Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Culture of Death

There is talk in BC that Justice LaFond is just a high priced mouth piece for the Provincial Liberal Government. There is also talk that she has taken a five year leave of absence from her job as a Saskatchewan Provincial Court Judge. Give your head a shake if you think she will return to Saskatchewan.

Justice LaFond’s resume is impressive, so are her judgements in Saskatchewan (Judge's nudge badly needed). She received her degrees the hard way, she attended law schools with the highest standards and ethics. One of the most notable qualifications on her resume is the lack of a degree from the Saskatchewan Collage of Law. The only place on planet earth where a degree from the Saskatchewan Collage of Law is prized is on a wall of shame in Saskatchewan. The endless junk judgements from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to protect the administration of justice in the many child apprehension cases in Saskatchewan are proof of the lack of ethics classes at the Saskatchewan Collage of Law.

Jail and gag Johanna and John Lucas for exposing corrupt court proceedings and leaving the 8 year old Ross Twins to be raped for four years has placed the children of Saskatchewan at risk. Look at what happened to the Vopni children and again a continuation of junk judgements from the Court of Appeal. The resent attacks on Justice Albright (R. v. V. (F.S.) Date: November 24, 2006), (R v. Terry Todd Weiman) 2006 SKCA 135 Date: 2006-12-04 have left me puzzled. Does Justice Jackson have her knickers in a twist because she was short listed and/or short changed? This is Saskatchewan, sorry wrong religion.

This reminds me of the door knob judge in the early 90’s and “towing the line”. Justice Jackson has not been involved in the past cover-up in the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse cases in Saskatchewan (R v. John & Johanna Lucas), (R v. Ross, Ross & White), (Martensville) and (Kvello-Klassen-Miazga-Dueck) judicial farces. She has lowered her self down to the level of Justice Hrabinsky and Dovell. Fact is that with the exception of Chief Justice John Klebuc there are no other judges left within the court to add a degree of credibility to the courts junk judgements. If bullshit was music the Justices of the Court of Appeal would be a brass band conducted by Don McKillop.

The sick abuse of the process of The Court of Appeal in the Ross, Ross & White judgement took 17 months for a hatched-up written decision. The next junk judgement is Kvello v. Miazga? Its been over three years from the Baynton Judgement. Chief Justice Klebuc should have heard this appeal in place of the angry fool.

Johanna Lucas was telling the public, in spite of being jailed and gagged, what was happening to the Ross Twins in the Thompson Special Foster Home. John and Johanna Lucas were in possession of gagged and sealed government court documents. They distributed copies and asked that someone help the Ross Children. No one helped the children, Saskatchewan’s Shame. The public’s image of the administration of justice and the courts came before the rights of children and families. Years later the Ross twins received a settlement of $5333.33 each per month for being left to be raped and tortured for four years. This was less then their monthly care costs.

The destruction of the Vopni family was a direct result of the breakdown of the Rule of Law in the Saskatchewan Court of Radical Religious Fools who placed the children of Saskatchewan at risk by leaving the 8 year old Ross Twins to be raped for four years.

It is not just the Families and Children’s Ministry in BC that is a disaster. Family Law and the protection of children in Canada has been replaced by a bureaucratic industry that started in the nineteen sixties. Middle sexed feminists, bitter angry verbally abusive types that blame their shortcomings on others found a safe haven within the family courts and child protection just as pedophiles found a safe haven within the churches in Canada.

Laws were enacted in the nineteen sixties for the protection of children that placed the fate of children who were at risk in the complete control of Socials Workers across Canada after police officers, social workers and members of the public were interrupting family court proceeding detailing in open court the atrocities suffered by wards of the courts. The result was more laws, not laws for the protection of children and families, laws to protect the social workers and the provincial Ministry.

This could not be any clearer then when the social workers involved in the Kvello v. Miazga malicious prosecution case involving the Richard Klassen family were protected from testifying by Section 73 of The Child and Family Services Act, S.S. 1989-90, c. C-7.2. The Act “provides these individuals with very broad protections from being compelled to appear and give evidence in a court of law” (KVELLO V. MIAZGA Judgement December 30, 2003). The laws are in place to protect honest mistakes by caring social workers, they were not intended to protect religious nut cases who maliciously prosecute innocent people and leave children to be raped.

The off campus schools of social work across Canada need to start screening their students and offer some ethics classes along with the Law Societies in Canada. These are schools of control and power with grads who are unaccountable for their actions. This could not be any clearer then the judges of the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal and lawyers with a degree in blackmailing from the Saskatchewan College of Law.

A Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench is being publicly ridiculed for protecting the rights of children and families in Saskatchewan. A Justice LaFond needs to return to Saskatchewan and represent the future Ross, Vopni, Kvello, Klassen, Martensville children when they come of age and the other children who’s parents are threatened and blackmailed into silence by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

Return the protection of children where it belongs, a federal court justice and a police officer. After a public inquiry into the actions of Justice Paul Hrabinsky and Officer Brian Dueck and the Honourable members of The Saskatchewan Fools Court.

Public Officers Protection Act and the Proceedings Against the Crown Act sadly not for the protection of children and families. These laws are for the protection of D. Murray Brown Q.C., Saskatchewan Justice (Executive Director of Public Prosecutions), Daryl Rayner Q.C. Saskatchewan Justice (Director of Prosecutions), Donald Arthur McKillop Q.C. Saskatchewan Justice (Civil Division), Charita Ohashi Saskatchewan Justice (Civil Division), Justice Hrabinsky, Madam Justice Dovell, and former disgraced Saskatoon Police Service Officer, Brian Dueck. No one is held accountable.

Saskatchewan’s Culture of Injustice will soon be replaced with British Columbia’s Culture of Death. Over 50 young children, child wards of the court, have died in British Columbia. Justice LaFond will be investigating the deaths of these children. The rest of Canada needs to pay attention. Experienced lawyers no longer have the Aboriginal community and the Residential School travesty as a source of income. Start representing the children apprehended without lawful justification in Canada, the parents of dead children and Johanna Lucas.

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