Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Regina We Have A Problem! Justice Paul Hrabinsky


For the past 15 years Justice Hrabinsky has maliciously engaged in a knowing pattern of conduct directed at persons who have spoken out about corruption within the administration of justice in Saskatoon.

To act with targeted malice constitutes a deliberate abuse of power, judges may be assumed to know that their powers are not given to them for the purpose of pursuing personal vendettas


To knowingly ignore the principles of democracy and justice, falsely and maliciously, without justifiable cause engage in acts of malice that would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, physical, psychological and financial damage is criminal harassment.

Justice Hrabinsky is fully aware of his misuse and abuse of his powers and his serious implications of his culpable transgressions of the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

His misuse and abuse of his powers cannot but be deemed to have been done maliciously, wilfully and deliberately.

The victims of injustice in Saskatchewan are deserving of a full judicial inquiry into the administration of justice in Saskatchewan.

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