Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hathway: Saskatoon’s ongoing legal folly’s.

Mr Hathway was back in a Saskatoon court room on Friday.

He has been incarcerated for two years in the Saskatoon correction Centre. After two years and three lawyers one could assume from the media reports that this man has a screw loose. The ban imposed by the court has left the media reporting on a slanted view of the proceedings that has the effect of portraying Mr Hathway, over and over, as the killer of his 84 year old landlord. Mr Hathway is innocent until proven guilty in a competent court of law. Elements that are sadly lacking in Saskatoon. Innocent until proven guilty, a competent court and third, competent legal representation.

Mr Hathway is presumed to be guilty, the court is corrupt, the administration of justice is corrupt, he will not find a lawyer in Saskatchewan willing to risk his career by representing him and no one in Saskatoon could give a damn.

The law requires a full disclosure by the Crown. One would think after two years of yelling for justice that Mr Hathway would have full disclosure. When Mr Hathway files a motion requesting a full disclosure the Crown pushes his buttons by allowing the Saskatchewan Law Society and Chief Justice Robert Laing to high jack his last motion.

The Chief Justice had some difficulty with Mr Hathway’s last motion. He was unable to control his dislike for members of Mr Hathway’s defence team. They are not lawyers, but, and a big but, they know and have experience dealing with Saskatoon’s culture of injustice. There is no reverse onus requiring Mr Hathway to file motion, after motion, requesting the Crown provide a full disclosure.

This is a fact in Saskatchewan, it is supported by injustice after injustice. As long as Mr Hathway has a Saskatchewan lawyer he will not receive a full disclosure from the Crown. If this is another Saskatchewan Justice malicious prosecution he will only get a corrupt Saskatchewan lawyer approved by the law society to represent him.

The University of Saskatchewan College of Law has a serious ethics problem. This is nothing new, it has been known for years.

Integrated Plan 2003-2007 College of Law
University of Saskatchewan

“What we do not currently have is an introduction to the legal profession and limited exploration of professional ethics, except to a very limited extent in some first year courses.”

It is a lack of accountability, not professional ethics that is the cause of the judicial and legal corruption in Saskatoon. The College of Law is a recognized accredited institution of learning that has failed to maintain standards requisite for its graduates to achieve credentials for professional practice. Why the College of Law recognizes that it has a serious ethics problem is clear, graduates lacking in ethics have been appointed to the bench for years in Saskatchewan. It is the judgements and lack of judicial ethics of a hand full of judges and corrupt lawyers that is jeopardizing the credentials and ethics of the future graduates of the Saskatoon College of Law. The College has a fundamental duty to impart these values and ethics through the teaching of law to maintain its standing as a reputable accredited institution. Accredited, by who, the graduates?

I see Mr Hathway's hand full of motions as a desperate attempt by a man who knows he is dealing with a corrupt administration of justice. I am tired of reading about all the nutty things attributed to Mr Hathway over, and over, and over. Enough already.

He is asking for a full disclosure, write about all the other wrongful convictions and malicious prosecutions in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan attributed to withholding evidence and documents by the Crown. We read about the injustice of the Martinsville and Klassen cases in the StarPhoenix as if they were the only cases where innocent people were persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice, charged and jailed in Saskatoon’s media fuelled witch hunt hysteria.

Why is it that the people of Saskatoon never read about Ross, Ross and White, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas, two 8 year old twin girls left to be raped for four years, the judges and officers of the court who allowed this travesty of justice and the judges who abused their power to cover-up this atrocity. A lawyer who dared to question the jailing of Johanna Lucas was told to “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word". Do the people not have a right to know what Justice of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal is responsible for this display of judicial arrogance and stupidly. Would someone please ask the Globe and Mail to send a reporter to Saskatoon and report on the Hathway case?

Here is a fact that is becoming clearer in a Saskatoon court room. It is becoming harder and harder for known corrupt judges in Saskatoon to get away with their corrupt court proceedings. This was very clear when Justice Malone was asked by the Crown to remove himself as the trial judge in the John Lucas case. I see no difference in Mr Hathway asking that a prosecutor be replaced, the secret court does not allow the public to know the details of the accusations by Mr Hathway because of the publication ban but the history of the court and the Saskatoon prosecutors office in Saskatoon is well known and speaks for itself.

The Crown has objected to the motions and requested that the motions be heard by a trial judge. Why, is justice Rothery not capable of hearing Mr Hathway’s motions and making a sound judgement. Who would pick the trial judge, the Chief Justice? Who picked him? The former Chief Justice picked Justice Malone to hear the Lucas case and then they tried to fix the outcome of his jury trial. Only in Saskatchewan. Could this happen to Mr Hathway? It is happening to Mr Hathway. He is in a corrupt court.

How about appointing justice Hrabinsky or Dovell, or one of the other judicial corrupt misfits lacking in ethics and brains who graduated from the Saskatoon College of Law.

We need a newspaper in Saskatoon.

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J. Lucas said...

Controversial convictions made by Queen’s Bench are considered safe when they are forgotten. Nobody appears to be concerned about the merits of a case. If Mr. Hathway is forced to wait for a trial judge to be appointed before they deal with his disclosure issue, it may be to late for him to act on the information. A high security inmate in the Saskatoon Correctional, even has to negotiate to borrow a copy of the Criminal Code…

Anonymous said...

“Controversial convictions made by Queen’s Bench are considered safe when they are forgotten.”

How true. The Ross, Ross and White appeal. It took the appellant court 17 months from the time of the appeal to cook up something that the public would swallow, hook line and sinker.

The KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal has been over 26 months from the date of judgement by Justice Baynton. Add another 17 months or more for the written judgement. Miazga will be the next one to receive his gold watch and pension before the court sacrifices the only one who did not continue with his appeal, Dueck.

Looks like another deceive the public judicial crap judgement is in the making from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.

I would do a on-line poll to see who people believed would be the three appellant court judges and what judge would have the best qualifications to deceive the public and cook up another judicial “shut up, sit down & don’t say another word" garbage judgement if I thought anyone would give a damn in Saskatoon.

The Ross twins claim will be another travesty of justice in Saskatchewan. It has been over 60 months (five years).

Mr Hathway needs a lawyer, the last Charter Rights case in Saskatchewan that I know of was filed by a lawyer from California.

Anonymous said...

If Mr Hathway was to arrive in court wearing a yellow striped bumblebee costume he would get his point across that he is a victim of a RCMP “sting”. This would give the StarPhoenix something to write about and add some much needed credibility to the proceedings.