Friday, March 17, 2006

Ross Twins: Conflict of interest

The Ross twins were left to be raped for four years in Saskatchewan. The nightmare started during the time that the corrupt Progressive Conservative Party of Grant Devine was in power.

The Ross children’s nightmare has continued because of political interference in the justice system. It is difficult to tell who is a NDP, Liberal, Progressive Conservative or Saskatchewan party member when the issue is a corrupt administration of justice. They all act the same. They all left the children to be raped. The involvement of Progressive Conservative Party appointees to the court, Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and law firms with connections to the Progressive Conservative Party in covering-up one atrocity after the other took on a life of it’s own in Saskatchewan.

It would not come as a surprise to anyone within Saskatchewan Justice when after I reported a former president of the Progressive Conservative Party, Nicholas Stooshinoff to the police for his illegal activities that I would end up with the same corrupt judges and law firms protecting this corrupt lawyer that are protecting the corrupt lawyers and judges who jailed Johanna Lucas and left two 8 year old girls to be raped.

I did not find it to be a surprise when I read on the web site that there was a open conflict of interest regarding the lawyer, the Progressive Conservative Party law firm representing the Ross twins and that the Court of Queens bench did nothing to protect the legal rights of the Ross twins. The Ross twins are nothing more then used and abused Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services disposable garbage.

Walen Jabber

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