Thursday, October 20, 2005

Can it be true? There is a more effective legal pain medication?

I have not heard of this legal prescription medication. What are the side effects compared to say Oxycontin or Morphine? The side effects of these medications are horrendous.

I know that it is not pot, this medication is known to reduce pain. The side effects enhance the quality of life for the disabled like three talks a day on the large white porcelain telephone to three meals a day, pot also ends the daily finger pull and the need for a new toilet plunger every bloody month.

The name of this mystery medication is being kept secret from doctors and Health Canada by a somewhat secret organization in Ottawa that Canadian know very little about. Where are our MP’s when we need them? Don’t answer that, I am very sorry for asking.

I have read a official document from this secret organization where the members clearly state that this medication is available in Canada and yet my doctors know nothing about it. Some people have heard rumours about this medication for a few years now. This is important news for all people suffering in pain, not only in Canada but the world. In the past the Government of Canada has shared new medications developed by the people of Canada without cost to the world. This was done at a time when the people and the Government of Canada had some control over prescription medications. I still see no reason for it not being made available to the few Canadians that could still afford it.

I have listed the references made about this unknown medication by the members of this secret organization along with the page numbers. There may be more as I have not finished reading.

"more effective pain medication" line 73 page146.
"better pain management was available" line 128 page 148.
"more effective pain medication" line 325, page 152.
Better pain management was available" line 652, page 160.
"more effective pain medication" line 661, page 160.

I know, I know don’t yell at me. When someone repeats the same thing over and over and when a group of people state the same thing, as has happened here, word for word, exactly the same, it must be a load of crap. I would agree, no question about it, it looks like this is a load of crap.

The organization is secret but its members claim to be honourable men and women. What possible reason could there be to deceive the people of Canada. I can not think of a motive for them to not tell the truth especially when it would benefit so many who are suffering in pain.

They have been asked many times for the name of this medication and have refused to respond. This is normal in Canada. This would not in itself be a reason to question the truth of honourable men and women. These same honourable men and women are in charge of another extremely secretive organization and again have refused to answer very simple questions like, how much and how have you spent the tax payers money? Their continued silence has resulted in more serious questions. If the same questions had been asked in Canada as little as forty years ago it would have resulted in newspaper headlines in the type size reserved for the return of Jesus.

There is this man in Canada who was convicted of killing his severely disabled daughter. There was no question about his love, his commitment or the loving bond they shared together and as a family. There was no support, nothing, except from within the family and the loving bond he shared with her. He watched his daughter every day of her life, at times in unbearable pain and she was waiting for yet another operation. He could do nothing to take her pain and suffering away. There is no question, everyone is in agreement, including the honourable men and women. If he had the pain medication for his daughter these honourable men and women have sole knowledge of his daughter would be alive to-day.

These same honourable men and women up-held a ten year prison sentence on the grounds that he had access to this medication and he knowingly kept this medication from his daughter.

I have a question, who in hell is accountable for this? It would be nice if I could get an answer before the next election. Give us a reason to vote, before a law that forces us to vote.

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