Friday, March 31, 2006

Ross children: The people of Saskatoon could care less.

What a bunch of so called Christians did to the Ross children has guaranteed them a special place far worse then the Thompson Special Care Home. You do not leave 8 year old girls to be raped for four years. If in fact they are Christians then they know they are going to rot in Hell for doing that.

In the mean time it is the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan who the world will look at as being sick. Christians have nothing to be proud about in Saskatoon. I fully expect that they will continue to sit and do nothing as the Government of Saskatchewan continues to place the blame on to the Ross children for their nut case religious hysteria.

I received this in an email from Kathleen Ross after she was crossed examined during the family court procedure to place her child as a full ward of the court in British Columbia.

“the minstry is using my past again at me and the casse of the klassen/kvello against me which is not good.. and they also using mine and mchell's lawsuit to there advantage..”

The KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal has nothing to do with protecting children. The Ross twins will not be represented in court. The appeal will be another sham to protect the administration of justice, corrupt sick judges and officers of the court responsible for leaving 8 year old girls to be raped for four years.

Saskatoon is the most corrupt city in Canada. A hand full of corrupt police officers control the city and they are protected by a corrupt law society, a corrupt prosecutors office and a hand full of corrupt judges in the Court of Appeal and the lower courts.

The mayor was elected on a crime mandate, the stabbing death of a young man on 21st street days before the election had a lot to do with why he was elected. Ask the former chief of police to run for the mayors chair next election. It will be business as usual for Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell.

The federal government was responsible for appointing the above corrupt judges to the courts in Saskatchewan. The federal justice department can not continue to turn a blind eye to the judicial corruption in Saskatchewan courts. The Ross children are Canadians, they had a right to be protected from religious nut case judges and officers of the court. So did Johanna and John Lucas and all the others who had their lives destroyed in Saskatchewan

The federal justice department has a duty to protect the interests of the Ross children in the upcoming KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal. The three people found guilty were sacrificed to protect their bosses, politicians, corrupt lawyers and judges. They are the ones that should be charged. This gang of sick judicial misfits are going to blame it on to a Saskatoon Police Officer and two 8 year old girls who they left to be raped for four years. Let the world know what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan, the people of Saskatoon could care less.

The Ross twins were separated and moved to a British Columbia and a Manitoba foster home by the people who knowingly left them to be raped in Saskatchewan. They were hidden in small towns and not allowed to watch any news coverage from Saskatoon. This is the work of criminals within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services out to protect themselves and can not be ignored by Justice Canada. The actions of Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell detailed on this site and are not a matter for the Canadian Judicial Council. They are common thieves and blackmailers who protect corruption within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

Kidnapping full wards of the court and removing them from the jurisdiction of a Saskatchewan Judge is a criminal offence. What happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan can not be allowed to ever happen again to a Canadian child. The Federal Justice department has the power, the authority and the duty to protect Canadians from a corrupt administration of justice in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan government involvement with respect to the Ross Children and the corrupt cover-up court proceedings that jailed Johanna and John Lucas and the children’s parents are no longer civil matters, they are criminal matters. Saskatchewan Justice and the courts were fully aware that the chargers were false when they proceeded. Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell were appointed by the federal government, they are both corrupt judges. The federal justice department must intervene in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal and protect the Ross children from a corrupt Saskatchewan administration of justice and Court of Appeal.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lies and slander from corrupt judges

The “a stay was as good as it got, in Saskatchewan“ applies to malicious prosecutions. In civil proceeding involving a corrupt lawyer and judges the written judgements are “as good as it got” in Saskatchewan. Lies and slander from corrupt judges who are accountable to no one.

Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell have as much credibility as Brian Dueck. Blaming the judicial corruption on 8 year old children is as sick as it gets in Saskatchewan.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It is no longer a question in Saskatoon of “What can we do?” Its, where do we start?

Support female firefighters in BC. These people are grade 6 bullies, thugs. No one in Saskatoon had the balls to stand up to a police officer who left two 8 year old girls to be raped. A prosecutor and social worker led him around by the ring in his nose. They were protected by judges and civil servants.

The RCMP need to do a profile on these sick people, start with Justice Hrabinsky, Dovell and Nicholas Sherstobitoff. Gangsters and thugs.

Who makes the decision who lives and who is starved to death in Saskatoon. Who made the decision to send my mother to Porteous Lodge? Who made the decision to starve her to death? Who made the decision to medicate her until she could not open her eyes? Sick people.

The people need to support the firefighters in BC. No one supported Johanna Lucas in Saskatoon. What starts in the fire department will soon spread to the other civil services, police, justice and health and the end result is a corrupt city controlled by gangsters and thugs, Saskatoon.

Why is it that it is always women in Canada first with the courage to stand up to these bullies and injustice. Johanna Lucas, Holly Desimone, Boni Prokopetz, the Honourable Anne C. Cools, Joyce Milgaard and the list goes on and on.

It is no longer a question in Saskatoon of “What can we do?” Its where do we start?

Justice for Johanna Lucas, John Lucas and the Ross Children. Clean the pig stink out of Saskatchewan Justice.

Canadian Female Firefighters Association

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Braking news in BC: Female Firefighters

Sock it to them girls. They are grade 6 bullies. The Saskatoon Police Service needs to hire more female officers.

CBC News

Canadian Female Firefighters Association

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hathway& John Lucas: Creditability of the Court of Queen’s bench is in Question.

Mr Hathway’s motion to have the prosecutor removed from his case has been denied.

Johanna Lucas was innocent, she was charged with defaming a Saskatoon Police officer after she picketed the police department claiming the officer knowing left two twin girls to be raped.

She was jailed by a corrupt police officer, prosecutor and a corrupt judge, justice Paul Hrabinsky.

