Tuesday, October 18, 2005

RCMP online Gazette: The brainwashed Christians are at it again

Warning to parents in Canada

The brainwashed Christians are at it again. There are Christians who believe in the 10 commandments and there are those Christians who have been brainwashed from birth about Satan, the devil and the evil of sex. They are not out to help the thousands of children dying as a result of hunger, medical sanctions, war or aids in Africa.

The RCMP web site has a link to an article (Vol. 67, Issue 1 2005) entitled, “Ritual abuse/torture” published in the RCMP online Gazette. There were many innocent people in Canada who had their lives destroyed during the Ritual Sex Abuse of children hysteria in the 80’s and early 90’s.

The falsely accused were not the only victims, the forgotten children who were manipulated and used by the authorities are victims, just as the falsely accused are victims. Many of the children were foster children, many with medical problems that produced systems of unusual sexual behaviour. They were not possessed by the devil. They were children that needed help, medical help, they did not get it. These children are now adults, their children are wards of the court and their children are now at risk. There is one thing that was common to all the cases, the children were used and abused by people in authority who claimed to be Christians saving the children from Satanists who were sacrificing babies and children. The other thing in common with these people was their gullibility.

The latest hysteria is gaining acceptance with devil worshiping gullible Christians in the UK. As was the SRA hysteria it is being promoted by the media in the UK. It sells newspapers, it is being promoted on web sites by the sale of books written by self proclaimed experts. It is a repeat of the Ritual Sex Abuse hysterias only this time it is black children being exploited along with the so-called Christians.

Christians need to start returning to the churches and voting. It is wrong to cram our religion down the throats of all Canadians. This “Ritual abuse/torture” article has no place on and should not be promoted on the RCMP web site. If you agree your MP’s email address is here: List of Members of the House of Commons

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