Sunday, November 15, 2009

KVELLO V. MIAZGA - The judges are lying to us.

The judges are lying to us in both written judgments, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The only sexual abuse that is documented and true happened to the children in the Thompson foster home during and after the Ross, Ross & White case.

Both courts are attempting to rewrite history with respect to the Ross, Ross & White case. The judges are claiming that Helen Ross and Donald White sexually abused the children. The media is reporting and supporting these lies.

What sexual abuse are the judges talking about? We know that the defendants in the Klassen/Kvello case were not guilty. We know that Richards Klassen’s father was not guilty. He only pleaded guilty so the Crown would stay the case against the rest of his family and the other defendants.

That leaves the Ross, Ross & White case. By the time the preliminary hearing started most people had the time to realize that there was no satanic cult abusing children in Saskatoon and area. There were no dead babies being found and no reports of missing babies. Matthew Miazga knew by this time that he had been duped and was looking for a way out.

On November 28, 1991, during the Ross, Ross & White Preliminary Hearing Mr Miazga attempted to end the proceedings. Volume 1, page 715 of the Preliminary Hearing transcript is here. (link to main web site pdf file)

That was the last time that Mr Miazga had any control over the Ross, Ross & White case and the Klassen/Kvello case. It was also the last hope for people concerned about getting medical help for the Ross children who were in the Thompson foster home.

The cases along with the Ross children were now in the hands of religious nutcase social workers, police officers, lawyers and judges. The same “children do not lie” idiots who changed the laws and allowed cases to proceed without any evidence. Rule of law in Saskatchewan became, rule by idiots. In Saskatchewan they were the religious elite out to save the world’s children from being barbecued in a satanic ritual. Crazy people in charge of justice. They are still in charge. They will do anything, including gagging and sealing the Ross, Ross & White case and lying to the Canadian public about Helen Ross and Donald George White.

Are the judges lying about the children being sexually abused by Helen Ross and Donald George White because two Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Judges took 17 months to write up a sick story, page after page of sex with children that they knew could not, and did not happen. The Ross, Ross & White case needs to be unsealed.

Clearly, the now sitting judges believe that anyone acquitted or who had a new trial ordered in their court, or a higher court in the past can have the acquittal or order overturned by simply telling lies about these people in their written judgments. How many of the seven judges heard the earlier cases. Are any of them on record for protecting the reputation of a sick Saskatoon Police Officer found guilty of malice. How about for bragging about not reading the material only to find out in later cases they had been lied to by officers of the court.

Helen Ross and Donald White did not sexually abuse the children and this is supported by the court documents. Judges lying about them is disgusting and places the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public. Judges knowingly lying about a Canadian veteran and war hero does not just place the court into disrepute. The court is the highest authority in the country for the protection of our freedom. These judges do not understand what every child in Canada knows. Who put their lives on the line for our freedom? The Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada needs to resign. If she doesn’t the parliament of Canada has a duty to remove her. She is not the highest authority in Canada. She is a disgrace and embarrassment.

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