Sunday, October 30, 2005

Milgaard Inquiry: Send Commissioner MacCallum back to Alberta.

The Milgaard Inquiry was headline news in Saskatoon on October 26 when I boarded a plane for Vancouver. When I arrived in Vancouver a few hours later it was reduced to a two inch article in the back pages in the Vancouver Sun. I asked people if they had heard the news about the Milgaard Inquiry and I was told “we have our own atrocities”. This is true across the country.

Saskatoon has been the source of headline news across Canada for years and years. One judicial atrocity after the other, it is just not news anymore. One inquiry after the other in Canada and no one is held accountable. It is a process that has failed to hold anyone accountable that places the administration of justice into disrepute in the eyes of the public.

David Milgaard held a press conference in Saskatoon to bring to the publics attention that two men wrongly convicted are having to go through the same nightmare as he did. This is the reason for Commissioners MacCallum saying: “Mr Milgaard arranged to use this very hearing room, paid for at public expense, to publicly undermine the work of the inquiry, an inquiry he himself demanded, and to threaten the commission with the stigma of popular disapproval should it have the temerity to subpoena him as a witness.”

Canada is known around the world as a Country where children are molested and sexually assaulted. After David Milgaard was jailed Canada was also known for gang raping children in our jails. It started with David Milgaard. Canadians continue to make humours comments about this. When a Saskatoon Police Officer wrote an article for the Saskatoon StarPhoenix detailing how officers would abandon Aboriginals on the outskirts of Saskatoon this was also a great source of knee slapping laughter. Who is laughing now?

The angry attitude of commissioner McCallum clearly shows that this man just does not get it. He is not concerned with getting at the truth, his only concern is the public image of the court and the administration of justice. There are not very many Canadians who have any faith left in the administration of justice. Time after time we have been witness to judges desperately trying to protect a failing administration of justice by threatening lawyers and others who have the courage to speak out about the atrocities happening daily in Canadian court rooms.

Past inquires have found the withholding of documents and evidence by the Crown as a major cause of wrongful convictions. As the Milgaard Inquiry continues in Saskatoon a hearing for Wilfred Hathway has been delayed as a result of the Crown withholding evidence. The John Lucas case in Saskatoon the Crown has been withholding documents for two years. It is past time that judges started protecting Canadians from a corrupt system by issuing judicial stays.

As much as I would have liked to see a big smile on the face of Joyce Milgaard at the end of the inquiry this is not going to happen. Compare the photo of David Milgaard and his mother on the front page of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix to the photo of David Milgaard when he was released from prison. He was a walking zombie. It is just not worth it to risk continuing on with this inquiry. There is enough evidence to write a report on what went wrong, it is very similar to the past inquires and nothing was done to correct any of the causes as we are seeing with the Lucas and Hathway cases in Saskatoon. Saskatoon has the most corrupt judicial system in Canada. When are we going to have an inquiry into the administration of justice in Saskatchewan? Blaming it on 8 year old girls and Saskatoon Police Officers is just not good enough.

Any hope I had of an unbiased report by commissioner McCallum ended with his angry response to the David Milgaard press release. A Newfoundland defence lawyer, Jerome Kennedy, said it best, he was disappointed the Lamer Inquiry into the justice system would not be examining the role of judges, and "It's the trial judges, some of whom don't know what they are doing," and "Part of it is as a result of political appointments. Part of this is as a result of intentional or unintentional biases."

Political appointments to the bench in Canada has resulted in a corrupt administration of justice. This could not be any clearer then in Saskatoon. The Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon is corrupt, it is well documented and the open corruption continues as no one is accountable, and Canadians could care less.

If David Milgaard is required to testify his mother needs to stand up, with her head held high slowly walk out. I have never heard of anything as stupid and uncaring as requiring Mr Milgaard to testify.

Join the discussion on the David Milgaard Blog

Yes, we should be ashamed of ourselves. By CathiefromCanada


Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilfred Hathway: Who is in charge in this court room?

The legal folly hopefully has been ended. It is very clear who is in charge in the court room, Judge Sheila Whelan.

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix is providing excellent coverage of the hearing to determine if there is enough evidence to go to trial. The evidence is banned from publication, this is normal, what is not normal is the extent of the publication ban that relies on new terrorism legislation enacted after 9/11. This leaves the news media to report on the antics and entertaining banter between the prosecutor, Brent Klause, and Richard Klassen.

