Friday, November 06, 2009

Matthew Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello

The decision from the Supreme Court of Canada is as unbelievable as were the first charges against the Ross children’s parents. I can understand that some of the new judges may not have the past history of the case and all the related cases that have been heard by the Supreme Court over the years. After reading the first paragraph of the decision it looks like these judges are lying. The Chief Justice knows the information is not true. The court is taking advantage of Canadians lack of knowledge of the case. The Canadian media knows the truth and cannot continue to stay silent now that no one can say, “no comment as it‘s before the courts“.

If you are a RCMP officer, or Brian Dueck, a former disgraced Saskatoon police officer the court will allow you to knowingly lie under oath in a court of law. We are now going to allow the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada to knowingly lie to Canadians. Are hockey players the only ones not allowed to lie in a Canadian Court room?

The decision is a mockery of justice. The decision has nothing to do with any of the people involved except the Ross children. There is no justice for anyone when the court manipulates the evidence to protect itself from embarrassment. Keep the public from finding out the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan. What the courts and administration of justice did to these children is sick and perverted along with the people responsible. Miazga is not, and never was one of them.

Matthew Miazga was a victim just like the Ross children, Johanna Lucas, Richard Klassen and his family, Dennis Kvello and his family, Donald Leo Ross, Helen Susan Ross and Donald George White.

The decision is here.

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