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The Globe and Mail. Lies and B.S. The boyfriend. Part 1

Globe editorial
Credulity is not malice

“Separate charges against the biological parents and the mother's boyfriend reached the Supreme Court, which found the children's evidence in those cases credible.”

The “boyfriend” has a name. His name was Donald George White. A proud second world war veteran who displayed his medals on his living room wall.

I have been looking for some of the credible evidence that the judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and seven judges of the Supreme Court of Canada claim exists. There is none and the judges know this.

This is a link to a article published on the injusticebusters web site.

Globe and Mail
June 17, 1995 , by David Roberts The Globe and Mail, Saskatoon
Martensville Redux

Is this the credible evidence the editorial is speaking about?

"The kids said they were cut with knives, forced to take part in sex acts with as many as 40 adults, with dogs and flying bats. They were regularly made to eat a mixture of "poop" and raw fish shaped like Easter bunnies. Once, between sessions of eating eyeballs, their parents forced them to watch the neighbours' baby being skinned, buried, dug up, then roasted and eaten.

One of the traumatized youngsters admitted in a Saskatchewan court that the neighbours at first were very angry when their baby was eaten, but later decided to forget all about it.

But the Saskatoon police didn't forget.

Despite the fact that police found no bodies (they didn't look) and received no reports of missing infants, some 40 men, women and children (almost anyone who had contact with the three children) were investigated.

Eventually more than 16 people were charged with more than 60 counts of sexually abusing the children. The Crown was later forced to abandon the case against 12 of them for lack of evidence, while four were convicted and sentenced to jail terms of three to six years. Three of the four are out on bail while appealing their sentences to the Supreme Court of Canada."

Donald White was one of the three.

“’Critics say the reputation of the Department of Justice will be difficult to restore -- particularly when people are convicted in secret. In the foster-child cases, core evidence was delivered in virtual secret since the courts, to protect the young complainants, cleared the public from the courtroom during their testimony. After three of the four convictions, one judge ordered all transcripts of the case forever sealed from public scrutiny.”

Donald White was convicted in this court.

“The foster-children's case involves a supplementary issue. Saskatoon resident John Lucas, who complained about police tactics in the matter, has just been jailed for defamatory libel; his wife Johanna has been found guilty of the same offense and is appealing. (Three others were also charged with libel.)

Critics say something is amiss, terribly amiss, in the administration of justice in Saskatchewan when people such as Mr. Lucas are jailed for expressing their opinion.”

Johanna Lucas did not complain about “police tactics”. She demanded that someone do something to help all three Ross children in the Thompson foster home. She was jailed to shut her up and no one from the news media did anything to help her. The Ross twins settled their claim against the Government of Saskatchewan and others in July 2006 for $560,000. Johanna Lucas was jailed and the twins brother was allowed to continue to rape his sisters in the Thompson foster home for over four years.

“In the Court of Appeal ruling, a dissenting view was given by a third judge, Mr. Justice William Vancise, who said the convictions were unreasonable and must be quashed. He called the allegations "bizarre" tales that "strained the bounds of credibility" and he found "serious doubt" as to the guilt of the accused.
Moreover the trio did not have a trial in which "the legal rules have been observed." He said the youngsters appeared to be abused all right -- but not necessarily by those sentenced to penitentiary time.”

The above was printed in the Globe and Mail. The only thing that changed over the years is that seven judges of the Supreme Court of Canada lied in their written judgement. Same thing in the written judgment of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. The editor knows that there was no credible evidence. The editor knows that Donald White was acquitted.

There is a vast amount of evidence that Donald White, and Helen Ross were victims of injustice and a cover-up involving judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. What did a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench think about Donald White’s trial. Part 2.

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