Mr Hathway has also had his moments in court. He has asked that the evidence not be subject to a publication ban. He at one point was yelling for justice when it was discovered the Crown was withholding evidence. He has called a witness a liar. This could be a response to evidence withheld by the Crown that his lawyer knows nothing about. I do not find anything that Mr Hathway has had to say in court entertaining. He is the only participant in this very entertaining legal folly that seems to have a valid understandable reason for his behaviour in court. He is demanding a fair hearing and his behaviour in court supports his claim of innocence.

Judge Whelan has said: “Everyone realizes there is a lot at stake here.” No one! would realise that after reading the news reports. It is a fact that had it not been for the banter between Mr Klause and Mr Klassen there would have been very little information not subject to the publication ban for the media to report.

Judge Whelan is right in saying, “there is a lot at stake here.” The RCMP Mr Big sting has been used in the past and has resulted in some very questionable convictions. Is there a large difference between the evidence in this case that the media is not allowed to report and the evidence in the previous cases because of the new terrorism legislation? There is a lot at stake here, it is not the new terrorism legislation, it is Mr Hathway’s right to a fair trial and anyone that follows him.

What are the better odds of becoming a millionaire in Saskatchewan, buying a lottery ticket or being charged by Saskatchewan Justice? Keep yelling, Mr Hathway.

Some comments on the Wilfred Hathway case.

"Cough 'em up Klause. Cough 'em up,"

Yelling for justice - Wilfred Hathway

Hathway case and the media.

Wilfred Hathway: Was the confession voluntary?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Can it be true? There is a more effective legal pain medication?

I have not heard of this legal prescription medication. What are the side effects compared to say Oxycontin or Morphine? The side effects of these medications are horrendous.

I know that it is not pot, this medication is known to reduce pain. The side effects enhance the quality of life for the disabled like three talks a day on the large white porcelain telephone to three meals a day, pot also ends the daily finger pull and the need for a new toilet plunger every bloody month.

The name of this mystery medication is being kept secret from doctors and Health Canada by a somewhat secret organization in Ottawa that Canadian know very little about. Where are our MP’s when we need them? Don’t answer that, I am very sorry for asking.

I have read a official document from this secret organization where the members clearly state that this medication is available in Canada and yet my doctors know nothing about it. Some people have heard rumours about this medication for a few years now. This is important news for all people suffering in pain, not only in Canada but the world. In the past the Government of Canada has shared new medications developed by the people of Canada without cost to the world. This was done at a time when the people and the Government of Canada had some control over prescription medications. I still see no reason for it not being made available to the few Canadians that could still afford it.

I have listed the references made about this unknown medication by the members of this secret organization along with the page numbers. There may be more as I have not finished reading.

"more effective pain medication" line 73 page146.
"better pain management was available" line 128 page 148.
"more effective pain medication" line 325, page 152.
Better pain management was available" line 652, page 160.
"more effective pain medication" line 661, page 160.

I know, I know don’t yell at me. When someone repeats the same thing over and over and when a group of people state the same thing, as has happened here, word for word, exactly the same, it must be a load of crap. I would agree, no question about it, it looks like this is a load of crap.

The organization is secret but its members claim to be honourable men and women. What possible reason could there be to deceive the people of Canada. I can not think of a motive for them to not tell the truth especially when it would benefit so many who are suffering in pain.

They have been asked many times for the name of this medication and have refused to respond. This is normal in Canada. This would not in itself be a reason to question the truth of honourable men and women. These same honourable men and women are in charge of another extremely secretive organization and again have refused to answer very simple questions like, how much and how have you spent the tax payers money? Their continued silence has resulted in more serious questions. If the same questions had been asked in Canada as little as forty years ago it would have resulted in newspaper headlines in the type size reserved for the return of Jesus.

There is this man in Canada who was convicted of killing his severely disabled daughter. There was no question about his love, his commitment or the loving bond they shared together and as a family. There was no support, nothing, except from within the family and the loving bond he shared with her. He watched his daughter every day of her life, at times in unbearable pain and she was waiting for yet another operation. He could do nothing to take her pain and suffering away. There is no question, everyone is in agreement, including the honourable men and women. If he had the pain medication for his daughter these honourable men and women have sole knowledge of his daughter would be alive to-day.

These same honourable men and women up-held a ten year prison sentence on the grounds that he had access to this medication and he knowingly kept this medication from his daughter.

