Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dystonia: Ryan Farrington is a 17 year old inspiration for Dystonia suffers world wide.

Sun online: Brave Ryan's Olympic bid By JOHN SCOTT

Sunday, April 9, 2006 Breaking News: A mothers story.


Admin said...

Hi James,
He is a INSPIRATION just like you are to the bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly
The story has a great interest for me. One of my heroes growing up in Vancouver was a runner named Harry Winston Jerome. Ryan Farrington in a way was lucky, he knew what was causing his muscle pain, back in the forties nothing was known about Dystonia.

I could run like the wind for a short distance, I was the anchor runner in relay races during my school years. Playing baseball I could not make it past second base.

In the late eighties I had a exercise bike in my living room. One winter day after three days twisted up in pain I was so bored and needed a distraction from the pain and muscle seizers I pulled myself on to the exercise bike. I could peddle it if I leaned forward and rested my arms on the handle bars.

I went on a hunt for a one speed old styled peddle bike and started riding it when I was unable to walk. I would go from telephone pole to pole hanging on until the pain eased up to allow me to continue. I always started into the wind, the wind was what got me back home. By the end of summer I could ride anywhere I wanted and returned to part time work.

When I seen the doctor in Vancouver I was in my chair and told the doctor that I could ride a bike. When he told me he knew of others with dystonia that can ride a bike, run and not be able to walk and walk perfectly backwards and not be able to walk forward I was no longer alone.

Like Ryan Farrington I am in the 10 per cent of dystonia suffers who respond dramatically to the drug dopamine. The effects took effect within half an hour of my taking the medication.

I am going to continue to expose Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell. They are judicial misfits who think they are above the law. I will seek justice for myself and my mother, the Ross children and Johanna Lucas and do my part in seeing that judges who left two 8 year old girls to be raped and who persecuted Johanna Lucas are removed from the bench.

Admin said...

Hi James,
I think if Ryan meets you, he would be proud of the injustices you are exposing! Take care my friend!