Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilfred Hathway: Who is in charge in this court room?

The legal folly hopefully has been ended. It is very clear who is in charge in the court room, Judge Sheila Whelan.

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix is providing excellent coverage of the hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. The evidence is banned from publication, this is normal, what is not normal is the extent of the publication ban that relies on new terrorism legislation enacted after 9/11. This leaves the news media to report on the antics and entertaining banter between the prosecutor, Brent Klause, and Richard Klassen.

Mr Hathway has also had his moments in court. He has asked that the evidence not be subject to a publication ban. He at one point was yelling for justice when it was discovered the Crown was withholding evidence. He has called a witness a liar. This could be a response to evidence withheld by the Crown that his lawyer knows nothing about. I do not find anything that Mr Hathway has had to say in court entertaining. He is the only participant in this very entertaining legal folly that seems to have a valid understandable reason for his behaviour in court. He is demanding a fair hearing and his behaviour in court supports his claim of innocence.

Judge Whelan has said: “Everyone realizes there is a lot at stake here.” No one! would realise that after reading the news reports. It is a fact that had it not been for the banter between Mr Klause and Mr Klassen there would have been very little information not subject to the publication ban for the media to report.

Judge Whelan is right in saying, “there is a lot at stake here.” The RCMP Mr Big sting has been used in the past and has resulted in some very questionable convictions. Is there a large difference between the evidence in this case that the media is not allowed to report and the evidence in the previous cases because of the new terrorism legislation? There is a lot at stake here, it is not the new terrorism legislation, it is Mr Hathway’s right to a fair trial and anyone that follows him.

What are the better odds of becoming a millionaire in Saskatchewan, buying a lottery ticket or being charged by Saskatchewan Justice? Keep yelling, Mr Hathway.

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