I have a question, who in hell is accountable for this? It would be nice if I could get an answer before the next election. Give us a reason to vote, before a law that forces us to vote.

The Robert Latimer Tracy Latimer Website

Canadian Justice Review Board

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Curtis Malinowski Scam: Update

The CTV Thread about the Curtis Malinowski scams has been removed from the CTV W5 forum. This I would think is on legal advice as Mr Malinowski ‘s trial begins in Saskatoon in early November. I have placed a link to The Holub Family Home below. I also placed a link to some background information by Alan Fryer, Special to Updated: Sat. Apr. 30 2005 but just after posting this information it was also removed.

There has been excellent news coverage by CTV, Global and other news outlets about the Malinowski scams and I would think that the trial will be reported as it proceeds in Saskatoon. Mr Malinowski is entitled to a fair trial, the people have a right to see that justice is done. Who better to do this then CTV W5 and Global News. - False Prophet- CTV News.

The Holub Family Home

: Reporting Economic Crime On-Line

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

RCMP online Gazette: The brainwashed Christians are at it again

Warning to parents in Canada

The brainwashed Christians are at it again. There are Christians who believe in the 10 commandments and there are those Christians who have been brainwashed from birth about Satan, the devil and the evil of sex. They are not out to help the thousands of children dying as a result of hunger, medical sanctions, war or aids in Africa.

The RCMP web site has a link to an article (Vol. 67, Issue 1 2005) entitled, “Ritual abuse/torture” published in the RCMP online Gazette. There were many innocent people in Canada who had their lives destroyed during the Ritual Sex Abuse of children hysteria in the 80’s and early 90’s.

The falsely accused were not the only victims, the forgotten children who were manipulated and used by the authorities are victims, just as the falsely accused are victims. Many of the children were foster children, many with medical problems that produced systems of unusual sexual behaviour. They were not possessed by the devil. They were children that needed help, medical help, they did not get it. These children are now adults, their children are wards of the court and their children are now at risk. There is one thing that was common to all the cases, the children were used and abused by people in authority who claimed to be Christians saving the children from Satanists who were sacrificing babies and children. The other thing in common with these people was their gullibility.

The latest hysteria is gaining acceptance with devil worshiping gullible Christians in the UK. As was the SRA hysteria it is being promoted by the media in the UK. It sells newspapers, it is being promoted on web sites by the sale of books written by self proclaimed experts. It is a repeat of the Ritual Sex Abuse hysterias only this time it is black children being exploited along with the so-called Christians.

Christians need to start returning to the churches and voting. It is wrong to cram our religion down the throats of all Canadians. This “Ritual abuse/torture” article has no place on and should not be promoted on the RCMP web site. If you agree your MP’s email address is here: List of Members of the House of Commons

Monday, October 17, 2005

CORNWALL PUBLIC INQUIRY: Deadline for Standing/Funding October 25

Applications for standing and/or funding should be submitted to the Inquiry by delivering a copy either to our office in Cornwall at the address set out below or by e-mail at by no later than 5:00 p.m. on October 25, 2005.

Do not let your lack of faith in our justice system prevent you from applying for standing and/or funding. If you are denied standing or funding without a justifiable reason you will not be the only one to know about it. It will be published by the Commission and reported in the media.

Information on applying is here: NOTICE OF HEARING

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Give us a reason to vote

I was recently criticized for speaking out about the injustice suffered by myself and my 86 year old mother. She has had three past strokes, she is not capable of speaking out on her own behalf. Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell are corrupt judges. I am not the first one to say this and I will continue saying this as it is the truth. They were both the subject of insults and accusations directed at them on the internet before I posted anything.

There are other people like my mother who are unable to speak out because of their circumstances. In the case of John Lucas, he was silenced by a court gag order issued by Justice Hrabinsky’s friend Justice Kyle. The Crown was not asking for a gag order, if the Crown saw no reason for a gag order why would Justice Kyle?

I also found that two 8 year old girls in the care and control of the government of Saskatchewan were left to be raped with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and that for the past 12 years the only ones speaking out on behalf of the girls has been John and Johanna Lucas. They have been jailed and persecuted for over 12 years by Justice Hrabinsky and his friends. As I researched I wondered if I was reading about judges and a court or some perverted sickness? The last trial judge removed himself from the Lucas case. It is over two years from the time Mr Lucas was charged. It would seem that the delay is because Justice Hrabinsky is running out of Queen’s Bench friends willing to fix the outcome of the trial.

