients from Audrey Brent and Justice Hrabinsky and his corrupt court.

The Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent set-up.

First set-up letter.
Letter from court registrar Feb 24 2004. “Prevented you from attending the first day of the trial” I was at the court, on the floor for twenty minutes.

The second set-up letter.
Letter from Audrey Brent May 10 2004. “Trial set for May 13th and 14th in the above-captioned matter has been adjourned.” I did not attend at the trial.

The set-up order.
Dovell court order May 13, 2004. - Collusion: A secret agreement between two or more parties for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.

Stooshinoff and Justice Dovell Yellow Page Add. Law partners
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wilfred Hathway: Was the confession voluntary?

The Wilfred Hathway preliminary hearing in Saskatoon is looking like another Saskatchewan injustice in the making. A temporary publication ban has been issued against identifying RCMP officers involved in the undercover operation and anything related to the police is also prohibited, including their method of operation.

Serious questions have been raised about the potential for wrongful convictions. There are at least 20 cases where a variation on the Mr. Big sting has been used in Canada. Sherwood Park, Alberta, Jason Dix was awarded $765,000 in a malicious prosecution lawsuit when the Mr. Big sting failed.

Tax payers in Saskatchewan have been paying without complaint for years as a result of the satanic child abuse malicious prosecution farce in Saskatoon. It started with a publication ban at the Ross, Ross and White preliminary hearing. The publication bans were continued at trial where the media and the public were also banned from the court room. Instead of admitting that mistakes had been made, 17 months after the hearing of the appeal of the Ross, Ross and White trial the Saskatchewan appellant court up held the convictions. The 15 year nightmare for innocent people began and two 8 year old girls were left to be raped because “The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person.”

The application to protect the identities of RCMP undercover officers was added to the Criminal Code following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the United States. Its purpose is to protect witnesses and justice system personnel from identification in sensitive operations. I searched the web for RCMP sting, 20,200 hits. I could not find any terrorists. The method used by the RCMP in their stings is well documented on the internet and in books written by former undercover RCMP officers. The number of cases based on false confessions and detailing the methods used by the RCMP to obtain questionable confessions and convictions is alarming. What is more alarming is that the publication ban in the Hathway case extends to anything related to the police, including their method of operation. This is claimed to be needed to protect RCMP officers in future RCMP Mr Big stings. What is being protected, their method of operation, that is well known, or is it the degree to which a confession is voluntary?

Our RCMP officers are being placed at risk. It is not by publication of their method of operations that places them at risk, it is by officers playing at being gangsters

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"I do not want Justice Dovell after me" - Assaulting and mugging the disabled

There have been two reports of disabled people being mugged recently in the StarPhoenix. One in a wheel chair and another disabled man traveling through Saskatoon. Both stories were well written and researched. The name of one of the muggers was published as he was caught red handed and pleaded guilty.

The video below is a realplayer link to a news clips about a new surgery for people with Dystonia called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). I learned about this from my doctor in Vancouver when I saw him in July. I have copied some of his written report to my doctors here in Saskatoon.

Thank you for letting me see this patient with a history of abnormal posturing of his feet since childhood (around grade 2) associated with tilting of his head to the right around that time. Over the years, he has developed in-turning of his feet when he walks, head tilting persistently to the right, as well as abnormal posturing of his hands at rest. His hand would cramp up when he writes. At times of stress he might have his eyes shutting involuntarily.

Clinically he has dystonia involving his head/neck (tilting to the right), trunk (scoliosis to the right), hands, and feet. There are occasional orofacial movements as well. I would certainly concur with your diagnosis of idiopathic torsion dystonia. Currently he finds Sinemet helpful in improving some of his symptoms, and I do not think that he would benefit significantly from botulinum toxin injections at this stage. He is most concerned about the genetic aspects of this condition. He has two daughters in Vancouver, and he has grandchildren who he is concerned about. I think that he would benefit from being seen by Dr. Sian Spacey, who has a special interest in genetics in neurological conditions, and I have taken the liberty of referring him to her.

