Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hathway W5, John Lucas: Up-date

John Lucas
Next hearing: Tuesday, April 25th at 11 AM.
This should be the next Saskatchewan injustice exposed on W5.

With the W5 program about Wilfrid Hathway he should receive a fair trial in the City of Injustice and corruption. The question is how many millions will the Hathway case cost the tax payers of Saskatchewan?

The people of Saskatchewan need to start demanding a full public inquiry into the administration of justice in Saskatoon. The inquiry will cost less then the damages for Mr Hathway, the Ross children, Johanna Lucas, John Lucas and all the others persecuted and maliciously prosecuted in Saskatoon.

We need a newspaper in Saskatoon. The Saskatoon StarPhoenix by any stretch of the imagination can not be called a newspaper. One injustice after another and the people of Saskatoon have to get the news from injusticebusters, national news papers, Fifth Estate and W5.

A judicial stay of proceeding in the Hathway and John Lucas case will save the people of Saskatchewan millions in damages. Clean up the corruption in Saskatoon and get the corrupt officers of the court and judges out of the courts.

John Lucas

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