I am sick of hearing about corrupt police officers and prosecutors in Saskatoon. If the information posted on is untrue the police officer and prosecutor can not ignore it. The ignore it strategy, they are just kooks strategy, by Saskatchewan Justice and the Saskatoon Police Service when Johanna Lucas picketed to warn the police and public about the Ross Twins resulted it two 8 year old girls being left to be raped for four years in Saskatoon. The accusations made about a Saskatoon Police Officer and a Crown prosecutor can not be ignored in Saskatoon by the police officer, or the Crown prosecutor.

Saskatoon Police Officers put their lives on the line every day, a Crown prosecutor was recently responsible for getting a child sex offender off the streets. Mr Hathway has been charged in a city with a corrupt police service. The police officer needs to deal with the accusations or it will be the above Saskatoon Police Officers who are again discredited. The Officer needs to deal with it, or resign.

The Crown prosecutor in the Johanna Lucas case was corrupt, the police officer was corrupt, they had corrupt judges in their back pocket, courtesy of Saskatchewan Justice.

Mr Hathway is making serious accusations. Justice Allisen Rothery dismissed Mr Hathway’s motion leaving the door open for him to bring the matter up again before the yet to be assigned trial judge.

The trial judge in the John Lucas case set for trial in October, 2006 in Saskatoon removed himself at the request of a Crown prosecutor, after it was discovered the judge was engaging in fixing the outcome of Mr Lucas’s jury trial. On hearing this information a justice of The Court of Queen’s Bench requested the Chief Justices appoint a Saskatchewan Court of Appeal judge to hear Mr Lucas’s lower court jury trial. Request denied.

There was a concern by a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench that John Lucas would not receive a fair trial in the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench. The prosecution of John Lucas is a malicious prosecution. Corrupt police officers and a corrupt judge. This can not be ignored by Saskatchewan Justice. The last time this happened it was not the director of public prosecutions or Saskatchewan Justice found guilty of malice, it was the prosecutor and a Saskatoon Police officer sacrificed to protect a corrupt court, police service and administration of justice.

The prosecutor must deal with Mr Hathway’s accusations posted on, or resign. This can not be ignored. Mr Hathway is entitled to a fair trial, just like John and Johanna Lucas. Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell protect corrupt police officers and lawyers, remove the barnyard pig stink from the Court of Queen’s Bench before a trial judge is assigned.

News at
The Lies About Brent Klause, Q.C.
“The Men In Black”

Ross twins: Pets or barnyard animals?

I heard a story a few years back. A vet was called to the home of an elderly lady as her cat was not feeling well and gaining weight. The vet examined the cat and told the lady that her cat was pregnant. The elderly lady told the vet, “that could not be possibly as the cat never went outside”. Just then a tom cat crawled out from underneath a chair. The vet asked” what about him?” The lady responded “don’t be silly, that’s her brother”.

The Ross twins were not pets or barnyard animals. They were 8 years old and left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lucas and Ross Children: It’s the tears.

The comment by J Lucas:
“that a stay was as good as it got, in Saskatchewan“

That is just an unbelievable true statement coming from a officer of the court. The statement only applied to the many innocent people wrongful charged in Saskatchewan. Destroy their lives, stay the proceedings and leave 8 year old girls to be raped.

Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services knowingly left the 8 year old Ross twins in the Thompson Special Care Home to be sodomized, raped & tortured for 43 months. The children were then separated, moved to foster homes in British Columbia and Manitoba and discarded to protect the people responsible.

Only two people in Saskatchewan tried to help the Ross children when they were in the Thompson Special Care Home. They have been jailed and persecuted by Justice Paul Hrabinsky, his corrupt judicial pals, including Madam Justice Dovell and G A Smith for over 12 years. These two people are no different then the vast majority of the people of Saskatchewan. Help children in danger, no matter what the personal cost.

The 12 year persecution of Johanna and John Lucas for protecting children in danger must end on March 28, 2006.

There is a reason that the media will not print what happened to the Ross children in the Thompson Special Care Home. It is not the resulting disgust and outrage of the people after reading “sodomized, raped & tortured for 43 months”. It’s the tears.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Its Just Some Old Bell With A Crack In It.

A Saskatoon homeowner filed a motion claiming he was being scammed by Windsor Plywood and Saskatoon lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff. The manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash referred to Mr Stooshinoff as “Uncle” Mickey. Mr Stooshinoff is a former president of the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party. Their past leaders were also referred to as uncle, “Uncle” Rick Swenson. The first motion of the homeowner was heard in chambers by Justice Wimmer. Mr Justice Wimmer refused to dismiss the homeowners motion saying. “he is asking that the claim be dismissed”. He agreed with Mr Stooshinoff that the mediation process came first.

The homeowner was unable to obtain a disclosure of documents from Windsor Plywood. He obtained a Statement of Documents from Mr Stooshinoff listing seven cash sales receipts for the cash payment by the contractor for the building materials Windsor Plywood claimed the contractor never paid for. The contractor had been arrested and charged by the Saskatoon police for fraud involving other Saskatoon homeowners. The contractor was last seen standing in a Saskatoon court laughing his head off.

Mr Stooshinoff and David Hilash forged charge involves listing the same building materials the contractor paid cash for and other materials knowing that the corrupt administration of justice in Saskatoon would protect them. Mr Stooshinoff then produced a Supplementary Statement as to Documents that listed the forged charge invoices. A professor at a law school told his students the quickest way to lose your licence to practice law is to mess about with the trust account and second, file a false claim of lien. The penalties for filing a false claim of lien included in the acts governing liens are useless in a corrupt court.

The homeowner then filed a second motion detailing the scam in his affidavit. It did not take years of law school to see that the cash sales receipts were in Mr Stooshinoff’s law office and the homeowner was being blackmailed by Windsor Plywood and Mr Stooshinoff.

