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Milgaard, Lucas and corrupt judges.

The David Milgaard inquiry in Saskatoon is exposing the cover-up by Saskatchewan Justice after he was found guilty of murder. He was no different then most teenagers of the time, a hippy experimenting with soft drugs passing through Saskatoon. He was the victim of a small city police service who‘s officers were poorly trained, without proper supervision and hired on the bases of their ability to push their weight around. Grade eight bullies unable to pass the RCMP requirements for joining the national police force.

This was typical of small city police forces of the time. Even some larger cities like Vancouver started cleaning up their police service years ago after pressure from the public. Saskatoon has failed to address the issue of corruption within the Saskatoon Police Service. If Saskatchewan justice had righted the wrong in jailing David Milgaard right after his conviction instead of covering it up for 23 years there may not have been a further cover-up in the Satanic Ritual child abuse cases in Saskatchewan.

David Milgaard was jailed for 23 years by idiots who advanced to become respected leaders and judges in Saskatchewan. They then engaged in a cover-up that kept Mr Milgaard in jail for 23 years. Is it any wonder that Saskatchewan Justice was able to cover-up the Satanic child abuse conviction of the Ross children’s parents and the rape of two eight year old twin girls. Saskatchewan justice will come out of the Milgaard inquiry smelling like roses and the trial lawyers and Saskatoon Police Service will again be dumped on just like the prosecutors and police officer after the 10 year cover-up by Saskatchewan justice in the Klassen ritual child abuse case.

I do not think anyone could argue that the best legal minds appointed to the bench in Canada were the returning solders from the two world wars. They are gone now and we are left with a hand full of corrupt judges fully experienced in covering up one travesty of justice after another in Saskatchewan.

Case commentaries provided by the Court of Queen's Bench of Saskatchewan posted on with respect to the trial of the children’s parents.

“The Judge also drew inferences of malice on the part of Miazga based on his approach, attitude and conduct throughout the preliminary hearings and the criminal trial in which the children gave evidence. These included how the medical evidence was presented to the judge, how expert witnesses were used to prop up an otherwise hopeless case, how evidence was excluded that would have helped the judge assess the credibility of the allegations, particularly the evidence of the videotaped interviews of the children.”

The Ross children’s parents were maliciously prosecuted by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services and the people involved then continued on to the Martensville and Klassen cases and again maliciously prosecuted innocent people. Saskatchewan Social Service advertised for a special foster home for the Ross children. They were not looking for a home with parents with experience in the medical problems of the children, they were looking for a home with parents experienced in the ritual sex abuse of children. If you are wondering what is ritual sex abuse of children then read the notes made by one of the parents in the Thompson special foster home, the Thompson papers. (Link to notes: injusticebusters below) Nothing would have changed the outcome of the Ross children’s parents malicious prosecution. Saskatchewan justice and social services personal and ministers were overcome by a religious hysteria.

After 16 months of Saskatchewan justice gagging the media, burying the evidence and attempting to get a conviction in the other cases the written judgement of the appeal of children’s parents conviction was upheld by the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Two judges up-held the conviction, had the third judge not agreed with the other two there would have been a risk of the people wondering if they were all nut cases who believed in sacrificing and eating babies. The only way out for Saskatchewan Justice was the Supreme Court of Canada ordering new trials and in good old Saskatchewan fashion stay the proceedings and continue to slander innocent people.

Saskatchewan justice withheld documents and tapes from the court proceedings and lied to and deceived the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. The strategy letter written by Terry Hinz to Wilfrid Tucker is an admission that Saskatchewan Justice lied and deceived the people of Saskatchewan.

“At this point it appears that the community response to the postering campaign is to treat these people as part of a lunatic fringe. If we prosecute, we run the risk of making them martyrs and giving them a soap box to generate further publicity for themselves. Additionally, it may well be that if charged they could subpoena prosecutors, police etc, as “defence” witnesses in an attempt to prove that their allegations are true. For all the foregoing reasons, everyone agrees we should not take action at this time. However, we should not announce publicly that that is our position.”

This is the same prosecutor that testified at the Klassen civil case when he was given the file by Brian Dueck, the police officer in charge of the investigation, after reading the file he was reminded of the Salem Witch trials and he refused to proceed with charges. It would seem that the Saskatchewan justice strategy changed between the time Mr Hinz wrote the letter and Justice Dovell announced that the Klassen case must proceed to trial. Saskatchewan justice’s new strategy was that Brian Dueck was going to be sacrificed and hung out to dry.

