Friday, December 22, 2006

The Vopni Family: “Its an evil place”

Another family destroyed in Saskatchewan. A Vopni family Christmas present from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Who is next? Parents and foster parents with disabled children and above all parents of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) children need to consider doing what Saskatchewan Provincial court judge, Ms. Turpel-Lafond, and a young man, a member of the destroyed Vopni family did. Get the hell out of Saskatchewan. Protect your children, take them with you.

The written judgement of Madam Justice Jackson confirms the words of a young man, a member of the destroyed Vopni family. He left Saskatchewan soon after his acquittal and refers to Saskatchewan as, “Its an evil place”

Madam Justice Jackson’s written judgement is the work of a circus crystal ball mind reading sideshow. For years the judges of The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal have placed the public image of the court above the Charter Rights of people who have had their lives destroyed in Saskatchewan.

Mr Justice Allbright, First Judgement

R. V. V. (F.S.)
Date of Judgment: March 11, 2004
Number of Pages: 16
March 11, 2004 - Mr. Justice G.N. Allbright

Mr Justice Allbright, Second Judgement

R. V. V. (F.S.)
Date of Judgment: July 6, 2005
Number of Pages: 19
July 6, 2005

Looks like Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services did not like Justice Albrights first written judgement, no problem, twist the law, and require a second written judgement. That’s the Saskatchewan way.

Jackson judgement:
[9] Before embarking on any analysis, it is useful to place these questions in some further context. It is significant to note that F.V.’s counsel made an important admission in this Court to the effect that the sexual activity in the park, about which C.V. spoke to the psychologist, could only have occurred after she had been removed from her home and after she had given her videotaped statement to the police. In fairness to the summary conviction appeal court judge, this may not have been knowledge available to the parties at the time of the hearing before him.

If this is true then why did Mr Justice Allbright, after hearing the evidence write in his first judgement:

“The context of Dr. [T.Z.]'s report does not suggest when the complainant [C.V.] indicates that the events which are referenced in Dr. [T.Z.]'s report and quoted earlier herein, occurred. What is clear is that they occurred prior to the interview of September 7 and 21, 2002 and prior to the complainant testifying at the appellant's trial later in the fall of 2002.”

This information about the time supposedly came from Robert Borden. At the time of the Ross twins settlement the news media was reporting that Mr Borden was contacted by Saskatchewan justice about settling the Twins claim and he did not bother to respond. Is this just another load of crap? In the angry manner of Justice Nicholas Sherstobitoff, where is the proof!

The father and two sons were charged. All the children were apprehended.

The mother was blackmailed into signing away her rights as a parent, in return one of her children was returned to her.

Dr. [T.Z.]'s report was requested by Social Services about a year after the children were apprehended and the family destroyed. They wanted to know from the doctor how credible the children’s information would be because they suffered from FASD. Now anyone with half a brain can see that this should have been done before, not a year after the family was destroyed.

The father had his charges stayed. Branded for life.

One son was acquitted. The judge found that the evidence was confusing and contradictory and the complaint thought that "doing sex" was jumping under the covers with a boy.

The other son was found guilty. Under appeal Justice Allbright ordered a new trial. This was appealed by the Crown to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. There was nothing that could have prevented a guilty verdict. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal has a history of protecting travesty after travesty in Saskatchewan courtrooms. This travesty is over without an appeal. The disrepute of the court will continue. Who’s next?

Not surprising that Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services have no one trained to handle FASD children. Saskatchewan Provincial court judge, Ms. Turpel-Lafond embarrassed them into action and then they took their time getting funding into the communities.

What happened to the Ross and the Vopni children will continue in Saskatchewan. The Ross children were used by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services as pawns in a witch hunt for cult members sacrificing babies. There are hundreds of FASD children to pick from in Saskatchewan, the Ross children were white. The hysteria would not have happened if the nutcase religious extremists had picked Aboriginal children. They relied on the media and the public, and no one in Saskatchewan would have given a damn about Aboriginal children with FASD. The pedophiles have been removed from the churches in Canada. It is time to remove the biased feminists from Social Services and the courts, replace them with Real Women.

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