A motion is filed in advance of the hearing, this gives the chambers judge time to read the material and affidavits filed. Motions served and must be filed by the close of the registry on Thursday would be heard on Tuesday morning at 10 AM. The homeowner gave Mr Stooshinoff ample time, over a week to respond to his motion and affidavit. One hour before the close of the registry on Thursday he was served with the cooked up charge involves and affidavits from David Hilash and Nicholas Stooshinoff. There was no time to file a response and affidavit supported by documents that would have shown that Mr Hilash and Mr Stooshinoff had perjured themselves in their affidavits.

The affidavits were an attack on the credibility of the homeowner and his wife. On Tuesday, Madam Justice G A Smith was the chambers judge. The cases are heard in the order they are filed, except for agreed withdrawals and adjournments that take very little of the courts time. Cases can be referred to another court room to be heard by another judge who has prior knowledge or experience in the subject matter. Madam Justice Smith told the lawyers that she had not read the material filed. She told the lawyers they would have to verbally argue their cases. This was my first feeling that something was very wrong in Justice Smiths Chambers. She was a last minute shoe in and replaced the chambers judge.

I have sat in many court rooms and listened to cases of interest from traffic court, murder cases and Section 52 Charter applications. I avoided the boring cases like two lawyers arguing about the issues it would take a forensic account to understand. Most cases the judge would reserve their judgement and would issue a written judgement at a later date. I would try and see how close I could come to the written judgement. I came close over the years on a few occasions. I was soon able to recognize a sound judgement and the brilliant legal minds of some Canadian judges and the junk judgements of others, most of mine included.

I visited a historic site in the USA and purchased a post card with a picture of the Liberty Bell. I wrote something on it and mailed it to one of the junk judgement judges in Canada. When I arrived back in Canada I thought the post card had been lost in the mail as I never heard anything and forgot about it. The next time I was in his court room his clerk with a big smile on her face was discreetly trying to get my attention with something in her hand.

She handed the judge my post card I mailed to him. He sat reading it and then he exploded. He turned the backside of the card towards the people in the court screaming “look what he said about me”. He then turned it back so everyone could see the Liberty Bell. No one could see what I had written on the little card. He got up out of his throne, turned his head towards me and yelled, “I am not dealing with you any longer Mr Hunter“. He then stormed out of the court room and slammed the door leaving his clerk following with a concerned look of shock on her face that the old fart may have a heart attack. Injustice delayed for a day. I got the hell out of the court house as I knew where the crazed lunatic was heading, the sheriff’s office.

Madam Justice G A Smith left the homeowner to last. This was my second indication that something was wrong, the homeowners motion was half way down the chambers list. Justice Smith concentrated not on the evidence of fraud filed by the homeowner, she concentrated on the defamatory lies contained in Mr Hilash’s and Mr Stooshinoff’s affidavits. She berated the homeowner until he did not know if he should have been standing or sitting in her court, she had a good laugh when he asked her. The homeowners wife was next to be insulted and it continued until the homeowner was unable to know if he was sitting or standing. He looked at me for help and when I stood I was told three times by this sick angry bitch of a judge “be quiet”.

The homeowner was rushed to the hospital an hour after court. He was in the hospital for over two weeks. He was a disabled student at the U of S, his income was CPP disability, he had worked hard part time for years and with the support of his new wife would have graduated within a year. He has not been able to continue his studies. He is a victim of Saskatoon’s corrupt court along with 8 year old girls left to be raped, the disabled and people unable to defend themselves in Saskatoon’s culture of injustice.

Madam Justice G A Smith was appointed to the Court of Queens Bench on the same day as Madam Justice Dovell. Read the junk judgements from these two and Justice Hrabinsky involving the jailing of Johanna Lucas, the cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice of the satanic ritual abuse cases in Saskatoon and the 8 year old Ross twins being left to be raped for four years. The written judgement by justice Dovell in the case filed by one of the Ross children is enough to make a grown person with no knowledge of the law have a good puke. Please, send me or post on the internet the Statement of Claim with Madam Justice G A Smiths name on it as a defendant.

Madam Justice Smith was a professor at the U of S college of law. She had no trial experience. It is no wonder that the graduates of the college of law in Saskatoon have a complete lack of professional ethics.

I filed a Section 52 in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal years ago. I claimed that the practice directives violated my charter rights to proceed in the Court. In a conference call I was told by Chief Justice the Honourable Edward Bayda that he had to issue the practice directives, as without them, there would be a rush of people representing themselves in Saskatchewan wanting into his court and he did not have the finances or the judges to deal with them. He was honest about it, blame it on the politicians and the lawyers for his court stomping on Charter Rights.

Madam Justice G A Smith was quietly appointed to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. There was no shortage of judges within the court. The Chief Justice must have found some extra money somewhere.

The written judgement in the appeal of the Ross children’s parents by The Honourable Mr. Justice Cameron and Honourable Madame Justice Gerwing is by far the most corrupt junk judgement I have ever read. The evidence at trial can be heard at by clicking on News Dueck - Jabber. What was done to the Ross children in the secret lower court proceedings was a criminal abuse of the process of the court.

The Saskatchewan judgement was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada as a result of The Honourable Mr. Justice Vancise in dissent judgement. The Supreme Court of Canada could not out right dismiss the charges. To do so would have placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the Saskatchewan public.

The appeal of the judgement by Justice Hrabinsky in the case of Johanna Lucas was a criminal abuse by judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word" is not justice, it’s kangaroo court justice that resulted in two 8 year old girls left to be raped.

