Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ross, Ross & White - Sound clip of the evidence

A short sound clip of the evidence in the Ross, Ross and White case. Three people were found guilty?

Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian Dueck, is dictating the evidence. What you will hear is all the more incredible when one realises that the social workers, police officers, judges (Ross, Ross & White) prosecutors, doctors, editors and thousands of Saskatoon citizens believed every word.

The Supreme Court and the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal judges are falsely claiming that there was evidence that the children’s parents were guilty. This is being done to keep the public from finding out that the Saskatchewan courts and Saskatchewan Justice were in the control of a pack of religious nut cases.

Dueck is dictating the charges against all the defendants on the tape, including some of the children of the defendants. There was no evidence, the same as the Richard Klassen case.

With no more court cases people can write their books and start making the movies.

Most of the comments on the news articles posted on the internet are very positive, well written and encouraging. One would assume that they are being posted by lawyers. Its about time. Where have you been for all those years?

Saskatoon will be famous as being the home of the stupidest pack of judicial fools in Canadian history. All those documents and tapes that they withheld can now be published.

The hardest part of making a move will be choosing actors for the part of a Saskatoon judge and two Saskatchewan Court of Appeal judges. No one will find what they did funny, the reason why they did it would call for Larry, Moe and Curly.

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