My spine has been a source of great amounts of pain all my life. I have copied CT- Scan and some of my MRI results below.
MRI May 2004
- Markedly diminished disk space between C6 and C7 and this disk/osteophyte complex posterior effaces the anterior CSF cleft.
- C3-4 Marked uncovertebral hypertrophy accompanied with facet joint hypertrophy on the left causing severe left neural foramina canal stenosis.
- C5-6 A right paracentral disk/osteophyte which effaces the anterior CSF space.
- C6/C7 almost complete obliteration of the disc space with mild to moderate uncovertebral and facet joint degenerative change.
- L3-4 concentric disk bulge which effaces the interior aspect of the neural foramina canals. Marked facet joint hypertrophy.
- L4-5 Concentric disk bulge. Facet joint hypertrophy.
- L5-S1 Concentric disk bulge. Exiting L5 nerve on the left is probably touched by the disk.
- There is marked disk space narrowing at C5-6 and C6-7. There is neural foramina canal narrowing, which is most severe on the left at C3-4. Minor narrowing at C5-6, C6-7 bilaterally, as well as C4-5 on the right. These are all secondary to uncovertebral and facet joint hypertrophy.

I think that any reasonable person can see why I need a wheelchair and why I have to take morphine for pain relief. When I am placed under stress my eyes will close and I have completely no control of any of my movements. I do not know up from down and as you can see in the video it is extremely painful and fighting. It will last for three days before I am able to walk again or get into my wheelchair.

My doctor wrote a letter on my behalf that said in part: “events before the treatment will seriously effect his health and must be delayed.” My head was on my right shoulder and I was waiting for the only treatment available, Botox injections into my neck muscles to ease the muscles and the pain. My doctors letter was very clear, “will seriously effect his health” and “must be delayed”. My doctors letter was ignored resulting in my having to attend and being rushed to emergency.

I was kept under unbearable stress deliberately for the following two years resulting in my being rushed to emergency 3 times. In total to date I have paid professionals over $16,000.00 to protect my mothers and my assets. All three of the professionals failed to contact my doctors.
I was again required to attend and a friend obtained letters from my doctors. Both doctors listed some of my medical conditions including spondylosis, cervical and generalized dystonia, depression, anxiety, social phobia, scoliosis, impaired hearing, positional and action tremor. Both doctors said in their letters that the letters were in support of a representative to be present for the court proceedings on my behalf. Please, look at the video, could you have represented yourself flopping around with your eyes closed with no control over any of your muscles, unable to hear and in pain that required over 150mg of morphine that left you feeling sick and vomiting hourly.

My doctors letters were dismissed as hearsay and to add insult to injury the judge said: “Who would write a letter like that.”

The affidavit and doctors letters my friend filed with the court were the only information filed on my behalf. Thousands of dollars paid to two lawyers who did nothing but take the money and have it look like I was represented. They stole money from a disabled man.

Not being represented and having no way to protect myself, my assets, my mothers assets and what I worked for were gone. Why? Because I reported a Saskatoon Lawyer, Nicolas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon police. The opposing lawyer was a former law partner, Audrey Brent, the judge was a former law partner, Justice Dovell and the first judge, Justice Hrabinsky was just doing a favour for a corrupt lawyer. I was left flopping around like a fish out of water on the court house floor.

This has happened to disabled people in the past, it is done by people who enjoy assaulting and watching disabled people suffer. It is done with malice and intent to cripple and destroy. It is done by people with authority and power and is a means of exercising and safeguarding their power and control. How did it start in Germany? There are sick sadistic people in this world, when they are entrusted with unlimited power and abuse their power we should have learned something from the past. They should be removed from office. Audrey Brent, Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are sick discussing angry sadistic misfits who have taken great joy in assaulting a disabled man. Do you understand why my lawyer said: “I do not want Justice Dovell after me”.