Johanna Lucas’s conviction was up held by all the judges in the Supreme Court of Canada. To dismiss the charges would have placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the Canadian public. It would also have raised the question of the legal sanity of three religious nut case Saskatchewan judges, two prosecutors, a social worker and a Saskatoon police officer.

After watching the Johanna Lucas video proceeding of the Supreme Court of Canada appeal, it is not the spin doctor abilities of the Chief Justice, it is the look of disgust on the face of her lawyer that I remember.

The John Lucas case and Klassen appeal have a direct connection to the Claim of two 8 year old girls left to be raped for four years with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and judges who abused the trust of child wards of the court in a manner that is sick and perverted. Justice G A Smith and Justice Dovell were appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench to do the dirty work of protecting a corrupt court, corrupt officers of the court and sick perverted judges. Justice G A Smith can not be allowed to hear the Klassen appeal. The cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice must come to an end.

The date of the appeal of the Klassen case will not be announced until the Saskatchewan Legislature is not in session or the expected earth quake in the British Columbia lower mainland distracts the public attention away from another crap judgement from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Honourable men and women can not continue to sit on their judicial asses. Clean up your own stinking mess. The judicial silence in Saskatchewan is loud and clear. It has the same deafening sick ring of an old bell with a crack in it.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Ross Twins: Conflict of interest

The Ross twins were left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan. The nightmare started during the time that the corrupt Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was in power.

The Ross children’s nightmare has continued because of political interference in the justice system. It is difficult to tell who is a NDP, Liberal, Progressive Conservative or Saskatchewan party member when the issue is a corrupt administration of justice. They all act the same. They all left the children to be raped. The involvement of Progressive Conservative Party appointees to the court, Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and law firms with connections to the Progressive Conservative Party in covering-up one atrocity after the other took on a life of it’s own in Saskatchewan.

It would not come as a surprise to anyone within Saskatchewan Justice when after I reported a former president of the Progressive Conservative Party, Nicholas Stooshinoff to the police for his illegal activities that I would end up with the same corrupt judges and law firms protecting this corrupt lawyer that are protecting the corrupt lawyers and judges who jailed Johanna Lucas and left two 8 year old girls to be raped.

I did not find it to be a surprise when I read on the web site that there was a open conflict of interest regarding the lawyer, the Progressive Conservative Party law firm representing the Ross twins and that the Court of Queens bench did nothing to protect the legal rights of the Ross twins. The Ross twins are nothing more then used and abused Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services disposable garbage.

Walen Jabber

Clean up your own stinking mess

How does a honourable member of Saskatchewan Justice feel when they find out that judges and prosecutors left children to be raped? How does a corrupt prosecutor and police officer feel when a justice says: ”This case must proceed to trial”.

Is it a sick feeling knowing that the people responsible were flipping a coin to decide who was going to proceed to trial and be sacrificed to protect Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services? How does it feel to know that it will be the dumbest, the weak and the coin has two heads?

Clean up your own stinking mess.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kathleen Ross: "Its part of my demonstration".

I am at a loss for words after listening to the Dueck - Jabber posted at News - Dueck is giving dictation from his notes he is seen making during the video taped interview disclosure of Kathleen Ross. It is not the dead babies, drinking blood and the other incredible acts of stupidity put into the head of a 8 year old girl that I find so disturbing. It is what Kathleen said: “Its part of my demonstration and got out her own doll and a knife.

Where are the demonstration tapes? Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services were making a demonstration tape staring 8 year old Kathleen Ross with the intention of educating the courts and the public about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The police taped interview was made in 1990. The star of the Saskatchewan Justice/Social Services porn production, Kathleen Ross, was left to be sodomized, raped and tortured until January 1994.

A letter to Murray Brown, Director of Appeals, Public Prosecutions from Matthew K. Miazga dated July 23, 1992.

“It is my view that these types of disclosures are going to become more and more frequent in the future and if nothing else, the testimony of these types of experts can slowly go towards educating the court and public as to the existence and legitimacy of these types of disclosures which up until now have been largely discounted not only by the public but by the authorities as well. In regards to the witness on ritual and Satanic abuse, I have canvassed locally and although there are people with experience in this area, no one comes close to the stature of someone such as Dr. Fraser in terms of his experience and knowledge in the area.”

A letter to Sheila Gagne, Head Department of Social Services from Matthew K. Miazga dated January 21, 1992.

“Finally I would like to thank you and other personnel fom the Department of Social Services who met with Ms. Hansen and myself while these cases were ongoing. The case was perhaps one of the most difficult that both of us have faced in our careers for various reasons and found that the support shown encouraged us to continue on.”

Is the Klassen appeal in the interest of justice and the future protection of Saskatchewan Children or is it a means of protecting Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Jail these sick people, and the judges who protected them. Clean the stink and rot out of Saskatchewan Justice.

News Dueck - Jabber
Where are the demonstration tapes? Justice for the Ross Children

Link to injusticebusters
From Matt Miazga's letters to his co-conspirators

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are they going to cut Hathway’s foreskin off?

Why is justice Rothery taking so long? It’s been 6 days. Mr Hathway is asking for a full disclosure and photographic negatives taken by police investigators in 1998 of the crime scene. That should have only taken an hour or less.

It there something on the negatives, and not in a photograph? Is there something in the photograph, and not in the negatives? Is there a police officers business card on the table in the negatives, and not the photographs? Could it be a set-up? A Saskatoon police officer lying? No, no, say it’s not true, impossible, not in Saskatoon. What could it be? Is Mr Hathway Aboriginal? Are they going to cut Hathway’s foreskin off?

There are a number of things that could happen. A police officer could be charged, a prosecutor could be charged, they could both be put on paid leave until they retire, they could both retire and collect their pension. The new Chief Justice could help judge Rothery look up some more of Justice Hrabinsky‘s, Dovell, Tallis, Vancise or Nicholas Sherstobitoff’s junk Saskatchewan cases law from the last time this happened when Johanna Lucas was jailed and the Ross twins were left to be raped for four years.

