Friday, April 14, 2006

Hathway: Standing your ground in a corrupt court.

Way to go Mr Hathway. A class act.

From the injusticebusters web site.

Hathway's disclosure is locked up in storage at the Saskatoon Correctional but his 31 page brief of fact and argument for his release, accompanied by a 54 tab document has been filed before Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench to be heard Friday, April 21.

Not bad for a man that is being treated like he is a terrorist stripped of his charter rights and locked in a cell under a sweeping gag order and publication ban that belongs in the old USSR. He is being treated like a terrorist with no charter rights. He will not be able to get a lawyer in Saskatoon, they know better then to get involved in corrupt court proceedings involving the Saskatoon police and Saskatchewan justice.

It is being claimed that a police officer tampered with evidence and gave perjured testimony during Hathway's preliminary inquiry and there has been manufactured evidence, police perjury, Crown witness perjury and withholding of disclosure.

This is just normal for Saskatchewan. What is not normal is for someone standing in a Saskatchewan court demanding justice. Its bad enough when lawyers and police are corrupt. Mr Hathway has no choice but to proceed in a court with a history of corrupt judges who have for years protected corrupt officers of the court. Had it not been for people obtaining and distributing the disclosure in the satanic child abuse cases Saskatchewan Justice and Saskatoon police would have succeeded in lying to the public and burying the truth. Saskatchewan Justice continues to lie to the public.

It is going to be a difficult wait for Mr Hathway until his hearing on Friday, April 21. I would think that the people helping him are also concerned, not only for Mr Hathway, the worry can be seen in the injusticebusters post. The publication ban needs to be removed from this case.


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    Anonymous said...

    Since we are no longer dealing with a prosecutor who may be obnoxious, I’m worried about why they’re worried. For 13 years (my unlucky number) I have closely observed some of those who are now supporting Mr. Hathway… I both applauded and criticized, as they broke every rule in the book in order to bring the Klassen/Kvello matter to a ( for those who were falsely accused ) successful conclusion, but they always had a positive outlook. Now we are dealing with Mr. Hathway. Without any meaningful response, Saskatchewan Justice has allowed his supporter’s to get away with a categorical statement regarding a police officer, who they claim, has manufactured evidence against a defendant in a homicide. That scares me. When the case finally does get to court, why should I or any other “reasonable person”, not suspect that we are dealing with some kind of “show trial”? If they get a conviction, will it be a “safe conviction”? And if Saskatchewan Justice, or the Saskatoon City Police, at this late date, finally make a move against , why should we believe them? In order to restore any sort of faith in the justice system, one would almost have to have the judicial inquiry, prior the trial. If Mr. Klause does not want to become another Miazga, he had better make sure that his witness, or witnesses, are dealing with the truth. But I fear his opportunity to do so, has already come and gone.

    As for Mr. Hathway, what can one say? The gag appears to be so all inclusive, no citizen in this province who has not attended each and every appearance, could even hazard a guess as to his innocence, or guilt… And the jury will be even more confused, if they are informed about the abuse of his rights. How could they trust any of the evidence emanating from those who have trampled on those above mentioned rights?

    Anonymous said...

    An inquiry into Saskatchewan Justice will not happen in Saskatchewan unless the people demand it. Elected members of the Saskatchewan Legislature, Saskatchewan Justice, social services and civil servants caught up in the ritual abuse hysteria about sacrificing babies and the other stupidly that started when the Progressive Conservative Party were in power in Saskatchewan were the first to engage in a political cover-up.

    Then the religious radicals judges within the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal engaged in protecting lower court religious nut cases by publication bans and the likes of the Honourable Justice Donald K. MacPherson’s famous gag order. One of the greatest injustices is to refer to this letter as a court order. For over ten years Saskatchewan Judges engaged in the cover-up.

    The disclosure laws were rewritten in Saskatchewan to first protect the courts and the people who left the Ross twins to be raped for four years. This was mostly done during the Johanna Lucas trial and appeal. The best description of Saskatchewan justice is a raciest KKK mentality that will protect radical religious nut cases sitting as judges in Saskatchewan. The disclosure laws not only effect the people of Saskatchewan, this junk case law effects all Canadians. The chief justice referred to some of this junk case law in the fiat at one of Mr Hathway’s resent applications for disclosure.