Assaulting and mugging disabled people is a despicable act and should not be tolerated in a just society. If it happens on a city street or in a court room it should be reported and children, the elderly and the disabled should have the protection of the citizens and the community.
I have a links to:

These are short realplayer news reports. They are similar with different people. The first one is the closest to my condition, his eyes are open and my eyes close.

News clip 1

News clip 2

News clip 3

Letter about my first lawyer James Rugg
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

Letter to justice Dovell after court.

Court transcript

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Fix is in

"There are no jokes. The truth is the funniest joke of all."
Muhammad Ali

I realise now that once Justice G A Smith, Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell, Brent Gough and Audrey Brent high-jacked the court procedure there was no way that I would be treated fairly in the Court of Queen’s Bench. The fix is in judges. Even accused criminals have the right to due process of law. It is not just politicians that can “fix” the outcome of trials and appeals in Saskatchewan. It is done in criminal cases and civil cases.

Saskatchewan Justice conducts secret courts where the public and the media are not allowed in the court. The evidence known to the public before a publication ban and gag order may not be enough to conclude that someone is guilty. When the court issues a gag order and the evidence is secret it is clear that it is the secrecy that is the determining factor in issuing the gag order.

When I reported Nicolas Stooshinoff and the manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash to the Saskatoon Police I should have realised when Justice G A Smith protected a corrupt lawyer and when the police officer sent the file with a recommendation to lay charges to the prosecutors office instead of laying charges that the system was corrupt.

The first lawyer I had, James Rugg, had no choice but to go along with railroading me to a pre-trial hearing. He was not the first lawyer fearful of reprisals. Ben Mah had no choice but to refer Stooshinoff’s and Hilash’s scam victim to Brent Gough. I believe this had a lot to do with the judgement of Justice Wimmer when he refused to dismiss the motion filed by Stooshinoff’s victim in chambers. Justice Wimmer was the last judge not involved in the cover-up protecting Stooshinoff that would see any of the evidence.

Once justice G A Smith, Dovell, Hrabinsky, Brent Gough and the prosecutors office high-jacked the proceeding there was no chance of another judge seeing or hearing anything to do with the cases. The fix was in.

The well organized operation to protect Mr Stooshinoff was not put in place to protect a corrupt lawyer over $9000.00 worth of building supplies. When I search the internet and found the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry, trial and appeal and the Klassen preliminary and the Peter Klassen, and Lucas cases the fix in the Stooshinoff case was minor. A lot of the information concerning the cases and how and who was involved in the fix did not fit into place until after the Baynton Judgement. It had been a long time coming, the Baynton Judgement restored some of the publics trust in the court and I think it was a good thing after reading the judgement that Justice Baynton was limited to the issues before the court. I would question why a judge would blame two 8 year old girls for what clearly started and continued as a result of the court and government covering up the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry and trial.

The lack of evidence, tapes, documents and reasons for judgement by Justice Batten in the R. R. & White case were being fixed around the appeal court judgement to protect the court and Saskatchewan Justice and social services. The lower court and politicians were being protected by the appeal court judgement.

There have been hysterias in the past but nothing on the scale of what happened in one small area of Saskatchewan with the satanic child abuse cases. The story of Richard Klassen’s fight for justice is nothing in comparison to the lives that were destroyed by the administration of justice, judges and the government of Saskatchewan. Once the cover-up started there was no stopping it. It continues to this day. The story would make a good Monty Python movie if were not for there being real people involved.

I had a good look at the R v Lucas case and I had a lot of questions about like why would a justice of the court of appeal tell his lawyer at the start of the appeal proceedings to “sit down, shut up and do not say another word“. There was very little or nothing as far as a reason for judgement. Nothing about justice Wright’s judgement on July 6, 1995 (R. V. KLASSEN). Justice Vancise said: “While it is not necessary for the resolution of this matter to comment” and then he went into a detailed written discussion about a matter that had nothing to do with the case before the court. When one reads all of material and judgements involving the Ross children and the Lucas case before the Baynton Judgement there is so much information and smoke that it is difficult to understand the who, what and why of the previous cases. After the Baynton Judgement those engaged in the cover-up and the who, what and why of defending the administration of justice is so transparent that it takes only a puff or two to blow the smoke away.

