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Ross Twins: Here is money, go kill yourself.

The letter from Brian Symak

...Child wards of the Crown have no rights.........

The Ross Twins settlement of their claim against the Government of Saskatchewan calls for intervention by the Federal Justice Department.

The Saskatchewan Justice employees who negotiated the settlement have done the unthinkable. With no legal representation or lawyer the Twins have been coned into signing away their future, and their children’s future.

Paragraph taken from a letter from Brian Symak in San Diego.

“I personally witnessed Rick Klassen and Angela Geworsky go to the very drug house (crack-house) that Michell Ross was living at, in order for Michell to sign their contingency agreement, just prior to them getting their settlement money. When Michell came out of the house she was very high (stoned) on cocaine and the agreement was signed on the trunk lid of Klassen's black Alero automobile.”

Was the Ross Twins settlement agreement negotiated by Don McKillop before Peter Abrametz “was used as the independent legal consul for the Ross settlement“.

I do not believe that any private practicing lawyer in Saskatchewan would be a willing party to defraud the Ross Twins. I was sickened when I read the banned and sealed court documents about the Twins four years of torture in Saskatchewan. How many prosecutors, judges and lawyers in Saskatchewan have difficulty even thinking about what happened to the Ross Children?

Is that the Saskatchewan way, here is money, go kill yourself? John Lucas has been an outspoken advocate for the Ross children for over 13 years. Johanna and John Lucas alone have been demanding justice for the Ross Children. What Mr Lucas is saying is that Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services are responsible for destroying the lives of all three of the Ross Children. This was confirmed by the settlement of the Ross Twins claim for damages.

The Ross Children were left in a foster home in the control of crazy people for four years. They were all denied medical help. Seriously dysfunction children left in the care and control of people who believed the children were dysfunctional as a result of being subjected to the abuse of a Ritual Satanic Cult. The children were then required to testify in court proceedings in the control of more crazy people.

Ignore the cries of children. We are being raped, we did not tell the truth in court, the only one abusing us is our brother and other cries for help resulted in the children’s separation and removal from Saskatchewan. This was not done to protect crazy people, the doctors, police officers, prosecutors or child therapists. It was done to protect the people responsible, the judges, directors of Saskatchewan Justice, Social Services and the cover-up Saskatchewan Court of Appeal Judges.

Think about this? The Kvello’s and Klassen’s were charged with horrendous crimes against children. Their children were apprehended. They were arrested and charged, granted bail, and within days their children were returned to them. The Kvello’s, Klassen’s and Johanna Lucas were being maliciously prosecuted, everyone knew this, they did nothing for fear of reprisals.

The Ross Twins are adults now, on social assistance, there is no one in Canada that deserves social assistance more then they do. They have their rent paid for them, they are not capable of managing money, they have had their children apprehended, they are not capable of looking after their children, they abuse drugs, they are not capable of looking after themselves. The people of Saskatchewan are responsible for wards of the Crown. This responsibility does not end with a payment of money.

John Lucas has been saying that the Ross Children are in a similar situation as was Donald Marshal. If the system of judicial corruption in Saskatchewan is responsible for not helping the Ross Children then the Ross Children are entitled, as was Donald Marshal to have the protection of the Crown.

The Crown has a duty to Canadians. If the Saskatchewan Crown has failed to act for fear of reprisals from their so called directors, the law society, a hand full of lower court judges, or the sick, old fools in the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal then the Federal Crown must take action.

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J. Lucas said...


Hi John,

I hope that you are doing well and enjoy this read,,, it is the finished letter that I sent to Hrabinsky and all cc´d below, on Oct 26/ 2006 when I was in San Diego. I am in Mexico now, and now I only have sporadic email, usually once per week.

I was very careful to keep out all of the nasty things Klassen and Geworsky had told me about you.

All the best in the New Year to you, and Johanna, and Mr. Hunter.

Best Regards,