Saturday, November 07, 2009


“Three children made allegations of sexual assault against their biological parents, their mother’s boyfriend and the respondents, who were the children’s foster parents and members of the foster parents’ extended family. Charges were subsequently laid and M, a provincial Crown attorney, prosecuted the case against the parents and the mother’s boyfriend. All three were convicted, and the convictions were upheld by the Court of Appeal. The Supreme Court of Canada overturned the convictions, but concluded that the evidence of the children was sufficient to order new trials against the parents. Meanwhile, taking under advisement the trial judge’s comments urging that the children not be made to endure another criminal proceeding, M negotiated a plea bargain with one of the accused (who is not a respondent in this case). The charges against the respondents were stayed. Some years later, all three children recanted their allegations against the respondents. The respondents commenced a civil suit for malicious prosecution against a number of individuals involved in the proceedings against them, including M.”

It is just incredible that it took this long for the court to reach a decision. The court does not have a history of the judges agreeing on anything. If they were all in agreement then what took so long? Was it because they could not agree on what lies to include? What they have done is pick out the best lies over the years and included them in the judgement and ignored the facts. Anyone who has followed the case involving the children’s parents know that the above paragraph is not just another case of spin doctoring, it is out right lies from the judges of the supreme court.

It was common knowledge in Saskatoon that the court was going to keep names out of the written judgement. Why do that? Everyone knows that M is Matthew Miazga.

Most people could and would understand that the administration of justice would be placed into serious disrepute and embarrassment if the people of Canada were told what happened in the children’s parents case. The truth was gagged and sealed by Saskatchewan justice years ago leaving the lies over the years from the government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. What happened to the children would sicken and disgust most Canadians.

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