Will a law professor, or the attorney general write a letter to the editor and justify some new junk case law in Saskatchewan? We will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hathway: Corruption and Malice

Reading the injusticebusters web site today has me remembering Saskatoon back in the 90’s. A women named Johanna Lucas picketed the Saskatoon Police Station after receiving no help for three children who were wards of the court. Two 8 year old girls were being raped by their older brother and no one in Saskatoon would help her or the children.

Johanna Lucas was arrested, gagged by court order and jailed. Her husband John, was arrested the following day, gagged by court order and jailed. They claimed a Saskatoon Police Officer knowingly left the girls to be raped. This happened during the Saskatchewan Justice cover-up of the satanic child abuse hysteria court cases in Saskatoon and surrounding area.

Some families are on welfare all their lives, their children, and their children are on welfare, it has become a family tradition and way of life in Canada.

The administration of justice in Saskatchewan is similar, family connections can be traced back for years along with the political connections. Political patronage appointments to the courts and family members appointed to high places within the government of Saskatchewan can be traced back for years. The public has been very outspoken about this practice in the past.

This has resulted in problems appointing friends and family members so the party members mutually agree not to oppose each others patronage appointments. They will be quick to point out in rare occasions when someone from a different party is appointed and this is nothing more then, you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours.

The administration of justice in Saskatchewan is corrupt, not in the sense as organized corruption to defraud money from the public, it was more of a corruption that protects incompetent and corrupt officers of the court. This has resulted in people who have been responsible for corruption and one judicial travesty after travesty in Saskatchewan being promoted and advancing into higher positions.

An example is reporting a former president of the progressive conservative party Nicholas Stooshinoff, to the Saskatoon Police for blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner. If you do something like that in Saskatoon you will have Justice J A Smith, Audrey Brent, Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell beat the homeowner and you into the ground and steal your money and your home. You will hire lawyers in an attempt to protect yourself and the bunch of them will steal your money and the money and assets of an 88 year old family member.

The above enlisted the help of Brent Gough, Don Morgan, Shelley Sutherland and Terrance S. Chinn for help to protect a corrupt administration of justice by creating diversions, lying, perjuring themselves and falsifying court documents. One would think that after all the millions paid out in damages Saskatchewan Justice and the City of Saskatoon would start cleaning out the rot.

The greatest protector of corruption in Saskatchewan is Justice Hrabinsky. Johanna and John Lucas were jailed in what has to be one of the most outrages sick court travesties ever in Canada. Jail Johanna and John Lucas and leave two 8 year old girls to be raped for four years.

When Justice Hrabinsky was unable to silence by jailing and gagging the media Justice Dovell and G A Smith were appointed to the Court of Queens Bench. Hrabinsky needed help covering up the atrocities, the rape of 8 year old girls and protect the people responsible for jailing and maliciously prosecuting innocent people. Its been called strange justice, leaving children to be raped is sick justice.

The injusticebusters web site exposed the corruption in Saskatoon by defying court gag orders and publishing the story of the malicious prosecutions of innocent people charged by a police officer who left children to be raped.

The injusticebusters web site has again published allegations about a Saskatoon Police Officer. It is being claimed that this police officer tampered with evidence and gave perjured testimony during Hathway's preliminary inquiry. The information has been on the web site for weeks. In the past Saskatchewan Justice has ignored the truth. The rape of 8 year old girls was ignored. This is done because getting a court order to have it removed from the site would draw the attention of the media from outside of Saskatchewan. Like we seen with the Scandal of the Century broadcast by the Fifth Estate in the Richard Klassen travesty of justice, the outside media publishes before the Saskatoon StarPhoenix will publish the story.

A man recently stood in a Saskatchewan court room and told the judge that the court was corrupt and the judge and prosecutor were silent. Not one word, dead silence. Try doing that standing in a court room before one of the many outstanding honest judges in the Court of Queens Bench and see what happens. You had better be able to prove it, or bring your tooth brush. It would be a light sentence in Saskatoon, one known corrupt judge in the court would tarnish the rest of them and draw the attention of the media to them all if your ears were ordered removed. Star Chamber.

Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell are corrupt judges.

There are also allegations about a Saskatoon prosecutor just published on injusticebusters. It is claimed that Mr Hathway “provided Queen's Bench Judge Allisen Rothery with enough evidence not only to have Brent Klause removed from his file but to have him exchange places with Hathway --”. “Hathway spoke for almost an hour, pointing the judge to the precise pages in the Crown's disclosure files which show that Klause deliberately and maliciously interfered with his right to a fair trial.” Also published was a, “allegation that the Saskatoon Police Service has acted improperly and that evidence which the Saskatoon Police should have investigated was instead given to the Crown.”

Saskatchewan Justice will first stay silent, then order a media ban, claim the people who are making the allegations are nuts, leave it to the StarPhoenix and preliminary proceedings to create the public image of guilt and require innocent people to drag Saskatchewan Justice kicking and screaming to the truth for over 10 years.

Queen's Bench Judge Allisen Rothery has this information and can not ignore it. There has been no attempt to have the information removed from injusticebusters. I find this to be a great concern. Saskatchewan Justice has no credibility. Thanks to injusticebusters a Saskatoon prosecutor and police officer were found guilty of malice. They were both allowed to continue on as if nothing happened.

If Saskatchewan Justice refuses to deal with this atrocity then the evidence must be published before we have yet another case of perverted justice in Saskatchewan. End the secrecy in Saskatchewan courts by standing in solidarity with Mr Hathway demanding justice, the truth and a fair trial.

