Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Protect Thy Kingdom

The Great Protector: Justice Paul Hrabinsky

...Child wards of the Crown have no rights.........

There is one atrocity that stands out above all others when reading about the Ritual Satanic Child Abuse cases in Saskatchewan. Protect Thy Kingdom.

The lower court judges heard evidence that the Ross Twins were being sexually abused by their brother and they did nothing. This documented evidence proceeded all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada , R v. Ross, Ross & White and R. v. Johanna Lucas.

Remember Jeffrey Baldwin. Canadians were shocked by the death of this child. They were demanding that the adults be charged who did nothing and watched as his grandparents starved him to death. The question being asked was why did no one help this child? ("His weight at death was slightly less than his weight at his first birthday, almost five years earlier.")

Johanna Lucas was jailed by Justice Paul Hrabinsky. Johanna was trying to bring the publics attention to the extreme danger the Ross children were in. The Ross Twins, two 8 year old twin girls were left by the authorities to be raped and tortured for four years. Why did no one help Johanna Lucas?

This is a fact that cannot be disputed in Canada. Child wards of the Crown and anyone that exposes corruption within the legal community have no rights in Canada.

The Federal Government has a duty to protect Canadians from the likes of Justice Hrabinsky and his corrupt political and judicial pals. It’s not about who’s right, or who’s wrong. It’s about what is right.

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