April 9, 1997
Mr. Hillson: — Mr. Speaker, a few years ago a criminal investigation in this province got so seriously off the rails that we had many people in this province and indeed throughout Canada believing that satanic child abuse was rampant in this province. How and why this happened was not part of the Court of Appeal case considered by our Court of Appeal, nor is it the focus of the present cases for malicious prosecution against our prosecutors. And of course the Martin inquiry was forbidden to look into this area.

Hon. Mr. Nilson:

Speculative comments were made in relation to possible ritual or satanic abuse from a number of different people called upon to comment. I don’t believe the Crown prosecutors ever characterized the abuse in this fashion, and no charges which supported so-called ritual or satanic activity were taken forward by the Crown. I ask that the members of this House be very careful in the facts that they state publicly before national television or anywhere else.

Some Hon. Members: Hear, hear!

There would have been a lot less, Here, Here’s had the members of the Saskatchewan Legislature been told the truth about the satanic child abuse cases and what happened to two 8 year old girls in the Thompson special foster home. There were members on both sides of the house who would not have been re-elected had the house and the public been told the truth.

Johanna Lucas was jailed after the satanic child abuse conviction of the Ross children’s parents. She picketed the Saskatoon Police Service. She claimed the 8 year old Ross twins were in danger and being raped in the Thompson special foster home.

Johanna Lucas was not the only one picketing. Christians were also picketing in Saskatoon. Their signs read “We believe the children”. The ritual abuse hysteria was a religious hysteria that resulted in the jailing of the Ross children's parents. Johanna Lucas was saying, look at the tapes of the children being interviewed by the police and read the notes of the foster parent not admitted into evidence at the trial.

The Christians were reacting to the hysteria rumours being fuelled by the media and Saskatchewan justice. Both Johanna Lucas and the Christians had a mutual concern for the safety of the Ross children. It was not the religious hysteria, it was the safety of the Ross children that people were concerned about. The people of Saskatchewan are being lied to by Saskatchewan justice and the October trial of John Lucas needs to be covered by the news media. The people have a right to hear the truth about corrupt judges in Saskatchewan.

The jailing of Johanna and John Lucas was a vicious misuse of the process of the court. Over 12 years of lies. The world will not come to an end by removing a hand full of corrupt judges from the bench in Saskatchewan. This should happen before the Klassen appeal, if the appeal is allowed to continue we can look forward to another corrupt judgement from the court of appeal who intend to blame it all on a police officer and two 8 year old girls the court left to be raped for four years.

The Thompson papers. Injusticebusters

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Considering your own constant battle with Dystonia, I find it amazing how you are able to concentrate on other matters… While I would like to believe that I can do the same thing, those closest to me, claim otherwise. Johanna has not updated her website since she took a time out to visit her family. That will be rectified shortly.

While I don’t disagree with Mr. Justice Baynton’s comments regarding Miazga, one must remember how he was trained. Mr. Kujawa, Richard Quinney & others who took on the job as Director of Public prosecutions, have systematically taught their prosecutor’s, to withhold that which they do not believe to be relevant in the first instance. The problem with that type of thinking is that the accused is often not even aware that the prosecutor has done so. Mr. Kalmakoff went out of his way to get his point on disclosure across on March 28th, but he never explained why the missing disclosure was not given up between 1993 & 1998, or that which was withheld between September 2003, to this present day. It should not be forgotten that D. Murray Brown, Q.C., is now the Executive Director OF Public Prosecutions & that Daryl Rayner, Q.C., is Director Of Prosecutors. Both of these men are of course responsible for Mr. Kalmakoff & Mr. Brown it must be remembered, went out of his way to personally represent Mr. Quinney’s estate, in Q.B. 271. All of Mr. Miazga’s superiors were aware that a full disclosure was not made in any of the related cases. Chasing down the line prosecutors for following orders may be commendable when dealing with war criminals, but why should those who instituted a policy of handing over disclosure only when the accused knew about it, get off the hook. They have corrupted the system and then left their own prosecutor out in the cold. Mr. Justice Baynton’s theory about what Quinney knew can easily be disproved. In February 1994, Mr. Richard Quinney ordered all of his prosecutors to send in the their files on Ross, Ross & White, plus the Kvello, Klassen matter, to Mr. McKillop. While there are other documents that show Mr. Quinney was aware of what was occurring prior that time, let’s stick with February, 1994. Mr. Quinney from that point on, allowed his lawyers to use scandalous, frivolous & vexatious, regarding the allegations involving what occurred with the Ross girls. That was both sick and corrupt.