Sunday, July 31, 2005

Yelling for justice - Wilfred Hathway

If Wilfred Hathway keeps making all that noise in court it will be the Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Kyle, Madam Justice Dovell and G A Smith gang to the rescue. The political puppets, hearsay, gag orders, publishing bans, secret court judges of the Court of Queens Bench are not going to put up with Hathway demanding justice in a Saskatchewan court room.

There is only one reason for gag orders and publishing bans in Saskatchewan, ask Milgaard, the Klassen’s, the Kvello’s, John Lucas, Johanna Lucas, Donald Ross, Helen Ross, Donald White, Sheila Steele, the Sterling’s, Popowich, Peter Klassen, Travis Sterling and how many others we don‘t know about as a result of Saskatchewan injustice.We the tax payers paid $25,000.00 to the RCMP in the Hathway case, we have a right to know how our money was spent. If all of the above people had made as much noise as Wilfred Hathway is making at their preliminary hearings, we the tax payers would not have had to pay for the 10 year milt-million dollar court proceedings, and the million dollar payouts as a result of publishing bans and gag orders to keep the public from knowing how corrupt the administration of justice is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I live in the south part of the city, I can not hear you Wilfred Hathway, yell louder please, the louder you yell for justice the more people will hear you, and join you. If you get yourself a bullhorn, maybe Don Morgan and Frank Quennell will hear you in Regina.

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