Their can be no justice in Saskatchewan without justice for Johanna Lucas and the Ross Children. Clean the stink and the rot out of Saskatchewan Justice.

Mr Hathway needs a lawyer from outside of Saskatchewan? He needs a court and a trial judge from outside of Saskatchewan.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Saskatchewan's Shame
Let the World Know What Happened to The Eight Year Old Ross Twins In Saskatchewan.

Hathway: Saskatoon’s ongoing legal folly’s.

Mr Hathway was back in a Saskatoon court room on Friday.

He has been incarcerated for two years in the Saskatoon correction Centre. After two years and three lawyers one could assume from the media reports that this man has a screw loose. The ban imposed by the court has left the media reporting on a slanted view of the proceedings that has the effect of portraying Mr Hathway, over and over, as the killer of his 84 year old landlord. Mr Hathway is innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law. Elements that are sadly lacking in Saskatoon. Innocent until proven guilty, a competent court and third, competent legal representation.

Mr Hathway is presumed to be guilty, the court is corrupt, the administration of justice is corrupt, he will not find a lawyer in Saskatchewan willing to risk his career by representing him and no one in Saskatoon could give a damn.

The law requires a full disclosure by the Crown. One would think after two years of yelling for justice that Mr Hathway would have full disclosure. When Mr Hathway files a motion requesting a full disclosure the Crown pushes his buttons by allowing the Saskatchewan Law Society and Chief Justice Robert Laing to high jack his last motion.

The Chief Justice had some difficulty with Mr Hathway’s last motion. He was unable to control his dislike for members of Mr Hathway’s defence team. They are not lawyers, but, and a big but, they know and have experience dealing with Saskatoon’s culture of injustice. There is no reverse onus requiring Mr Hathway to file motion, after motion, requesting the Crown provide a full disclosure.

This is a fact in Saskatchewan, it is supported by injustice after injustice. As long as Mr Hathway has a Saskatchewan lawyer he will not receive a full disclosure from the Crown. If this is another Saskatchewan Justice malicious prosecution he will only get a corrupt Saskatchewan lawyer approved by the law society to represent him.

The University of Saskatchewan College of Law has a serious ethics problem. This is nothing new, it has been known for years.

Integrated Plan 2003-2007 College of Law
University of Saskatchewan

“What we do not currently have is an introduction to the legal profession and limited exploration of professional ethics, except to a very limited extent in some first year courses.”

It is a lack of accountability, not professional ethics that is the cause of the judicial and legal corruption in Saskatoon. The College of Law is a recognized accredited institution of learning that has failed to maintain standards requisite for its graduates to achieve credentials for professional practice. Why the College of Law recognizes that it has a serious ethics problem is clear, graduates lacking in ethics have been appointed to the bench for years in Saskatchewan. It is the judgements and lack of judicial ethics of a hand full of judges and corrupt lawyers that is jeopardizing the credentials and ethics of the future graduates of the Saskatoon College of Law. The College has a fundamental duty to impart these values and ethics through the teaching of law to maintain its standing as a reputable accredited institution. Accredited, by who, the graduates?

I see Mr Hathway's hand full of motions as a desperate attempt by a man who knows he is dealing with a corrupt administration of justice. I am tired of reading about all the nutty things attributed to Mr Hathway over, and over, and over. Enough already.

He is asking for a full disclosure, write about all the other wrongful convictions and malicious prosecutions in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan attributed to withholding evidence and documents by the Crown. We read about the injustice of the Martinsville and Klassen cases in the StarPhoenix as if they were the only cases where innocent people were persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice, charged and jailed in Saskatoon’s media fuelled witch hunt hysteria.

Why is it that the people of Saskatoon never read about Ross, Ross and White, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas, two 8 year old twin girls left to be raped for four years, the judges and officers of the court who allowed this travesty of justice and the judges who abused their power to cover-up this atrocity. A lawyer who dared to question the jailing of Johanna Lucas was told to “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word". Do the people not have a right to know what Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal is responsible for this display of judicial arrogance and stupidly. Would someone please ask the Globe and Mail to send a reporter to Saskatoon and report on the Hathway case?

Here is a fact that is becoming clearer in a Saskatoon court room. It is becoming harder and harder for known corrupt judges in Saskatoon to get away with their corrupt court proceedings. This was very clear when Justice Malone was asked by the Crown to remove himself as the trial judge in the John Lucas case. I see no difference in Mr Hathway asking that a prosecutor be replaced, the secret court does not allow the public to know the details of the accusations by Mr Hathway because of the publication ban but the history of the court and the Saskatoon prosecutors office in Saskatoon is well known and speaks for itself.

The Crown has objected to the motions and requested that the motions be heard by a trial judge. Why, is justice Rothery not capable of hearing Mr Hathway’s motions and making a sound judgement. Who would pick the trial judge, the Chief Justice? Who picked him? The former Chief Justice picked Justice Malone to hear the Lucas case and then they tried to fix the outcome of his jury trial. Only in Saskatchewan. Could this happen to Mr Hathway? It is happening to Mr Hathway. He is in a corrupt court.

How about appointing justice Hrabinsky or Dovell, or one of the other judicial corrupt misfits lacking in ethics and brains who graduated from the Saskatoon College of Law.

We need a newspaper in Saskatoon.

News at
The Offbeat

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hathway: The games people will play.

The duties of a prosecutor changed in Canada after the Charter.

“The role of the prosecutor excludes any notion of winning or losing; his function is a matter of public duty than which in civil life there can be none charged with a greater personal responsibility.” “Great care must be taken to ensure that the independent role of the prosecutor is preserved when working in a police environment.” Justice Canada

A prosecutor who continues with charges that he knows to be untrue is guilty of a criminal offence. A judge that knowingly allows a prosecutor to continue in his/her court with charges that are known to be false is guilty of a criminal offence.