The lawyer who represented at the same time the Ross children and the police officer named in their Statement of Claim as a Defendant by the very fact of his doing this implies that he and the defendant police officer believed that the court was so corrupted that it would allow them to get away with it.

Based on the Baynton judgement and what the court, prosecutors and police were allowed to get away with as a result of the court cover-up its clear why they expect Saskatchewan Justice to take care of them by appealing the Baynton Judgement.

It's in the court’s best interest to make sure no one is left wondering if the fix is in.
One does not have to wonder any longer. Canadians expect that the court will be above suspicions that the fix is in and that decisions are being based on something other then lie and deceive. This can not be achieved when justice Hrabinsky’s conduct is at the core of what must be judged. The evidence and facts in the Lucas trial was being fixed around the need to protect Saskatchewan justice, social services and the self interests of the legal community by justice Hrabinsky and the prosecutor.

John Lucas was charged just before the Baynton judgement. Seven of the eight charges were tossed, withdrawn, or stayed as a result of justice Baynton blowing the smoke away. The only remaining charge is defaming justice Hrabinsky. I find it unbelievable that the judges of the court of Queen’s Bench would do nothing about politicians and the chief justice and a hand full of judges destroying not only the lives of children and innocent people but the careers of police officers, prosecutors, doctors, social workers and the many others slandered in the Baynton Judgement as a result of the actions of a few politicians and judges like Hrabinsky, G A Smith, Dovell and Kyle and all because Saskatchewan Justice fixed the Ross, Ross and White appeal. There is something dead, smelling and walking in the Court of Queen‘s Bench.

If John Lucas is found guilty, again, then clearly a guilty verdict isn’t what it used to be before gag orders and secret courts. He is waiting for his fixed obligatory show trial to protect Justice Hrabinsky and Saskatchewan Justice. The blatant injustice of John Lucas’s situation is disturbing because we never know who may fall victim to it next because of gag orders like Justice Kyle’s.

The Baynton judgement must have been a eye opener for John Lucas. With the resent disclosure and the Baynton judgement his past proceeding would be a lot clearer. It explains the hug and mug judgements of justice Dovell in regards to Richard Klassen and why Justice Vancise went on about the secret R. R. & White evidence and his lawyer being told to sit down and shut up.

Where is the justice?

This is Saskatoon at its best

I live in a city that is without question the friendliest city with the most caring people in Canada. The people are known for their volunteering, collecting for the needy and a smile and head nod of greeting when passing on the sidewalk. When I first encountered this when I arrived in Saskatoon I kept checking to see if my fly was open. They drive from one red light to the next without any sign that it bothers them. I wonder what they think drivers from outside of Saskatoon are doing when they are beating the steering wheel with their fists and yelling at every red light, singing. I have a friendly volunteer check on me and bring me a hot meal, my medication costs are based on my income and I pay 3% of the total cost. Two doors up the street lives a man that snow blows my walks in winter, I am surrounded by people who offer to clean my house, cut the grass and on a few occasions call an ambulance for me. I can call a volunteer to give me a ride for doctors appointments and shopping or a bus that picks me up at the front door when I am in my chair or a kid to go to the store for me.

I had met a disabled man in a wheelchair at the hospital and we would get into discussions about just about everything as long as it was not during the time he watched Jeopardy. I was embarrassed by the amount he got right and by his ability to find a clue that pointed him to his vast knowledge and the answer. We talked a bit about our disabilities, mostly the difference between slowly becoming disabled and wham, he was in a wheelchair completely dependant on others. We had been talking about how high the river was and I knew there was a happy ending by the way he told me that he had been mugged on his way to see the river the next day. A man had asked him for some change, he has one arm that has limited movement and allows him to use the control on his chair. He would have had difficulty getting the change and the man grabbed his money and walked away. He did not walk very far, someone witnessed what happened and the chase was on, joined by others who he thought were city workers the thief was caught and held for the police.

