Sunday, January 28, 2007

Justice Paul Hrabinsky

There is one thing about Saskatoon that most people know about. The people are trusting and caring.

Justice Hrabinsky is a supplementary judge in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Saskatoon. He is Saskatoon’s moral watchdog that comes out of his semi retirement to preside over legal cases that have been decided by Saskatoon’s religious community as something not suitable or a business that is not wanted in the community.

Saskatchewan people have legal rights and charter rights that are limited by a hand full of religious extremists within Saskatchewan Justice. The Satanic Ritual Child abuse nightmare in Saskatoon was a direct result of patronage appointments of religious extremists to positions of power within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

Add to this mix the willingness of Saskatchewan’s citizens to elect outspoken racist religious fools to federal and provincial office. They have the support of the federal political parties until after they are elected, if they shut up, and not embarrass the party with their views. They have not lasted long in politics when they continue to embarrass their constituents in the national news media. Mr Harper is in the process of weeding them out before the next election.

Like Justice Hrabinsky they are a gullible bunch that are easily manipulated and used because of their narrow-minded focus limited to the enemies of God. Justice Hrabinsky does not decide cases based on evidence. He is manipulated into conducting corrupt court proceeding by the likes of Nicholas Stooshinoff, Audrey Brent, Madam Justice Dovell and Madam Justice G A Smith. He decides who is worthy of the protection of the law based on his religious views and the bullshit that he is easily manipulated into believing. The moral bullshit judge.

The law is not a medium for protecting the illegal actions of blackmailers and thieves. Justice Hrabinsky not only protects their illegal activates, he protects his illegal activates by conducting corrupt court proceedings with the full knowledge of the judiciary, honourable judges, prosecutors, politicians, news media and the public.

The administration of justice is corrupt in Saskatchewan. That is a documented fact. Justice Hrabinsky, blackmailers and thieves are protected by a self-serving corrupt civil service.

The KVELLO V. MIAZGA Appeal is a sick abuse of the Rule of Law. Justice Hrabinsky’s illegal hearings over the years and the jailing by justice Hrabinsky of Johanna Lucas is the work of a sick mind. The people in any other city in Canada would not have allowed these fools to destroy their reputations or place their city into the septic tank of crime and corruption that Saskatoon is now in. Welcome to Saskatchewan, Hells Angles and the “Ice Queen.”

The judges and politicians who turned a blind eye are just as responsible as the willing participants for the corruption of their profession and the administration of justice in Saskatchewan.

There is a new web site in Saskatchewan.

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