Mr Lucas was recently slandered on the internet again. It is being done by people who used the children for their own financial gain, take the money and run. Fact is had it not been for Johanna and John Lucas picketing to bring to the publics attention that the girls were in danger and in need of help they would not have seen a dime. Two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months. Enjoy the money.

I wrote to Don Morgan the Saskatchewan Party Justice critic and I detailed how a Saskatoon lawyer and former law partner of Justice Dovell blackmailed a Saskatoon homeowner. He wrote back saying that there was no great plan to defraud the public. Just the other day he was in the news and again going on about some other conspiracy of his making. There is no conspiracy, it is done openly and is well documented. This is Mr Morgan’s way of avoiding doing anything, he discredits people who contact him by claims of a conspiracy and a great plan to defraud the public. The Saskatchewan Party’s failure as the official opposition party is as well documented as the corruption in Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell’s court.

I also contacted my MP Carol Skelton, she was concerned and did all the right things, after talking to others who had contacted her for help over the years she also did the right things for them. She needs to start telling people who voted for her and who come to her for help that there is nothing she can do to help. She was concerned, no question about that, the fact is that there is nothing she can do, and this goes for any MP, not just Carol.

What is being done by justice Hrabinsky and Dovell to me and my mother is sick and perverted. What was done to Johanna Lucas by Justice Hrabinsky, corrupt prosecutors and police officers is not the only reason Saskatoon is going to have a lasting black eye.

Two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months with the full knowledge of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, all of the people in charge of two 8 year old wards of the court left them to be raped in Saskatoon. When Johanna Lucas picketed to let the public know she was gagged and jailed. Saskatoon is the only city in Canada where the open documented corruption within the prosecutors office, justice Hrabinsky and Dovell’s court and the Saskatchewan administration of justice is accepted. It is the only city in Canada where a citizen can stand in the Court of Queen’s Bench and state that the court is corrupt and not have one word said by the judge or prosecutor, complete silence. Maxwell Smart would be proud of this court.

I do not have words that would describe what was done to two eight year old girls. I do not have the words to describe anyone that would allow this to happen to children, or anyone that did nothing to help the children or protected people who knowingly allowed it. I do not know what was on John Lucas’s picket sign, he is charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. If anyone took the time to look at and read the material documented what Mr Lucas had on his sign about Justice Hrabinsky would have been understated. I am a disabled X truck driver, limited education and vocabulary and lack the words to properly describe a piece of crap.

When making inquiries about Justice Dovell on more then one occasion the first thing said was “she does not like men.” That’s a great quality for a family court judge. I have this sick angry women judge slandering me, lying about me, cooking up court orders and she does it in a complete vacuum of any accountability and I am expected to not say anything.

That is the reason two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months in Saskatoon. No one had the collective brains and backbones to help them. What I have to say about these two jackass judges is true. I am in no way discrediting the court, nor am I in anyway placing the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public by telling the truth. It is honourable judges who have silently watched a hand full of corrupt judges in Saskatoon as they openly destroy the lives of innocent people, the elderly and the disabled that places the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public.

Not many people had the courage to speak out about the injustice in Saskatchewan and those that did were dealt with by Saskatchewan Justice in a manned that can best be described as belonging in a police state. As long as I am able I will continue to post on the internet as many other Canadians are doing. I will continue to support originations like the Canadian Justice Review Board and other originations in Canada working hard for Canadians.

It is past time that our elected MP and MLA’s started doing the same, the Canadian Justice Review Board is doing their jobs for them, they can afford to send a generous donation monthly to the Canadian Justice Review Board on behalf of citizens who voted for them. Give us a reason to vote.

Cross Posted to: The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


These updates will be provided to you regularly and will consist of the most current news releases and other information about the Inquiry. It is important to the Commission that information about the Inquiry is easily accessible and readily available to the public. The most current information - as well as all archived documents - is also available on the Commission's website at

Once the hearings begin, the website will continue to be regularly updated. Daily transcripts will be posted on the website and will also be available to read each day onsite, at the Commission offices: 709 Cotton Mill Street, Cornwall, Ontario.

Inquiries can be made by contacting the Commission at or by calling (613) 938-2461 or sending a fax to (613) 938-7463.

Press Release
Notice of Hearing
Notice of Hearing

Monday, October 10, 2005

A Criminal Waste of Time and Money

I will be very interested in following your comments and observations on the Cornwall Inquiry.
Thanks for linking to my web site, D'Amour Road.
As always, best of luck with your struggle. And Happy Thanksgiving :-)

Hi Sigrid

Thank you, and a happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone.

