Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Canadian Justice Review Board

Canadian Justice Review Board

There has been a steady almost daily increase in the number of Canadians posting stories on the internet about injustice in Canada. Sadly many of our fellow Canadians did not receive any help and a growing number of them are committing suicide.

...we recognize that this is just the start of a long road...

I have been asked many times, "What can I do to help?" I did not have an answer.

This is the same response Canadians receive from their MP, MLA, the media and others they contact for help. It is a unspoken silent response that has resulted in increased frustration and anger for many Canadians. I do not know of one elected MP or MLA who is speaking out about judicial corruption in Canada.

There are many excellent internet sites in Canada detailing the injustice suffered by Canadians ranging from wrongful convictions, judicial corruption, family law, injured workers and many more.

I found two sites that were advocating change, not just talking about the injustice, doing something about it. The two sites were: The Canadian Justice Review Board (CJRB) and The Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools website.

Senator Cools was recently elected to the board of directors of the Canadian Justice Review Board (CJRB). Chairman David A. Kahn noted that, "While we may take satisfaction from our progress, we recognize that this is just the start of a long road." With the election of Senator Cools to the board of directors the road became a lot shorter.

Now ask me again, "What can I do to help?" Please read the highlights on the CJRB home page and Senator Cools speeches. On the CJRB home page you will find directions on how to become an associate member. Invest $20.00 or more and help shorten the road to your childrens, and your grandchildrens future in a Canada free of judicial and political corruption.

I have included the highlights listed on the Canadian Justice Review Board home page and links to some of Senator Cools speeches on her web site.

Canadian Justice Review Board Home Page
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A retrospective on where the collapse of the Canadian justice system began: the Law Society's attitude is that if the law schools maintain no academic standards, why should they? By Ian Hunter

RCMP should investigate judicial appointments for corruption. Out of an estimated 20 or so lawyers who volunteered on the 2000 campaign, nearly half have since been named judges, Mr. Corbeil tells Radio-Canada , says Elizabeth Thompson April 22, 2005

Monopolizing the court: Among western democracies, Canada has the stigma of having one of the least transparent and accountable systems for appointing judges, says Jacob Ziegel, Professor of law emeritus at the University of Toronto, June 23, 2005.

"More than 70 per cent of those appointed since 2000 to the Ontario Superior Court by Cotler and his predecessors Anne McLellan and Martin Cauchon donated money only to the Liberal Party of Canada"-survey says: by Cristin Schmitz, with files from Liisa Tuominen, PeterO'Neil and Graeme Hamilton-May 6 2005

Constitutions must be interpreted based on what was meant at the time they were drafted, not based on what we would like them it to mean today says U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, April 14, 2005

Conflict of Interest- B.C. Law Society poised to water-down current rules

We have an extraordinarily expensive legal system. Nobody can afford to hire a lawyer, even lawyers can't afford to hire themselves,says B.C. Attorney General Geoff Plant Feb 2, 2005.

Canada's justice system beginning to look a lot like Iran's, says Peter McKnight January 24, 2005

Federal Court is a dumping ground for failed or retiring federal politicians.If Gomery won't resign, Chretien could take the case to his friends, reports Cristin Schmitz Feb 1, 2005

A democratic say in picking judges need not undermine the integrity nor independence of the court, says David Beattie, faculty of law, University of Toronto

Lawyer faces a rare disciplinary hearing for publicly stating that some trial judges are biased or incompetent, partly because they owe their jobs to political patronage:. Constitutional Expert Outraged over Possible Sanctions (updates)Wednesday, January 19, 2005. Richard Foot - CanWest News Service

The Honourable Senator Anne C. Cools Home Page
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February 17, 2000 Criminal Code, Bill to Amend-Second Reading-Debate Continued
Bill S-9
, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (abuse of process). (2nd reading) Senator Cools speaks her Bill on the use of false accusations of physical and sexual abuse in judicial proceedings, particularly child custody proceedings, and records dozens of adjudicated cases found to be false.

Bill S-9, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (abuse of process). (2nd reading) Senator Cools speaks to her Bill on false accusationsin judicial proceedings, and records additional cases found to be false for a total of 52 adjudicated cases that she has put on the record.

Bill S-12, An Act to amend the Criminal Code. Senator Cools speaks to her Bill on the use of false accusations in judicial proceedings.

Report of the Special Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access Reform entitled "For the Sake of the Children". Senator Cools speaks to the Report and the need for new legislation to include the new concept of shared parenting, joint custody.

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