Friday, March 31, 2006

Ross children: The people of Saskatoon could care less.

What a bunch of so called Christians did to the Ross children has guaranteed them a special place far worse then the Thompson Special Care Home. You do not leave 8 year old girls to be raped for four years. If in fact they are Christians then they know they are going to rot in Hell for doing that.

In the mean time it is the people of Saskatoon and Saskatchewan who the world will look at as being sick. Christians have nothing to be proud about in Saskatoon. I fully expect that they will continue to sit and do nothing as the Government of Saskatchewan continues to place the blame on to the Ross children for their nut case religious hysteria.

I received this in an email from Kathleen Ross after she was crossed examined during the family court procedure to place her child as a full ward of the court in British Columbia.

“the minstry is using my past again at me and the casse of the klassen/kvello against me which is not good.. and they also using mine and mchell's lawsuit to there advantage..”

The KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal has nothing to do with protecting children. The Ross twins will not be represented in court. The appeal will be another sham to protect the administration of justice, corrupt sick judges and officers of the court responsible for leaving 8 year old girls to be raped for four years.

Saskatoon is the most corrupt city in Canada. A hand full of corrupt police officers control the city and they are protected by a corrupt law society, a corrupt prosecutors office and a hand full of corrupt judges in the Court of Appeal and the lower courts.

The mayor was elected on a crime mandate, the stabbing death of a young man on 21st street days before the election had a lot to do with why he was elected. Ask the former chief of police to run for the mayors chair next election. It will be business as usual for Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell.

The federal government was responsible for appointing the above corrupt judges to the courts in Saskatchewan. The federal justice department can not continue to turn a blind eye to the judicial corruption in Saskatchewan courts. The Ross children are Canadians, they had a right to be protected from religious nut case judges and officers of the court. So did Johanna and John Lucas and all the others who had their lives destroyed in Saskatchewan

The federal justice department has a duty to protect the interests of the Ross children in the upcoming KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal. The three people found guilty were sacrificed to protect their bosses, politicians, corrupt lawyers and judges. They are the ones that should be charged. This gang of sick judicial misfits are going to blame it on to a Saskatoon Police Officer and two 8 year old girls who they left to be raped for four years. Let the world know what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan, the people of Saskatoon could care less.

The Ross twins were separated and moved to a British Columbia and a Manitoba foster home by the people who knowingly left them to be raped in Saskatchewan. They were hidden in small towns and not allowed to watch any news coverage from Saskatoon. This is the work of criminals within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services out to protect themselves and can not be ignored by Justice Canada. The actions of Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell detailed on this site and are not a matter for the Canadian Judicial Council. They are common thieves and blackmailers who protect corruption within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

Kidnapping full wards of the court and removing them from the jurisdiction of a Saskatchewan Judge is a criminal offence. What happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan can not be allowed to ever happen again to a Canadian child. The Federal Justice department has the power, the authority and the duty to protect Canadians from a corrupt administration of justice in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan government involvement with respect to the Ross Children and the corrupt cover-up court proceedings that jailed Johanna and John Lucas and the children’s parents are no longer civil matters, they are criminal matters. Saskatchewan Justice and the courts were fully aware that the chargers were false when they proceeded. Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell were appointed by the federal government, they are both corrupt judges. The federal justice department must intervene in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA appeal and protect the Ross children from a corrupt Saskatchewan administration of justice and Court of Appeal.

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