I will place a link on my site for anyone in Canada seeking justice and/or exposing corruption and injustice.

The Cornwall Inquiry hopefully will be a template to follow for other jurisdictions in Canada. In Saskatchewan stays of proceeding, the appeal of the Kvello v. Miazag case, the continuing 12 year persecution of John Lucas and the appeal in the case of one of the Vopni children is A Criminal Waste of Time and Money.

The remaining claimants in the Martensville satanic child abuse case were in Chambers in Saskatoon last Friday. We should be hearing shortly how many millions more this has cost. This leaves the Kvello v. Miazag appeal, the John Lucas case and Q. B. No. 504 of 2001.

Q. B. No. 504 is the Claim of Kathleen Jessica Ross and Michell Mimi Ross v. Brian Dueck, Carol Bunko-Ruys, Board of Police Commissioners of The City of Saskatoon, Province of Saskatchewan, et al.

The Ross twins were used and abused, not only by the Defendants, everyone involved with them, including the wrongly accused, judges, lawyers, doctors and what I find most disturbing the media and the Fifth Estate Scandal of The Century Documentary.

Johanna Lucas was arrested for picketing in front of the Saskatoon Police Station in September, 1993. She was not in anyway involved in the satanic child abuse cases, nor was she picketing to expose the injustice suffered by the people wrongfully charged. She was not suing for damages and there was nothing to be gained personally by her picketing. At the time that she was picketing no one in Saskatoon would have believed what was on her picket sign. It was unthinkable, this could not happen in Saskatoon. A subject so incredible and distasteful that most people would have found it difficult, if not impossible to comprehend.

Her husband John Lucas picketed the following day, he had much the same information on his picket sign as had his wife the day before. He was arrested, they both were placed under court gag orders and were charged with defaming a Saskatoon Police Officer. Mr Lucas was not involved in any way with the child abuse cases and like his wife he did have a reason for picketing, it was not to defame a Saskatoon police officer.

Jailing innocent people who spoke out about judicial corruption that resulted in children being left to be raped should not have happen anywhere in Canada. There is a high cost to pay for judicial corruption and the silence of honourable judges who have failed to protect the independence of the judiciary and the Rule of Law in Saskatchewan. The claim that prosecutors, social workers and police officers perpetrated a fraud on the Court of Queen’s Bench is nothing but hogwash. The abuse of power by a hand full of corrupt judges using the court and the law for their personal vendettas against innocent people, myself included, needs to end in Saskatoon.

Mr Luca's lawyer spoke out about the injustice at his Saskatchewan appeal and his lawyer was told in the Court of Appeal to, “sit down! shut up, and do not say another word”. I will never forget the look on Clayton Ruby’s face when during my researching I watched the video of the Supreme Court of Canada appeal in the Lucas case. I watched as the existing law that was debated and enacted after being subject to the democratic process in the House of Commons by elected MP’s was twisted and changed in the manner used by spin doctors into a law that suited the Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada and Saskatchewan Justice. Another nail in the coffin of freedom of speech in Canada, another insult to Canadians, lawyers and judges included, elected MP‘s and the democratic process by the Justices of the Supreme Court of Canada. This was not the first time.

Patriation Reference (1981):

… “they [the Supreme Court] blatantly manipulated the evidence before them so as to arrive at the desired result. Then they wrote a judgement which tried to lend a fig-leaf of legality to their preconceived conclusion” …
Pierre Trudeau - March 1991

The fact that elected MP’s have failed for years to speak out about corruption within the courts and government of Canada makes we wonder if they are shown a backbenchers seat and told to, “sit down! shut up, and do not say another word.”

The Cornwall Inquiry is the beginning of a healing process. Saskatchewan politicians, provincial and federal can not continue to hide behind the autonomy of the court system and claim an inability to intervene. This is a sad system we have when elected officials can shrug their shoulders and wash their hands of the plight of common citizens. The victims of injustice in Saskatchewan are also deserving of a full judicial inquiry.

I have a lot to be thankful for, the list is endless, I have rented my basement suite, I was able to pay off some of my house tax arrears and my wheels on wheels bill, my trip at the end of the month to the Vancouver Hospital at UBC has been paid for, I live in a great country.

