Friday, March 03, 2006

Conservative priorities: Court appointments

Harper to Politicize Supreme Court Appointments. - - Liberal Party of Canada

Harper to Politicize Supreme Court Appointments”.

Rubbish, the courts are a political arm of government, provincial and federal. A political arm of Revenue Canada. Family courts are a political arm of Social Services. Appellant courts are a political arm of government corruption.. Look at the junk judgements in Saskatchewan.

“Minister of Justice Toews has repeatedly shown a lack of respect for Canada’s highest judicial body when the court’s decisions do not coincide with his own views.”

"We have seen these radical liberal judges who have their own social agenda coming to the bench and forgetting that their responsibility is to interpret the law and not to make law. And so we are very, very concerned about that." Vic Toews

Its about time, a politician who is willing to tell Canadians what they already know. Appointments to the bench in Canada is a political process that is flawed and corrupt. It is a corrupted administration of justice and its political appointed members who are claiming that the process of appointing judges in Canada is not a political process. I do not know one Canadian that believes that appointment to the bench in Canada are not political patronage.

Political patronage appointments have changed over the years, everyone wants to be a judge. It is the only way left for government to avoid the criticism of Canadians. The result, corrupt judges and a decline over the years of the quality of Canadian judges.

What upstanding man or women with values would run for elected office in Canada, federal or provincial. In 1988, Jack Wolfe, a man with outstanding character and values was elected to the Saskatchewan legislature, he was a country veterinarian and a political idealist.

In 1995 he left a note for his wife.

"I love you all too much to have you bear the pain of having my name and reputation destroyed because of the partisan political interests of others."

He then shot himself.

CBC link: From politics to prison in Saskatchewan

He was a honest, outstanding family man, who was not involved with the corruption that characterized the progressive conservative party of Grant Devine. The party was defeated in Saskatchewan, the political trash appointed to the Saskatchewan courts and the political patronage appointments of the Devine government have contributed over the years to Saskatchewan’s deserving reputation of corruption.

We have been witness to a historic event in Canada. Elected Members of Parliament have questioned a nominee for the Supreme Court of Canada. Smoke and mirrors, but a start.

The Harper government needs to quickly, before the next election end the political motivated federal appointments to the courts in Canada. We can not have a process like in the USA. We can not get honourable men and women to run for elected office in Canada now. We will not get honourable men and women within the legal community to subject themselves to questioning by a bunch of self-serving politicians who know nothing about the law, the importance of an independent judiciary or the separation of church and state.

Why not let all the members of the Bar across Canada, except judges and law society benchers vote for the best of the top five on the Prime Ministers short list. Provincial appointments could be voted on by all provincial members of the Bar independently of the provincial law societies. Keep the law societies and the judges out of the process until the rot is removed. If a member of the Bar refused to vote, take his/her licence away, Canadians screwed by lawyers would enjoy that.

Do the same for the members of the Canadian Judicial Council. Get the spin doctors out of the process.

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