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"I do not want Justice Dovell after me" - Assaulting and mugging the disabled

There have been two reports of disabled people being mugged recently in the StarPhoenix. One in a wheel chair and another disabled man traveling through Saskatoon. Both stories were well written and researched. The name of one of the muggers was published as he was caught red handed and pleaded guilty.

The video below is a realplayer link to a news clips about a new surgery for people with Dystonia called Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). I learned about this from my doctor in Vancouver when I saw him in July. I have copied some of his written report to my doctors here in Saskatoon.

Thank you for letting me see this patient with a history of abnormal posturing of his feet since childhood (around grade 2) associated with tilting of his head to the right around that time. Over the years, he has developed in-turning of his feet when he walks, head tilting persistently to the right, as well as abnormal posturing of his hands at rest. His hand would cramp up when he writes. At times of stress he might have his eyes shutting involuntarily.

Clinically he has dystonia involving his head/neck (tilting to the right), trunk (scoliosis to the right), hands, and feet. There are occasional orofacial movements as well. I would certainly concur with your diagnosis of idiopathic torsion dystonia. Currently he finds Sinemet helpful in improving some of his symptoms, and I do not think that he would benefit significantly from botulinum toxin injections at this stage. He is most concerned about the genetic aspects of this condition. He has two daughters in Vancouver, and he has grandchildren who he is concerned about. I think that he would benefit from being seen by Dr. Sian Spacey, who has a special interest in genetics in neurological conditions, and I have taken the liberty of referring him to her.

My spine has been a source of great amounts of pain all my life. I have copied CT- Scan and some of my MRI results below.
MRI May 2004
- Markedly diminished disk space between C6 and C7 and this disk/osteophyte complex posterior effaces the anterior CSF cleft.
- C3-4 Marked uncovertebral hypertrophy accompanied with facet joint hypertrophy on the left causing severe left neural foramina canal stenosis.
- C5-6 A right paracentral disk/osteophyte which effaces the anterior CSF space.
- C6/C7 almost complete obliteration of the disc space with mild to moderate uncovertebral and facet joint degenerative change.
- L3-4 concentric disk bulge which effaces the interior aspect of the neural foramina canals. Marked facet joint hypertrophy.
- L4-5 Concentric disk bulge. Facet joint hypertrophy.
- L5-S1 Concentric disk bulge. Exiting L5 nerve on the left is probably touched by the disk.
- There is marked disk space narrowing at C5-6 and C6-7. There is neural foramina canal narrowing, which is most severe on the left at C3-4. Minor narrowing at C5-6, C6-7 bilaterally, as well as C4-5 on the right. These are all secondary to uncovertebral and facet joint hypertrophy.

I think that any reasonable person can see why I need a wheelchair and why I have to take morphine for pain relief. When I am placed under stress my eyes will close and I have completely no control of any of my movements. I do not know up from down and as you can see in the video it is extremely painful and fighting. It will last for three days before I am able to walk again or get into my wheelchair.

My doctor wrote a letter on my behalf that said in part: “events before the treatment will seriously effect his health and must be delayed.” My head was on my right shoulder and I was waiting for the only treatment available, Botox injections into my neck muscles to ease the muscles and the pain. My doctors letter was very clear, “will seriously effect his health” and “must be delayed”. My doctors letter was ignored resulting in my having to attend and being rushed to emergency.

I was kept under unbearable stress deliberately for the following two years resulting in my being rushed to emergency 3 times. In total to date I have paid professionals over $16,000.00 to protect my mothers and my assets. All three of the professionals failed to contact my doctors.
I was again required to attend and a friend obtained letters from my doctors. Both doctors listed some of my medical conditions including spondylosis, cervical and generalized dystonia, depression, anxiety, social phobia, scoliosis, impaired hearing, positional and action tremor. Both doctors said in their letters that the letters were in support of a representative to be present for the court proceedings on my behalf. Please, look at the video, could you have represented yourself flopping around with your eyes closed with no control over any of your muscles, unable to hear and in pain that required over 150mg of morphine that left you feeling sick and vomiting hourly.

My doctors letters were dismissed as hearsay and to add insult to injury the judge said: “Who would write a letter like that.”

The affidavit and doctors letters my friend filed with the court were the only information filed on my behalf. Thousands of dollars paid to two lawyers who did nothing but take the money and have it look like I was represented. They stole money from a disabled man.

Not being represented and having no way to protect myself, my assets, my mothers assets and what I worked for were gone. Why? Because I reported a Saskatoon Lawyer, Nicolas Stooshinoff to the Saskatoon police. The opposing lawyer was a former law partner, Audrey Brent, the judge was a former law partner, Justice Dovell and the first judge, Justice Hrabinsky was just doing a favour for a corrupt lawyer. I was left flopping around like a fish out of water on the court house floor.

This has happened to disabled people in the past, it is done by people who enjoy assaulting and watching disabled people suffer. It is done with malice and intent to cripple and destroy. It is done by people with authority and power and is a means of exercising and safeguarding their power and control. How did it start in Germany? There are sick sadistic people in this world, when they are entrusted with unlimited power and abuse their power we should have learned something from the past. They should be removed from office. Audrey Brent, Justice Hrabinsky and Madam Justice Dovell are sick discussing angry sadistic misfits who have taken great joy in assaulting a disabled man. Do you understand why my lawyer said: “I do not want Justice Dovell after me”.

Assaulting and mugging disabled people is a despicable act and should not be tolerated in a just society. If it happens on a city street or in a court room it should be reported and children, the elderly and the disabled should have the protection of the citizens and the community.
I have a links to:

These are short realplayer news reports. They are similar with different people. The first one is the closest to my condition, his eyes are open and my eyes close.

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Letter about my first lawyer James Rugg
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Letter to justice Dovell after court.

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