Friday, October 07, 2005

R v. Lucas - next Pre-Trial Conference - December 9, 2005

The next R v. Lucas Pre-Trial Conference date is December 9th, 2005. In December it will be about 24 months that Mr Lucas has been silenced by the Court of Queen’s Bench gag order.

The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005 Home Page

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Cornwall Ontario Public Inquiry

I am going to follow The Cornwall Ontario Public Inquiry into the Ritual Abuse/Sex-ring Case. Information about this case is documented on the web site. A Public Inquiry into the Satanic Child abuse cases in Saskatoon and Martensville is what should have happened in Saskatchewan. So many innocent lives destroyed, careers ended and millions paid out in damages. After over 15 years of hiding the truth the Saskatchewan nightmare is going to be blamed on to a Saskatoon Police officer and two 8 year old girls. It is not to late for a full public inquiry.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Should Parliament be asked to ratify appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada?

580 CFRA - News Talk Radio

October 3, 2005
Should Parliament be asked to ratify appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada?

October 4th, 2005
Should Parliament be asked to ratify appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada?
Total Votes: 381

580 CFRA - News Talk Radio

CTV Forums - Curtis Malinowski Scam - Volunteers Needed in Saskatoon

CTV Forums - Curtis Malinowski Scam
Volunteers Needed to gather Media Coverage of Trial
Trial starts on Monday Nov. 7th in the Court of the Queen's Bench, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for 3 weeks

Injustice in The First-degree - John Lucas

John Lucas has a October 7th, 2005, Pre-Trial Conference. Watch for up-dates.
The Persecution of John Lucas 1993 - 2005

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank you Holly

Holly said...
Hi Star Chamber Proceedings,
I find this all very interesting and informative. Thank you for letting Canadians know about the injustices. Take care
chat soon James

Canadians are so busy working to pay taxes and raise their families that they do not have the time to read about the injustice within the administration of justice in Canada. When I first started posting there were no responses and this was discouraging. I continued after finding your site, injusticebusters, Dirty Justice and the many other internet sites that collectively are making a difference in Canada. My blog is a spoke on a rolling wheel gaining speed to justice in Canada. I believe that the web sites of ordinary working class Canadians seeking and exposing injustice need to be organised and linked together in support of internet sites like the Canadian Justice Review Board. My blog is exposing injustice, corrupt lawyers and judges in Saskatoon. The corruption extends to the highest levels within the administration of justice in Canada. I am exposing injustice on my blog from the bottom up, the Canadian Justice Review Board it is exposing corruption from the top down. If there is going to be change in Canada it can only come from the top down.

Canadians are posting and Blogging their stories of injustice in increasing numbers, it is discouraging at first when they see that they have joined hundreds of their fellow Canadians Blogging for justice. It is sites like yours Holly, injusticebusters and the stories of courage that give Canadians hope.

I have been persecuted for over 5 years now by corrupt lawyers and judges. I have a friend with my power of attorney who deals with the lawyers, my lawyers can do nothing for fear of retaliation, this has cost me over $16.000.00 in lawyers fees most of it being borrowed money. I have been put into the hospital, left crawling on the floor of the court house after my doctors letters were dismissed as hearsay. I have resisted going on to welfare. I used the utilities and house tax money to travel to the Vancouver Hospital in July to see a movement disorders doctor at UBC. I have just survived another court motion with no other propose then to again run my legal bill up.

My lawyer asked me to contact my doctor for a letter for the court and I did not know how to ask him. I sent a email to my friend and he faxed the below email to my doctor. I removed my doctors names.

My lawyer has asked me in a letter to supply the following:

“Please provide us with any medical documents to support your argument that you are too disabled to attend court.”

I have never made a claim that I am too disabled to attend court. I can, and I have been at all the court procedures. I was at the pre-trial with my head close to being on my right shoulder, Dr --------’s letter to the court asking for a postponement until after my Botox injection was ignored. This is not some lame excuse to avoid court. I was at emergency getting a morphine injection after court.

I arrived at the first trial and ended up on the court house floor for about twenty minutes. My eyes were closed, I was twisted up in pain unable to get up. I am expected to represent myself? The pain, nausea and muscle seizures left me unable to function, I had very little control over my movements, the more I twisted up, the more pain I was in leaving me unable to communicate. I can not find the right words to speak. It is not short term memory loss. It only makes my pain worse when I am not allowed to use my knowledge to control my disability. People helping by wanting to phone an ambulance and the like does not help me. When I can not communicate that I do not need an ambulance, I need to be left alone so I can relax and use my knowledge to control my disability. For me to be placed in a situation that I am not capable of doing because of my disability is fighting and devastating.

