Friday, November 06, 2009

Miazga v. Estate of Dennis Kvello - The first lie.

The first lie.
“Three children made allegations of sexual assault against their biological parents,-”

The children stated that no one sexually abused them. This fact is well documented.
The children did not make allegations of sexual assault. This was done by Saskatoon Police Officer, Brian Dueck. Religious extremists within Saskatchewan social services, Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatchewan Justice were at the time engaged in a desperate search for child victims of Ritual Child Abuse. Crazy people in charge of three seriously dysfunctional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) children. A boy 10 years old with a history of sexually abusing his twin sisters who were 8 years old.

How were the children helped in Saskatoon. They were all moved into a special foster home where the boy was knowingly allowed to rape and torture his sisters for over four years. Saskatoon is a sick city. It was not just the children who needed medical help.

The court would have us believe that it was the children that started telling the lies that were being reported around the world and in the StarPhoenix about eating babies and the rest of the stupidity about ritual child abuse. The court is blaming three seriously dysfunctional Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder children for the ritual child abuse hysteria in the western world in the 1980‘s. Blaming the children for what happened in Saskatoon’s court rooms is the work of the same crazy people who found the children’s parents guilty. The best legal minds in Saskatchewan at the time were responsible for finding the parents guilty.

It could have all ended at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal if not for two religious nut-case judges.

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