The Court of Queen’s Bench must stop the game playing with Mr. Klause's and Mr Hathway’s life. Appoint a lawyer to represent Mr Hathway, now!

News at
Who Represents Mr. Bruce Crawford?

Je Me Souviens

You two don’t look guilty. You look pissed off.

A powerful statement that adds a personal touch to over twelve years of persecution by Saskatchewan Justice. Jail the innocent and leave two 8 year old girls to be raped.

Je Me Souviens

Incarcerate and Destroy, welcome to Saskatchewan.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"The whole judicial system is at issue"

The Ross Children were apprehended in February, of 1987 and placed into the care and control of the people of Saskatchewan by way of Social Services and Saskatchewan Justice. Twin girls aged 5 and their brother aged 8. Seriously dysfunctional children in need of medical help for the documented symptoms of FASD.

Saskatchewan Social Services advertised for a “special” foster home for the boy. He was separated from his sisters and moved into the Thompson foster home run by two seriously dysfunctional religious lunatics. The sexual abuse of his sisters ended and the shameful sick abuse of the Ross Children by the people of Saskatchewan started.

The people of Saskatchewan placed the children into the care and control of seriously dysfunction employees of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. The abnormal sexual behaviour of the children was considered to be the result of their being sexually abused by members of a Satanic Cult consisting of their parents, foster parents and most of the people known to the children up until that time.

The twins were placed into the Thompson foster home with their brother. The twins brother was allowed to rape, sodomize, and torture his sisters for 43 months between May 29th, 1990 and January 1994.

The children’s parents and a friend were the first to be subjected to the perverted justice at a preliminary inquiry in Saskatchewan. This is when the cover-up by Saskatchewan justice started. This is when the cover-up by the director of public prosecutions started. This is when the cover-up by Saskatchewan Social Services started. This is when the cover-up by the City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Police Service started.

The separate cover-ups was there down fall. Had there been trust, ethics and honour there would not have been a judgement by Justice Baynton over ten years later that protected the guilty by sacrificing the Ross Children, a police officer, Crown prosecutor and a child therapist.

Had there been trust, ethics and honour the 8 year old Ross twins would not have been left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan’s Shame.

There is not a lawyer or judge in Canada that did not understand the meaning of the statement by Serge Kujawa, the Crown prosecutor in the David Milgaard case.

“The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person . . . .”

Justice for the Ross Children, Johanna and John Lucas. “The whole judicial system is at issue”. It is worth more then a hand full of Saskatchewan Judicial Rot

Monday, March 06, 2006

To the editors: The Sheaf

Cambridge International Dictionary of English

cartoon (DRAWING) noun [C]

1 a drawing, especially in a newspaper or magazine, that tells a joke or makes an amusing political criticism.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Conservative priorities: Court appointments

Harper to Politicize Supreme Court Appointments. - - Liberal Party of Canada

Harper to Politicize Supreme Court Appointments”.

Rubbish, the courts are a political arm of government, provincial and federal. A political arm of Revenue Canada. Family courts are a political arm of Social Services. Appellant courts are a political arm of government corruption.. Look at the junk judgements in Saskatchewan.

“Minister of Justice Toews has repeatedly shown a lack of respect for Canada’s highest judicial body when the court’s decisions do not coincide with his own views.”

"We have seen these radical liberal judges who have their own social agenda coming to the bench and forgetting that their responsibility is to interpret the law and not to make law. And so we are very, very concerned about that." Vic Toews

Its about time, a politician who is willing to tell Canadians what they already know. Appointments to the bench in Canada is a political process that is flawed and corrupt. It is a corrupted administration of justice and its political appointed members who are claiming that the process of appointing judges in Canada is not a political process. I do not know one Canadian that believes that appointment to the bench in Canada are not political patronage.

Political patronage appointments have changed over the years, everyone wants to be a judge. It is the only way left for government to avoid the criticism of Canadians. The result, corrupt judges and a decline over the years of the quality of Canadian judges.

What upstanding man or women with values would run for elected office in Canada, federal or provincial. In 1988, Jack Wolfe, a man with outstanding character and values was elected to the Saskatchewan legislature, he was a country veterinarian and a political idealist.

In 1995 he left a note for his wife.

"I love you all too much to have you bear the pain of having my name and reputation destroyed because of the partisan political interests of others."

He then shot himself.

CBC link: From politics to prison in Saskatchewan

He was a honest, outstanding family man, who was not involved with the corruption that characterized the progressive conservative party of Grant Devine. The party was defeated in Saskatchewan, the political trash appointed to the Saskatchewan courts and the political patronage appointments of the Devine government have contributed over the years to Saskatchewan’s deserving reputation of corruption.

We have been witness to a historic event in Canada. Elected Members of Parliament have questioned a nominee for the Supreme Court of Canada. Smoke and mirrors, but a start.

The Harper government needs to quickly, before the next election end the political motivated federal appointments to the courts in Canada. We can not have a process like in the USA. We can not get honourable men and women to run for elected office in Canada now. We will not get honourable men and women within the legal community to subject themselves to questioning by a bunch of self-serving politicians who know nothing about the law, the importance of an independent judiciary or the separation of church and state.

Why not let all the members of the Bar across Canada, except judges and law society benchers vote for the best of the top five on the Prime Ministers short list. Provincial appointments could be voted on by all provincial members of the Bar independently of the provincial law societies. Keep the law societies and the judges out of the process until the rot is removed. If a member of the Bar refused to vote, take his/her licence away, Canadians screwed by lawyers would enjoy that.

Do the same for the members of the Canadian Judicial Council. Get the spin doctors out of the process.