I was turned down by legal aid. At the second trial I asked the court for a representative. This was supported by your letter (my doctor) and a letter from Dr ------- both in support of a representative. The judge dismissed your letter and Dr -------'s letter as here say and demanded that I represent myself. I am unable to represent myself. I can also not be placed in a situation where I know my health will be in jeopardy. I know what would have happened to me if Gerry did not get me out of the court room.

Gerry ---- has expressed his concerns to me about my going to court again. He said “I am afraid of what will happen to you in court.” I will go to court, there is no reason that I can not go to court, my disability does not prevent me going to court, it prevents me from representing myself.

I do not know why I can not represent myself. I do not understand what happens to me. I do know what helps, I have learned this, and in some cases the hard way over the years. I have learned what to do and what not to do. At times over the past 5 years I have been in pain that was unbearable, I have woken up on the floor and in bed laying in yellow vomit and urine unable to move because of seized muscles and leg, lower back, neck and head pain.

One morning last week when I wore up at 3 AM I was freezing in bed, I was sweating all over, sometimes it is just my head and fore arms that are sweating, I was going to be sick, I was unable to move my head, any head movement caused neck pain, my lower legs and feet were numb with a burning pain, same for my fore arms and now I am unable to move my arms without pain. I twisting up and this twisting up is what increases my pain, I vomited in the bed again.

There was no point in my phoning for help, even if I was able to, I would have killed for a morphing injection when I woke up. If I can get out of bed and move around this helps. When I started to twist up in bed it is the same as what happened to me in the court house. It has been happening to me to some degree all my life. Many times in the past I have spent up to three days in bed unable to move. I have crawled around on the floor for three days unable to get into bed or my wheelchair. There is nothing a doctor can do to help me except to prescribe morphine that leaves me fatigued and feeling sick. What is difficult for me is not my knowing that I have Torsion Dystonia and that there is no cure, it is that I feel that no one gives a damn about my grandchildren and their future.

I need a lawyer in court, if the order stays as it is I will lose everything that I paid for and my only means of supporting myself, my house. It is not just the injustice of having my assets sold. Where will I go, how will I pack my belongings, how will I move, I have no money, my income is $340.00 plus under $200.00 per month from welfare. I will be on the floor in the court house without a lawyer, and with a lawyer if the order stands I will be on the floor laying in yellow vomit and urine again. Without help from a medical doctor willing to write a detailed report for the court saying why my disability leaves me unable to represent myself I do not know what I can do. The lawyer is asking for a report saying why I can not attend court, if I am represented by a lawyer I do not see why I can not attend and I want to be in court. I will have some problems going to court, I have problems going anywhere, but I can just go into the hall if I need too.

Gerry, I do not see why I would have to detail to the doctor why I can not represent myself in court. I think this will be plain to him.

My doctor supplied an affidavit below for my lawyer that was filed in court.

3. Mr. Hunter suffers from neurological disorder known as idiopathic torsion dystonia.

4. Mr. Hunter's condition has not responded to a wide variety of treatments.

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5. The condition manifests itself as asymmetric contractures of the neck, spine and limbs which cause impairment to Mr. Hunter's posture and movement. These contractures are frequently very painful. The severity of the contractures is variable and is exacerbated by psychological stress.

6. I am able to provide the opinion that while Mr. Hunter may be able to attend at Court, the stress of the proceedings can cause Mr. Hunter painful contractures which will render him incapable of testifying.

Hopefully my days of crawling around on the court house floor are over. My doctor in Vancouver said that there has been some success for dystonia suffers with a new procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation. Holly! They drill two holes into my brain when I am awake, I would have to have holes in my head to even consider this. I have been referred to another doctor at the Vancouver Hospital at UBC and have an appointment on October 27th. I am on welfare and waiting to see if my trip to the Hospital in Vancouver will be paid for. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have tried to not get into this all judges, police officers, social workers, politicians and lawyers are corrupt in Canada. This is just not true. Many of them are leaving the professions across Canada, without the support of Canadians many more will follow leaving an increasing rotten core.

This is all your fault Holly, you and those people at injusticebusters and all the others that have given me hope by Blogging for justice. I will wheel my chair to Vancouver if I have to. Thank you.

Holly's Fight for Justice