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Its Just Some Old Bell With A Crack In It.

A Saskatoon homeowner filed a motion claiming he was being scammed by Windsor Plywood and Saskatoon lawyer Nicholas Stooshinoff. The manager of Windsor Plywood, David Hilash referred to Mr Stooshinoff as “Uncle” Mickey. Mr Stooshinoff is a former president of the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party. Their past leaders were also referred to as uncle, “Uncle” Rick Swenson. The first motion of the homeowner was heard in chambers by Justice Wimmer. Mr Justice Wimmer refused to dismiss the homeowners motion saying. “he is asking that the claim be dismissed”. He agreed with Mr Stooshinoff that the mediation process came first.

The homeowner was unable to obtain a disclosure of documents from Windsor Plywood. He obtained a Statement of Documents from Mr Stooshinoff listing seven cash sales receipts for the cash payment by the contractor for the building materials Windsor Plywood claimed the contractor never paid for. The contractor had been arrested and charged by the Saskatoon police for fraud involving other Saskatoon homeowners. The contractor was last seen standing in a Saskatoon court laughing his head off.

Mr Stooshinoff and David Hilash forged charge involves listing the same building materials the contractor paid cash for and other materials knowing that the corrupt administration of justice in Saskatoon would protect them. Mr Stooshinoff then produced a Supplementary Statement as to Documents that listed the forged charge invoices. A professor at a law school told his students the quickest way to lose your licence to practice law is to mess about with the trust account and second, file a false claim of lien. The penalties for filing a false claim of lien included in the acts governing liens are useless in a corrupt court.

The homeowner then filed a second motion detailing the scam in his affidavit. It did not take years of law school to see that the cash sales receipts were in Mr Stooshinoff’s law office and the homeowner was being blackmailed by Windsor Plywood and Mr Stooshinoff.

A motion is filed in advance of the hearing, this gives the chambers judge time to read the material and affidavits filed. Motions served and must be filed by the close of the registry on Thursday would be heard on Tuesday morning at 10 AM. The homeowner gave Mr Stooshinoff ample time, over a week to respond to his motion and affidavit. One hour before the close of the registry on Thursday he was served with the cooked up charge involves and affidavits from David Hilash and Nicholas Stooshinoff. There was no time to file a response and affidavit supported by documents that would have shown that Mr Hilash and Mr Stooshinoff had perjured themselves in their affidavits.

The affidavits were an attack on the credibility of the homeowner and his wife. On Tuesday, Madam Justice G A Smith was the chambers judge. The cases are heard in the order they are filed, except for agreed withdrawals and adjournments that take very little of the courts time. Cases can be referred to another court room to be heard by another judge who has prior knowledge or experience in the subject matter. Madam Justice Smith told the lawyers that she had not read the material filed. She told the lawyers they would have to verbally argue their cases. This was my first feeling that something was very wrong in Justice Smiths Chambers. She was a last minute shoe in and replaced the chambers judge.

I have sat in many court rooms and listened to cases of interest from traffic court, murder cases and Section 52 Charter applications. I avoided the boring cases like two lawyers arguing about the issues it would take a forensic account to understand. Most cases the judge would reserve their judgement and would issue a written judgement at a later date. I would try and see how close I could come to the written judgement. I came close over the years on a few occasions. I was soon able to recognize a sound judgement and the brilliant legal minds of some Canadian judges and the junk judgements of others, most of mine included.

I visited a historic site in the USA and purchased a post card with a picture of the Liberty Bell. I wrote something on it and mailed it to one of the junk judgement judges in Canada. When I arrived back in Canada I thought the post card had been lost in the mail as I never heard anything and forgot about it. The next time I was in his court room his clerk with a big smile on her face was discreetly trying to get my attention with something in her hand.

She handed the judge my post card I mailed to him. He sat reading it and then he exploded. He turned the backside of the card towards the people in the court screaming “look what he said about me”. He then turned it back so everyone could see the Liberty Bell. No one could see what I had written on the little card. He got up out of his throne, turned his head towards me and yelled, “I am not dealing with you any longer Mr Hunter“. He then stormed out of the court room and slammed the door leaving his clerk following with a concerned look of shock on her face that the old fart may have a heart attack. Injustice delayed for a day. I got the hell out of the court house as I knew where the crazed lunatic was heading, the sheriff’s office.

