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Border Line Personality Disorder.
What is this anger? - Heterophobia, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent, Lynne Greenhorn

Law and rule by law.
The essential difference between rule of law and rule by law. - Beverley McLachlin
This is not rule of law, it is rule by law. - Audrey Brent, Justice Dovell, Builders Lien Act

Corruption within the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench
How extensive is the corruption within the Court of Queen’s Bench? - Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent, The cooked up court order, blackmail

Judges or Political Hacks? - Gag orders, publication bans, Quint, NDP, Hrabinsky, Dovell, John Lucas, John Diefenbaker, free speech, Justice Baynton, KVELLO V. MIAZGA, Charter Rights stomped on, Right to free speech, cruel or unusual punishment, offensive cruel and unusual, defamatory libel, attorney general’s puppet judges.

Saskatchewan Justice? - kid was bullied into pleading guilty, hands into the kids pocket and take his money, Attorney General, city solicitors, registry, Charter Right violation, behind closed doors, Practice Directive, keep lawyerless litigants out of court, denying access to the court, Beverley McLachlin, Automobile Accident Insurance Act, constitutional Law Section, SGI, Section 52, scam and defraud, “toe the line” or else, Hrabinsky, Dovell, independent judiciary, NDP practice of appointments, morass of corruption and incompetence judges.

The Builders Lien Act.
The Builders Lien Act. - Queen’s Bench scams, small claims court, part forty of the simplified rules, caveat, homeowners liability, high cost of lawyer fees, building contractor, mortgage.

Saskatoon Builders Lien Scam. Saskatoon Police, Statement of Claim, blackmail, caveat, Rights of equality, file documents, default judgement, Garnishee Summons, consecutively numbered charge sales invoices, receivable records, cash sales slips, defrauding home owners, sales slips were copied on to charge invoices, file a false caveat, Notice of Motion, affidavits, Madam Justice G A Smith, assault on a home owner by a judge, hospital, Hrabinsky, Dovell, building supplier manager, search warrant, prosecutors office, editors, dysfunctional administration of Justice, Milgaard, family of corruption, ones political affiliation.

Nicolas Stooshinoff listed 7 cash sales slips for building materials Windsor Plywood claimed were not paid for on his first Statement As To Documents.
Windsor Plywood Builders Lien Scam Documents.

Statement As To Documents P1
Statement As To Documents P2
Statement As To Documents P3
Statement As To Documents P4

Mr Stooshinoff then produced a Supplementary Statement As To Documents and claimed he had never seen the cash sales slips or the first Statement As To Documents. The information on the cash slips was copied on to charge slips listed on the Supplementary Statement As To Documents. Mr Stooshinoff told a Saskatoon Police Officer he had never seen the cash slips. Mr Brent Gough, president Saskatchewan Law Society, Justice G A Smith and the prosecutors office were all involved in the cover-up. A lawyer blackmailing a Saskatoon Homeowner. Protected by a corrupt administration of justice.

Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 1
Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 2
Supplementary Statement As To Documents P 3

Frank Quennell

My email to Frank Quennell January 11, 2004 - Decision to appeal the Klassen case is nothing more that an attempt to protect a corrupt legal system.

Family law proceedings.
This is not the way to treat a disabled man in Canada. Torsion Dystonia, TorsinA, Dovell, Botox injections, Ignoring doctor's letters, Nicholas Stooshinoff, police investigated, Audrey Brent, Peremptorily order, committed Justice Dovell as the trial judge, legal aid, James Rugg, disclosure of documents, Hrabinsky, costs awarded, morphine injection, court ordered a disclosure of documents and discoveries, $27,000.00 from the RRSP funds, court sheriff, letter from the court, court order made by Justice Dovell in my absence, "you are being set up”, pre-trial, wheelchair, ambulance, police state-of-mind, assaulted, malice, Diefenbaker, Wright, Sirois, cooked-up court order, "Corruption on the Saskatchewan", "The Charter Rights Stomp", fraud, Richard Klassen, John Lucas, CPP disability benefits, welfare, meals on wheels, charter rights, human rights, W. F. Gerein, Chief Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench.

James Rugg
Letter regarding James Rugg Page 1
Letter regarding James Rugg Page 2
Letter regarding James Rugg Page 3

The incompetent James Rugg. - Another lawyer without the balls to protect their clients from Audrey Brent and Justice Hrabinsky and his corrupt court.

The Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell, Audrey Brent set-up.

First set-up letter.
Letter from court registrar Feb 24 2004. “Prevented you from attending the first day of the trial” I was at the court, on the floor for twenty minutes.

The second set-up letter.
Letter from Audrey Brent May 10 2004. “Trial set for May 13th and 14th in the above-captioned matter has been adjourned.” I did not attend at the trial.

The set-up order.
Dovell court order May 13, 2004. - Collusion: A secret agreement between two or more parties for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.

Stooshinoff and Justice Dovell Yellow Page Add. Law partners
Audrey Brent and Justice Dovell Yellow Page Add. Law partners for 5 years.

The Cooked Up Court Order. - Hrabinsky, angry sulking 10 year old, ignore doctors letter, ignore the rules of court, due process, Audrey Brent, 86 year old mother out on to the street, threats, blackmailed, gold diggers, legal aid, medical certificate, sadistic threatening lawyer, Registrar, court order, own set of court rules, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, robed buffoons, gag orders, seal documents, anyone’s puppet, blackmailing, happy family of corruption.

Letter to Madam Justice Dovell. - vendetta against Mr. Hunter, attacked and berated him, assault on him, deliberately set out to cripple him, wheelchair, threat of a court order, Audrey Brent, collusion between you and Brent, secret court, a serious wrong, what kind of a doctor would write a letter like that, power to dismiss them, Power Of Attorney, heavy dosages of prescribed morphine, Crisis Centre, vile, wicked, evil human being, truth and fairness.

The Sheriff Judicial Centre of Saskatoon. - Letter to Gordon Laing

Wilfred Gordon Hathway.

Some comments on the Wilfred Hathway case.

"Cough 'em up Klause. Cough 'em up,"

Yelling for justice - Wilfred Hathway

Hathway case and the media.

Wilfred Hathway: Was the confession voluntary?

Rabbit Lake Mine - Uranium Oxide Spill - Fuel Spills


AFFIDAVIT OF JAMES HUNTER QB No. 2764 of A.D., 1990 - Get the hell out of my way. The incompetent Edward Holgate.
STATEMENT OF CLAIM Q.B. No. 1082 of 1994.


Uranium Oxide Spill - Rabbit Lake Mine - A time capsule of death and destruction

BETWEEN A ROCK AND A POOR PLACE - Northern Saskatchewan Aboriginals Get the Shaft While Multinational Corporations Get the Gold Mine in the Non-SustainableExploitation of Uranium

Regina We Have A Problem!

Justice Paul Hrabinsky
The Ross Children.

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