His money was returned to him. What the people who chased down this thief gave to him was priceless and could not have been bought at any price. Had the people not taken chase it would not have been the loss of his money that would have been devastating for him. This is Saskatoon at its best.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Hathway case and the media.

Sheila Steele posted the name and video image of one of the RCMP officers who was part of a sting operation on Wilfred Gordon Hathway. This resulted in the federal Justice Department seeking a publication ban on the identities of RCMP undercover officers.

It is great to see the Saskatoon StarPhoenix reporting on the Hathway case. Again it has taken the investigative efforts of Sheila Steele and to get the news media to report on injustice in Canada. Sadly the Canadian public is not interested when a news outlet or a writer is charged with defying a publication ban in Canada. The StarPhoenix, writers and many others have been fighting a losing battle for years in Canada to protect freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The cost of court proceeding and court fines can not be justified when the public could care less.

The news media has a responsibly to the public to ask questions, investigate stories and search for the truth. In many cases the media has failed to ask questions and will take something from the story and spin it to sell newspapers. This is what happened with the satanic child abuse cases in Saskatchewan. The question being asked by the editors and writers of the Edmonton Sun and the Globe and Mail, are there cults sacrificing and eating babies? The StarPhoenix failed to ask questions and published articles on how the public could protect their children from cults who were sacrificing and eating babies. The result was a mass hysteria and many innocent lives destroyed.

Sheila Steele has for years been asking questions, searching for the truth and publishing the results on She has gained the respect of the media in Canada and the result is that the media is asking her questions regarding injustice in Canada. Sheila Steele understands the responsibilities of the media and the importance of freedom of speech for the media. She was the first to recognize the publics right to know the truth in the satanic child abuse cases came before the court gag orders and publication bans designed to protect officers of the court, the court itself and government from public scrutiny. The gag orders and publication bans were not news, nor were the court cases involving the media and freedom of speech over the years. The result was the slow erosion of free expression, Charter Rights and human rights in Canada.

When Sheila Steele defied the court gag orders in the satanic child abuse cases, this was news. When the CBC news program Fifth Estate ignored the threats of court action if they broadcast the Scandal of The Century story, this was news. When threats of court action are made by authorities to suppress freedom of speech, this is news. When citizens are threatened by authorities if they go to the press, this is not news? To threaten court action is understandable, we all have a right to protect ourselves in a court of law. It was reported in the Vopni case that members of the Vopni family were threatened if they went to the press with their story. Who made these threats, what was threatened, it could not have been court action as the family was being destroyed in a court of law in a similar manner as were the people who had their lives destroyed as a result of the satanic child abuse cases. The use of threats, intimidation and fear of reprisals by authorities to protect corruption and injustice needs to be exposed and stopped. The reprisals are real, in Saskatchewan it is not court action, it is an abuse of the process of the court, the court will be used by officers of the court to beat people into the ground, this is not being reported by the news media. Why not? Are officers of the court above the law in Canada?

Sheila Steele has been doing the work that used to be done by the media in Canada. Searching for and publishing the truth, exposing corruption and injustice. Threats of court action for publishing the truth are useless, any court action would draw the publics attention to the truth, the corruption and injustice. Protect the identity of the police if they acted within the law, if they acted outside the law, publish their identities and protect the public.

There have been many cases that would have never made it past a preliminary hearing in Saskatchewan if the media had been allowed to publish and report the facts to the public. Mr Hathway’s lawyer said: "This has got to stop and I hope it stops with this case”. Secret courts need to come to an end.

The StarPhoenix did an excellent job of reporting the Klassen trial and the Stonechild inquiry. The Vopni family story by Sarah Gibb was outstanding and so is the reporting on the Milgaard Inquiry. There are no investigative stores, they are all after the fact stories. The Hathway case has the look of yet another wrongful conviction in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is known for its flawed case law as a result of injustice and corruption within the administration of justice. The Hathway case needs to be reported before we end up with another public inquiry.