Monday, August 29, 2005

I have applied for welfare.

I have been asked many times why I did not sell the trailer. I tried to but did not get any offers that would have paid off the loan. Also I would have no place to live except for a welfare flop house. Keeping the trailer gave me some hope that I would have a place to live.

The letter to my lawyer from the sheriff about the writ. In the last two paragraphs the sheriff says:

I am of the view that there is a judgement. Nothing that I see in that order prohibits the issuance or registration of a writ, nor enforcement against other assets by other means, for that matter.

As such, unless I receive instructions from the solicitor on record or an order from the Court to withdraw the writ, it will remain in place.

The sheriff is demanding payment of $42,553..00 plus interest. This is in his letter to me. Does anyone think that I will receive anything from the sale of the house after the interest and other debits are paid. He goes on to say that there is nothing in the court order to prevent him from seizing my assets. Well there is but this does not matter in Saskatchewan.

My lawyer wrote to the sheriff saying:

In my respectful view, Madam Justice Dovell could not have been clearer that in granting judgement, she specified that that judgement could not be executed upon until after the death of Edna May Hunter or if 1221 Avenue O South was sold.
As a result, the writ must be removed.

The lawyer then went on about the appeal being filed and this was an automatic stay of the judgement.

My lawyer then said:

However, as we are of the view that the registration of the writ of execution is improper in the light of the terms of the judgement of Dovell J., we are writing to inform you that we have obtained instructions to apply for an order expunging the registration of the writ of execution.

If the trailer is sold all the money will go to my X wife. That could not be any clearer. As long as the writ is in place the only thing preventing the sheriff from seizing all my assets is the appeal. Unless I get some help with the appeal or support, other then give them the money I am going to end up dead. That may be a blessing.

I have applied for welfare, the process was not the nightmare that I was expecting, in fact it was just the opposite. Friendly caring people. It was without question the most difficult task I have ever had to do in my life. I have talked to people over the years that had no reason for being on welfare or CPP disability benefits. Others that have spent years in jail receive a much larger amount of benefits from early CCP then I do. I have gone over 35 years living on next to nothing. I enjoyed it. I am in my wheelchair on most days now. My arms are getting weaker, I can wheel the chair but can not extend my arms or move them higher then my shoulder without pain and muscle seizure. This will be my last summer riding my old peddle bike. I am having trouble cutting my grass and keeping up with the house cleaning.

I receive $345.59 early CPP. That is my total monthly income. I have a sick judge saying other wise and like other people persecuted by them there is nothing I can do about it. There is an unwritten law in Saskatchewan, if one speaks out about corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatchewan no one will help you. This is especially true if Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are involved.

I thought what is being done to me was sick and disgusting. What was done to the Ross children in Saskatchewan is a story that needs to be told. John Lucas and his wife have been telling this story. They have been jailed and persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice for over 12 years. I will have to concentrate on looking after myself here for a bit and find a place to live. I will continue to post about the Ross Children and John Lucas when I get a chance.

The welfare will not come anywhere close to covering my expenses. I will get my expenses down so I do not need welfare.

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