Conservative priorities: Children

A key Conservative priority is to raise the age of protection from 14 to 16, with a "close in age" exemption, said Toews, adding: "We don't want to criminalize conduct between youths." Its about time. The change would mean criminal charges for adults who have sex with girls or boys under the age of 16.

How about doing something to help the thousands of children in Canada who have dead brain cells as a result of years of racism that left them with no hope and inhaling chemicals out of a plastic bag. These children are prostituting themselves on streets across Canada. Get the pedophiles off the streets, what about the children?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Lucas & Hathway: Lawyers Needed in Saskatchewan.

Mr Hathway has been incarcerated for over two years at the Saskatoon Correction Centre. He was charged in the 1998 stabbing death of his landlord.

Mr Hathway was subjected to the RCMP Mr Big Sting. This sting is used to obtain a confession when there is no credible evidence of guilt. It is used to obtain a confession after a profile discloses a weakness in character, alcohol, past criminal convictions, drug abuse or the violability of youth.

In Mr Hathway’s case it was his past alcohol abuse. Get him off the wagon, out of school, get him drunk, engage him in illegal activities, lead him down the gardener path with no way out but a confession.

The evidence at the preliminary hearing was banned from publication, this is normal, what is not normal is the extent of the publication ban that relies on new terrorism legislation enacted after 9/11.

The preliminary hearing was turned into a court procedure resembling Abbott and Costello famous "Who's on first" radio skit.

Mr Hathway is not a threat to Canada’s national security. Withholding full disclosure by the Crown to Mr Hathway can not be justified as being a threat to Canada’s national security.

Mr Hathway’s Motion for a full disclosure was high jacked by Mr. Justice Laing, the Saskatchewan Law Society and the federal justice department.

It was a failed attempt to further add to the growing number of laws written by judges in Canada. Judges writing laws in secret courts needs to end in Canada. Elected members of government write laws, after an open debate in public and the press. If the politicians get it wrong in Canada’s vote splitting minority rules form of government then it is freedom of speech, and the press, that protect the Constitution and Mr Hathway’s right to a fair, and just trial.

From the news media:

“charged in the 1998 stabbing death of his 84-year-old landlord”

I don’t like people who would do that to a 84 year old.

“He shouted at Klause on occasion and once stood up in the prisoner's box prepared to fight. He also called a police witness a liar.”

I don’t like people who have no respect for the court and police officers.

Klause has suggested information may have been misplaced by Hathway's two previous lawyers (both of whom were fired by Hathway).”

This guy must be unstable, firing two “real lawyers”.

His previous lawyer, Robert Borden, withdrew from the case in mid-January.”

Must be guilty, his lawyer quit on him.

Do not prejudge Mr Hathway.

The Crown was ordered to provide Mr Hathway with disclosure material in the Saskatoon Correction Centre. Mr Hathway is not represented by a lawyer. The CTV’s W-Five has been refused entry into the Correction Centre to interview Mr Hathway. The news media is not going to take directions from non-lawyers, a lawyer will not take directions from a non-lawyer.

Mr Hathway would have been just another victim of the administration of justice in Saskatchewan had he not received the help of non-lawyers with a working understanding of the history of corruption within Saskatchewan Justice and the Saskatoon Police Service. This is the only reason for the news coverage at his otherwise secret preliminary hearing.

Mr Hathway will not receive a fair trial in a corrupt Saskatchewan court.

The Crown requested that John Lucas, who is charged with defaming Justice Paul Hrabinsky make application to the court for the removal of Justice Malone as the trial judge at his upcoming October, 2006 jury trial. Mr Lucas told the Crown prosecutor to do his own dirty work and upon hearing the request of the Crown a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench stopped the court proceedings.

A request was made by the judge/judges to both Saskatchewan Chief Justices to have a Court of Appeal Judge hear the lower court jury trial. It was clear that a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench was concerned that Mr Lucas would not receive a fair trial in Court of Queen’s Bench under the control of corrupt judges.

The request was denied, justice Malone removed himself as the trial judge and the same judges that appointed Justice Malone appointed Queen’s Bench Justice Ball as the new trial judge. This is a good example of how Saskatchewan Justice suckers an honest judge into protecting a corrupt court and corrupt judges.

There is no question that Mr Lucas is being maliciously prosecuted by corrupt judges in corrupted court proceedings.

Mr Hathway is in the same court and he is claiming that he is being maliciously prosecuted.

Mr Lucas has a gag order that prevents him from talking about his case. Mr Hathway is locked up with his disclosure documents. They both need legal representation that is not available in Saskatchewan. There is not a hope in hell of them having a Saskatchewan lawyer represent them.

It is time that the Parliament of Canada and elected representatives started protecting the Charter Rights of Canadians. The federal justice department must protect Canadians when the provincial government of Saskatchewan refuses to act when there is a clear history of judicial corruption within the courts and Saskatchewan Justice.

Order a judicial stay of proceedings in the Lucas case or appoint a lawyer of his choice from outside Saskatchewan. Take the self-serving gag order, wipe and flush it along with the stink from Saskatchewan Justice.

Let Mr Hathway out on bail. He has Charter Rights, locking him up in remand for over two years is cruel and unusual punishment.

Keeping Mr Hathway locked up in a cell with boxes full of disclosure that he is responsible for without his having legal representation is an invitation to a disaster. Get the disclosure properly organised on CD’s. a computer in his cell or give him access to one of the jail computers without any keyboard jackoff mess.

The Government of Canada can not continue to ignore the corruption in Saskatchewan. A full public inquiry into the administration of justice would have helped over ten years ago. It would have saved the tax payers of Saskatchewan the millions that have been paid out in damages and on corrupt court proceeding.

Clean out the judicial rot from Saskatchewan Justice before the next appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada.