Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hathway& John Lucas: Creditability of the Court of Queen’s bench is in Question.

Mr Hathway’s motion to have the prosecutor removed from his case has been denied.

Johanna Lucas was innocent, she was charged with defaming a Saskatoon Police officer after she picketed the police department claiming the officer knowing left two twin girls to be raped.

She was jailed by a corrupt police officer, prosecutor and a corrupt judge, justice Paul Hrabinsky.

I am sick of hearing about corrupt police officers and prosecutors in Saskatoon. If the information posted on injusticebusters.com is untrue the police officer and prosecutor can not ignore it. The ignore it strategy, they are just kooks strategy, by Saskatchewan Justice and the Saskatoon Police Service when Johanna Lucas picketed to warn the police and public about the Ross Twins resulted it two 8 year old girls being left to be raped for four years in Saskatoon. The accusations made about a Saskatoon Police Officer and a Crown prosecutor can not be ignored in Saskatoon by the police officer, or the Crown prosecutor.

Saskatoon Police Officers put their lives on the line every day, a Crown prosecutor was recently responsible for getting a child sex offender off the streets. Mr Hathway has been charged in a city with a corrupt police service. The police officer needs to deal with the accusations or it will be the above Saskatoon Police Officers who are again discredited. The Officer needs to deal with it, or resign.

The Crown prosecutor in the Johanna Lucas case was corrupt, the police officer was corrupt, they had corrupt judges in their back pocket, courtesy of Saskatchewan Justice.

Mr Hathway is making serious accusations. Justice Allisen Rothery dismissed Mr Hathway’s motion leaving the door open for him to bring the matter up again before the yet to be assigned trial judge.

The trial judge in the John Lucas case set for trial in October, 2006 in Saskatoon removed himself at the request of a Crown prosecutor, after it was discovered the judge was engaging in fixing the outcome of Mr Lucas’s jury trial. On hearing this information a justice of The Court of Queen’s Bench requested the Chief Justices appoint a Saskatchewan Court of Appeal judge to hear Mr Lucas’s lower court jury trial. Request denied.

There was a concern by a justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench that John Lucas would not receive a fair trial in the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench. The prosecution of John Lucas is a malicious prosecution. Corrupt police officers and a corrupt judge. This can not be ignored by Saskatchewan Justice. The last time this happened it was not the director of public prosecutions or Saskatchewan Justice found guilty of malice, it was the prosecutor and a Saskatoon Police officer sacrificed to protect a corrupt court, police service and administration of justice.

The prosecutor must deal with Mr Hathway’s accusations posted on injusticebusters.com, or resign. This can not be ignored. Mr Hathway is entitled to a fair trial, just like John and Johanna Lucas. Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell protect corrupt police officers and lawyers, remove the barnyard pig stink from the Court of Queen’s Bench before a trial judge is assigned.

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