    The people of Canada do not know how close they came to having a racist KKK religious radical appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    I do not understand why an apology was accepted from the Ross children. I can understand why the Fifth Estate program that was about the Klassen/Kvello families and their malicious prosecution would like to add some spice to the program. Everyone involved knew that the children had this crap they were apologizing for put into their 8 year old heads by radical religious nut cases. The media need to start printing the truth about what happened to the Ross children in Saskatchewan and the malicious prosecution of Johanna Lucas.

    The Hathway case in important in that it is a test of the new terrorism laws that are being used to protect the RCMP methods of obtaining a confession. The question being asked is: What is being protected, the RCMP method of operation, that is well known, or is it the degree to which Mr Hathway’s confession was voluntary?

    There is just no better city in Canada then Saskatoon with its documented corrupt administration of justice and corrupt police department to proceed with another injustice and wrongful conviction. Mr Hathway should be thankful that he may only have the corrupt judges hearing his case and not the radical religious nut cases.

    It is time for the people of Saskatchewan to demand a public inquiry into the administration of justice in Saskatchewan. I would think that this corrupt court is not going to like people messing with their junk disclosure orders and will take it out on Mr Hathway’s helpers. The media needs to attend the hearing, and then the application needs to be published. This is the only way for Mr Hathway to receive a fair hearing in Saskatoon and his Charter Rights protected. The media has a responsibility to the people, without the media and freedom of the press no one has any Charter Rights in Canada.

    Anonymous said...

    News Release: From Injusticebusters

    April 18, 2006

    Admin said...

    Very Interesting James, thank you for all the updates!

    Anonymous said...

    As someone who has known Wilfred Hathway for over 20 years, I cannot tell you how disturbing this case is. This is an intelligent and compassionate man with a conscience. Yes, he had a drinking problem, and yes, he may have been addicted to alcohol, but he does not deserve to spend all these months incarcerated while awaiting the opportunity to prove his innocence. And make no mistake: this is what is happening. What ever happened to Canada's proud "innocent until proven guilty" stance? Wilfred has spent over two years in jail, missing out on his young daughter's formative years and trying to fight through a fog of indifference and the reluctance on the part of his prosecutors to admit that they have not and, indeed, cannot prove his guilt. How can our society justify this gag order? Has he not the right to defend himself against a police force that has made so many appalling and tragic mistakes in the past? Are we to trust the system that stole over 20 years of David Milgaard's life? Are we to just assume that they have reformed and are not using the same tactics they used in the past? Mr. Hathway has lived in this nightmare for over two years, and I think it is time the Saskatoon police force and Saskatchewn Justice admitted that they have no evidence, and let this man restart the life they have almost succeeded in destroying.

    Anonymous said...

    It is very hard for anyone with a interest in the Hathway case to comment because of the lack of information. The court bans, one-sided media reporting, the continuing banter and exchange of insults that has nothing to do with the case, supporters who think they are lawyers and its their egos that are the main issue.

    Mr Hathway is going to jail if he does not receive a full disclosure from the Crown along with the means to prepare his case in jail. What good is disclosure to a non-lawyer if he can not show it to people he has chosen to help him.

    If Mr Hathway has not received a full disclosure after being jailed for over two years then there is reason to believe that what has been posted on the internet about manufactured evidence can only be true. What other reason could there be?

    This has happened in case after case in Saskatoon. If he does receive a full disclosure, and a fair trial, how is the public to know if he received a fair trial or not. There have been so many documented travesties of justice in the past that resulted from the police and Crown not making a full disclosure and hiding behind a publication ban.

    I was under the understanding that Mr Hathway had a second lawyer representing him but he ended up in court without a lawyer again. What happened? Was a Queen’s Bench judge involved in anyway with Mr Hathway having this second lawyer appointed to represent him? If so, what was the judges name? Does Mr Hathway have a lawyer for the December 4 hearing?

    If the proceedings are corrupt, and everything that has happened up to this point looks like a repeat of past Saskatchewan justice travesties with a few different players then Mr Hathway needs all the help he can get. People who would like to help do not want to end up like the chap with a knife in his back on the opening page.