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Thank you Holly

Holly said...
Hi Star Chamber Proceedings,
I find this all very interesting and informative. Thank you for letting Canadians know about the injustices. Take care
chat soon James

Canadians are so busy working to pay taxes and raise their families that they do not have the time to read about the injustice within the administration of justice in Canada. When I first started posting there were no responses and this was discouraging. I continued after finding your site, injusticebusters, Dirty Justice and the many other internet sites that collectively are making a difference in Canada. My blog is a spoke on a rolling wheel gaining speed to justice in Canada. I believe that the web sites of ordinary working class Canadians seeking and exposing injustice need to be organised and linked together in support of internet sites like the Canadian Justice Review Board. My blog is exposing injustice, corrupt lawyers and judges in Saskatoon. The corruption extends to the highest levels within the administration of justice in Canada. I am exposing injustice on my blog from the bottom up, the Canadian Justice Review Board it is exposing corruption from the top down. If there is going to be change in Canada it can only come from the top down.

Canadians are posting and Blogging their stories of injustice in increasing numbers, it is discouraging at first when they see that they have joined hundreds of their fellow Canadians Blogging for justice. It is sites like yours Holly, injusticebusters and the stories of courage that give Canadians hope.

I have been persecuted for over 5 years now by corrupt lawyers and judges. I have a friend with my power of attorney who deals with the lawyers, my lawyers can do nothing for fear of retaliation, this has cost me over $16.000.00 in lawyers fees most of it being borrowed money. I have been put into the hospital, left crawling on the floor of the court house after my doctors letters were dismissed as hearsay. I have resisted going on to welfare. I used the utilities and house tax money to travel to the Vancouver Hospital in July to see a movement disorders doctor at UBC. I have just survived another court motion with no other propose then to again run my legal bill up.

My lawyer asked me to contact my doctor for a letter for the court and I did not know how to ask him. I sent a email to my friend and he faxed the below email to my doctor. I removed my doctors names.

My lawyer has asked me in a letter to supply the following:

“Please provide us with any medical documents to support your argument that you are too disabled to attend court.”

I have never made a claim that I am too disabled to attend court. I can, and I have been at all the court procedures. I was at the pre-trial with my head close to being on my right shoulder, Dr --------’s letter to the court asking for a postponement until after my Botox injection was ignored. This is not some lame excuse to avoid court. I was at emergency getting a morphine injection after court.

I arrived at the first trial and ended up on the court house floor for about twenty minutes. My eyes were closed, I was twisted up in pain unable to get up. I am expected to represent myself? The pain, nausea and muscle seizures left me unable to function, I had very little control over my movements, the more I twisted up, the more pain I was in leaving me unable to communicate. I can not find the right words to speak. It is not short term memory loss. It only makes my pain worse when I am not allowed to use my knowledge to control my disability. People helping by wanting to phone an ambulance and the like does not help me. When I can not communicate that I do not need an ambulance, I need to be left alone so I can relax and use my knowledge to control my disability. For me to be placed in a situation that I am not capable of doing because of my disability is fighting and devastating.

I was turned down by legal aid. At the second trial I asked the court for a representative. This was supported by your letter (my doctor) and a letter from Dr ------- both in support of a representative. The judge dismissed your letter and Dr -------'s letter as here say and demanded that I represent myself. I am unable to represent myself. I can also not be placed in a situation where I know my health will be in jeopardy. I know what would have happened to me if Gerry did not get me out of the court room.

Gerry ---- has expressed his concerns to me about my going to court again. He said “I am afraid of what will happen to you in court.” I will go to court, there is no reason that I can not go to court, my disability does not prevent me going to court, it prevents me from representing myself.

I do not know why I can not represent myself. I do not understand what happens to me. I do know what helps, I have learned this, and in some cases the hard way over the years. I have learned what to do and what not to do. At times over the past 5 years I have been in pain that was unbearable, I have woken up on the floor and in bed laying in yellow vomit and urine unable to move because of seized muscles and leg, lower back, neck and head pain.

One morning last week when I wore up at 3 AM I was freezing in bed, I was sweating all over, sometimes it is just my head and fore arms that are sweating, I was going to be sick, I was unable to move my head, any head movement caused neck pain, my lower legs and feet were numb with a burning pain, same for my fore arms and now I am unable to move my arms without pain. I twisting up and this twisting up is what increases my pain, I vomited in the bed again.

There was no point in my phoning for help, even if I was able to, I would have killed for a morphing injection when I woke up. If I can get out of bed and move around this helps. When I started to twist up in bed it is the same as what happened to me in the court house. It has been happening to me to some degree all my life. Many times in the past I have spent up to three days in bed unable to move. I have crawled around on the floor for three days unable to get into bed or my wheelchair. There is nothing a doctor can do to help me except to prescribe morphine that leaves me fatigued and feeling sick. What is difficult for me is not my knowing that I have Torsion Dystonia and that there is no cure, it is that I feel that no one gives a damn about my grandchildren and their future.

I need a lawyer in court, if the order stays as it is I will lose everything that I paid for and my only means of supporting myself, my house. It is not just the injustice of having my assets sold. Where will I go, how will I pack my belongings, how will I move, I have no money, my income is $340.00 plus under $200.00 per month from welfare. I will be on the floor in the court house without a lawyer, and with a lawyer if the order stands I will be on the floor laying in yellow vomit and urine again. Without help from a medical doctor willing to write a detailed report for the court saying why my disability leaves me unable to represent myself I do not know what I can do. The lawyer is asking for a report saying why I can not attend court, if I am represented by a lawyer I do not see why I can not attend and I want to be in court. I will have some problems going to court, I have problems going anywhere, but I can just go into the hall if I need too.

Gerry, I do not see why I would have to detail to the doctor why I can not represent myself in court. I think this will be plain to him.

My doctor supplied an affidavit below for my lawyer that was filed in court.

3. Mr. Hunter suffers from neurological disorder known as idiopathic torsion dystonia.

4. Mr. Hunter's condition has not responded to a wide variety of treatments.

Page 2
5. The condition manifests itself as asymmetric contractures of the neck, spine and limbs which cause impairment to Mr. Hunter's posture and movement. These contractures are frequently very painful. The severity of the contractures is variable and is exacerbated by psychological stress.

6. I am able to provide the opinion that while Mr. Hunter may be able to attend at Court, the stress of the proceedings can cause Mr. Hunter painful contractures which will render him incapable of testifying.

Hopefully my days of crawling around on the court house floor are over. My doctor in Vancouver said that there has been some success for dystonia suffers with a new procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation. Holly! They drill two holes into my brain when I am awake, I would have to have holes in my head to even consider this. I have been referred to another doctor at the Vancouver Hospital at UBC and have an appointment on October 27th. I am on welfare and waiting to see if my trip to the Hospital in Vancouver will be paid for. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I have tried to not get into this all judges, police officers, social workers, politicians and lawyers are corrupt in Canada. This is just not true. Many of them are leaving the professions across Canada, without the support of Canadians many more will follow leaving an increasing rotten core.

This is all your fault Holly, you and those people at injusticebusters and all the others that have given me hope by Blogging for justice. I will wheel my chair to Vancouver if I have to. Thank you.

Holly's Fight for Justice

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