Thursday, October 13, 2005

Give us a reason to vote

I was recently criticized for speaking out about the injustice suffered by myself and my 86 year old mother. She has had three past strokes, she is not capable of speaking out on her own behalf. Justice Hrabinsky and Justice Dovell are corrupt judges. I am not the first one to say this and I will continue saying this as it is the truth. They were both the subject of insults and accusations directed at them on the internet before I posted anything.

There are other people like my mother who are unable to speak out because of their circumstances. In the case of John Lucas, he was silenced by a court gag order issued by Justice Hrabinsky’s friend Justice Kyle. The Crown was not asking for a gag order, if the Crown saw no reason for a gag order why would Justice Kyle?

I also found that two 8 year old girls in the care and control of the government of Saskatchewan were left to be raped with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and that for the past 12 years the only ones speaking out on behalf of the girls has been John and Johanna Lucas. They have been jailed and persecuted for over 12 years by Justice Hrabinsky and his friends. As I researched I wondered if I was reading about judges and a court or some perverted sickness? The last trial judge removed himself from the Lucas case. It is over two years from the time Mr Lucas was charged. It would seem that the delay is because Justice Hrabinsky is running out of Queen’s Bench friends willing to fix the outcome of the trial.

Mr Lucas was recently slandered on the internet again. It is being done by people who used the children for their own financial gain, take the money and run. Fact is had it not been for Johanna and John Lucas picketing to bring to the publics attention that the girls were in danger and in need of help they would not have seen a dime. Two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months. Enjoy the money.

I wrote to Don Morgan the Saskatchewan Party Justice critic and I detailed how a Saskatoon lawyer and former law partner of Justice Dovell blackmailed a Saskatoon homeowner. He wrote back saying that there was no great plan to defraud the public. Just the other day he was in the news and again going on about some other conspiracy of his making. There is no conspiracy, it is done openly and is well documented. This is Mr Morgan’s way of avoiding doing anything, he discredits people who contact him by claims of a conspiracy and a great plan to defraud the public. The Saskatchewan Party’s failure as the official opposition party is as well documented as the corruption in Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell’s court.

I also contacted my MP Carol Skelton, she was concerned and did all the right things, after talking to others who had contacted her for help over the years she also did the right things for them. She needs to start telling people who voted for her and who come to her for help that there is nothing she can do to help. She was concerned, no question about that, the fact is that there is nothing she can do, and this goes for any MP, not just Carol.

What is being done by justice Hrabinsky and Dovell to me and my mother is sick and perverted. What was done to Johanna Lucas by Justice Hrabinsky, corrupt prosecutors and police officers is not the only reason Saskatoon is going to have a lasting black eye.

Two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months with the full knowledge of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, all of the people in charge of two 8 year old wards of the court left them to be raped in Saskatoon. When Johanna Lucas picketed to let the public know she was gagged and jailed. Saskatoon is the only city in Canada where the open documented corruption within the prosecutors office, justice Hrabinsky and Dovell’s court and the Saskatchewan administration of justice is accepted. It is the only city in Canada where a citizen can stand in the Court of Queen’s Bench and state that the court is corrupt and not have one word said by the judge or prosecutor, complete silence. Maxwell Smart would be proud of this court.

I do not have words that would describe what was done to two eight year old girls. I do not have the words to describe anyone that would allow this to happen to children, or anyone that did nothing to help the children or protected people who knowingly allowed it. I do not know what was on John Lucas’s picket sign, he is charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. If anyone took the time to look at and read the material documented what Mr Lucas had on his sign about Justice Hrabinsky would have been understated. I am a disabled X truck driver, limited education and vocabulary and lack the words to properly describe a piece of crap.

When making inquiries about Justice Dovell on more then one occasion the first thing said was “she does not like men.” That’s a great quality for a family court judge. I have this sick angry women judge slandering me, lying about me, cooking up court orders and she does it in a complete vacuum of any accountability and I am expected to not say anything.

That is the reason two 8 year old girls were left to be raped for 43 months in Saskatoon. No one had the collective brains and backbones to help them. What I have to say about these two jackass judges is true. I am in no way discrediting the court, nor am I in anyway placing the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public by telling the truth. It is honourable judges who have silently watched a hand full of corrupt judges in Saskatoon as they openly destroy the lives of innocent people, the elderly and the disabled that places the court into disrepute in the eyes of the public.

Not many people had the courage to speak out about the injustice in Saskatchewan and those that did were dealt with by Saskatchewan Justice in a manned that can best be described as belonging in a police state. As long as I am able I will continue to post on the internet as many other Canadians are doing. I will continue to support originations like the Canadian Justice Review Board and other originations in Canada working hard for Canadians.

It is past time that our elected MP and MLA’s started doing the same, the Canadian Justice Review Board is doing their jobs for them, they can afford to send a generous donation monthly to the Canadian Justice Review Board on behalf of citizens who voted for them. Give us a reason to vote.

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Sigrid Macdonald said...


I totally agree. I've always been a political animal. I'm a Canadian citizen but left here when I was six years old because my father took the family down to New Jersey. I stayed there for 30 years except for my time in grad school at U. of Toronto. I've spent the last 18 years in Ottawa, which means that I'm half American and half Canadian.

Anyway, I used to be active in the Democratic Party in the US, The National Organization for Women, the New Democratic Party in Canada, the Feminist Party and latterly, the Liberal Party. Now I don't want any more Parties! I'm sick to death of politics and politicians.

I had to wait more than two years for a hip replacement in Ottawa because I was hit by a drunk driver in my twenties and my joints started to disintegrate when I was in my forties. Now I probably need my knee replaced because I can't walk 200 feet, even on my cane, but I can't find a doctor who will agree to operate. Even if my surgeon gives me the OK, his waiting list will be somewhere between one to two years. NO FREAKING WAY! I already lost three years of my life to the hip.

In the mail the other day, I received a letter from my MPP, bragging about how much he's done for the Healthcare system recently. You can imagine the scathing letter that I sent in return, telling him what it was like to sit endlessly in the emergency room or how much fun I had trying to make an appointment with my family doctor.

Our systems are broken. The justice system. The Medicare system. The child protection system. Two girls left to be raped when people knew about it? How can we comprehend such an atrocity?

We need a new political party or we need a series of single issue lobby groups that force a lot of pressure on current administrations. Frankly, I'm too hopeful about the situation, but we can't give up on it.

Thanks for doing your share and informing us about travesties of justice in Saskatchewan.