Monday, November 16, 2009

KVELLO V. MIAZGA - Are the judges scamming the judges?

“Several judges at both the trial and appellate levels in the criminal proceedings accepted and relied upon the same allegations by the children in convicting their biological parents.”

I think that Canadians believe that the judges of the Supreme Court are very intelligent people. I also think that most Canadians who knew the facts of these cases would be questioning the wisdom of these seven judges after reading the above stupidity and the other lies about the children’s parents and Donald White.

Could it be that two of the seven judges are doing the lying and the other five judges are just nodding their heads in agreement. Keep in mind that the Ross, Ross & White case was sealed in Saskatchewan.

When a previous related case (R v Johanna Lucas) involving Saskatoon Police officer Brian Dueck was heard by some of these same judges they bragged about not reading the documents and praised Mr Dueck. Brian Dueck was the police officer that left the children, two 8 year old twin girls to be raped and tortured with a knife by their brother in the Thompson foster home. This evidence of sexual abuse was then documented as ritual abuse by medical doctors and Brian Duck charged 16 innocent people with ritual sex abuse of the children.

Johanna Lucas was attempting to get some help for the children. Brian Dueck with the help of Justice Hrabinsly jailed her to shut her up. I can understand why these Supreme Court judges would not want the public to hear about their travesty of justice when they jailed her. Fact is that anyone who bothered to read the documents as Johanna Lucas did knew what was happening to the twin girls in the foster home. This explains why the judges bragged about not reading the documents.

The judges are relying on the fact that no one would believe that a Canadian judge could convict three innocent people of the incredible ritual sex abuse evidence presented to Justice Batten. When the Thompson papers disclosed the sex abuse of the twin girls in their foster home during the Ross, Ross & White trial the R,. R. & Witchcraft trial continued. The girls were left to be raped and tortured for over four years. The court was out to save the children of Saskatoon from being barbecued and eaten in a satanic ritual.

Justice William Vancise was one of the three judges who heard the Ross, Ross, & White Appeal.

Globe and Mail
June 17, 1995 , by David Roberts The Globe and Mail, Saskatoon
Martensville Redux

“In the Court of Appeal ruling, a dissenting view was given by a third judge, Mr. Justice William Vancise, who said the convictions were unreasonable and must be quashed. He called the allegations "bizarre" tales that "strained the bounds of credibility" and he found "serious doubt" as to the guilt of the accused.
Moreover the trio did not have a trial in which "the legal rules have been observed." He said the youngsters appeared to be abused all right -- but not necessarily by those sentenced to penitentiary time.

How could the judges ignore the above?

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