Madam Justice G A Smith left the homeowner to last. This was my second indication that something was wrong, the homeowners motion was half way down the chambers list. Justice Smith concentrated not on the evidence of fraud filed by the homeowner, she concentrated on the defamatory lies contained in Mr Hilash’s and Mr Stooshinoff’s affidavits. She berated the homeowner until he did not know if he should have been standing or sitting in her court, she had a good laugh when he asked her. The homeowners wife was next to be insulted and it continued until the homeowner was unable to know if he was sitting or standing. He looked at me for help and when I stood I was told three times by this sick angry bitch of a judge “be quiet”.

The homeowner was rushed to the hospital an hour after court. He was in the hospital for over two weeks. He was a disabled student at the U of S, his income was CPP disability, he had worked hard part time for years and with the support of his new wife would have graduated within a year. He has not been able to continue his studies. He is a victim of Saskatoon’s corrupt court along with 8 year old girls left to be raped, the disabled and people unable to defend themselves in Saskatoon’s culture of injustice.

Madam Justice G A Smith was appointed to the Court of Queens Bench on the same day as Madam Justice Dovell. Read the junk judgements from these two and Justice Hrabinsky involving the jailing of Johanna Lucas, the cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice of the satanic ritual abuse cases in Saskatoon and the 8 year old Ross twins being left to be raped for four years. The written judgement by justice Dovell in the case filed by one of the Ross children is enough to make a grown person with no knowledge of the law have a good puke. Please, send me or post on the internet the Statement of Claim with Madam Justice G A Smiths name on it as a defendant.

Madam Justice Smith was a professor at the U of S college of law. She had no trial experience. It is no wonder that the graduates of the college of law in Saskatoon have a complete lack of professional ethics.

I filed a Section 52 in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal years ago. I claimed that the practice directives violated my charter rights to proceed in the Court. In a conference call I was told by Chief Justice the Honourable Edward Bayda that he had to issue the practice directives, as without them, there would be a rush of people representing themselves in Saskatchewan wanting into his court and he did not have the finances or the judges to deal with them. He was honest about it, blame it on the politicians and the lawyers for his court stomping on Charter Rights.

Madam Justice G A Smith was quietly appointed to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. There was no shortage of judges within the court. The Chief Justice must have found some extra money somewhere.

The written judgement in the appeal of the Ross children’s parents by The Honourable Mr. Justice Cameron and Honourable Madame Justice Gerwing is by far the most corrupt junk judgement I have ever read. The evidence at trial can be heard at by clicking on News Dueck - Jabber. What was done to the Ross children in the secret lower court proceedings was a criminal abuse of the process of the court.

The Saskatchewan judgement was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada as a result of The Honourable Mr. Justice Vancise in dissent judgement. The Supreme Court of Canada could not out right dismiss the charges. To do so would have placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the Saskatchewan public.

The appeal of the judgement by Justice Hrabinsky in the case of Johanna Lucas was a criminal abuse by judges in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word" is not justice, it’s kangaroo court justice that resulted in two 8 year old girls left to be raped.

Johanna Lucas’s conviction was up held by all the judges in the Supreme Court of Canada. To dismiss the charges would have placed the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the Canadian public. It would also have raised the question of the legal sanity of three religious nut case Saskatchewan judges, two prosecutors, a social worker and a Saskatoon police officer.

After watching the Johanna Lucas video proceeding of the Supreme Court of Canada appeal, it is not the spin doctor abilities of the Chief Justice, it is the look of disgust on the face of her lawyer that I remember.

The John Lucas case and Klassen appeal have a direct connection to the Claim of two 8 year old girls left to be raped for four years with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and judges who abused the trust of child wards of the court in a manner that is sick and perverted. Justice G A Smith and Justice Dovell were appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench to do the dirty work of protecting a corrupt court, corrupt officers of the court and sick perverted judges. Justice G A Smith can not be allowed to hear the Klassen appeal. The cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice must come to an end.

The date of the appeal of the Klassen case will not be announced until the Saskatchewan Legislature is not in session or the expected earth quake in the British Columbia lower mainland distracts the public attention away from another crap judgement from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

Honourable men and women can not continue to sit on their judicial asses. Clean up your own stinking mess. The judicial silence in Saskatchewan is loud and clear. It has the same deafening sick ring of an old bell with a crack in it.

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On a warm October 1993 evening, my husband and I attended a meeting at the library to listen to a speaker. He finished his open discussion with the remark, “that a stay was as good as it got, in Saskatchewan“… Nicholas Stooshinoff (1993)