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Where is the news media, waiting for a publication ban?

There was a time in Canada when the news media reported on corruption and dishonesty within Canada before it was the subject of a trial or public inquiry. The Gomery Public Inquiry has placed a publication ban on testimony. Only in Canada. The news media is saying this is a crime against democracy, it is, what they are not saying is that the news media is in part responsible.

The rule of law broke down in Saskatchewan when the preliminary inquiry judge at the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry ignored a prosecutor who said that the testimony of the three children was not reliable. The trial proceeded, not based on any evidence, it was based on a religious hysterical and the children's allegations of sexual abuse that were bizarre and revolting, involved group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts. A publication ban was placed on the proceedings. The public and media were not allowed in the court room. Where was the media?

The same judge heard the Klassen - Kvello preliminary inquiry along with the same bunch of delusional fools caught up in a religious hysterical. Again the prosecutor told the Court that he had lost confidence in his child witnesses Again the judge ignored this information. The witch hunt was under way in Saskatchewan and was followed by publication ban, after publication ban, and the sealing of documents, secret courts and the list goes on. Where was the news media, witch hunting?

What an opportunity for people with criminal intent to gain a foothold in Saskatchewan. All they had to do to gain a place of power in government or Saskatchewan Justice was babble on for hours about their religious values or offer to protect Saskatchewan Justice from the fallout and civil cases that were sure to follow.

The news media was letting the world know that Saskatchewan Justice and the government of Saskatchewan was overcome by a religious hysteria, the newspapers had stories how citizens could protect their children from cults. The topper was when it was reported that a police officer armed with every gun he could find, was dispatched with no back-up to stop a bus load of cultists from Grant Devine’s territory of Estevan Saskatchewan The only thing missing was a gathering of these religious nut case judges, government ministers, crown prosecutors and police officers around bridge footing in Saskatoon waiting for the Brooklyn Bridge to arrive. Where was the news media? They were flying around in a helicopter looking for the Devils Church.

The Ross, Ross and White trial commenced on October 29, 1992 and ended on December 18, 1992. Three individuals were convicted of some of the charges. Each of them appealed their convictions and ultimately the Supreme Court of Canada allowed their appeals, overturned their convictions, entered an acquittal respecting one accused and directed new trials for the other two. The Crown did not proceed to retry. The Supreme Court of Canada Hearing and judgment date was January 30, 1996.

THE COURT OF APPEAL FOR SASKATCHEWAN judgement in the Ross, Ross and White appeal is the story of three children severely damaged by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Three children in desperate need of help were in the control and care of delusional fools who live in their world of hysterical delusions year round, to this day they believe that they saved the people of Saskatchewan from clever cultists who were baby killers, drinking blood and eating eyeballs and worked with "brood mares" -- women who breed children specifically to sacrifice them.

Between May 29th 1990 & January, 1994 two twin girls, from age 8 to 12 were left to be raped and tortured, the court and people entrusted with their care did nothing. Where was the news media?

To this day the three children are being blamed. They are not responsible. There is not one word about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) in any of the court proceedings. There is still to this day no strategy by the government of Saskatchewan to deal with children with these medical conditions. The only strategy the government of Saskatchewan has is to apprehend the children and charge innocent people with child abuse.

The Vopni case is another good example of the lack of any strategy. The inability of the Saskatchewan government and Saskatchewan Justice to recognize a religious hysteria is the result of their being convulsed by spasms of self-righteous rage against imaginary “bizarre and revolting, group and ritualistic sex with satanic overtones, the sexual abuse and killing of babies and animals, the ingestion of human flesh, feces, urine, blood and other horrible, perverted and incredible acts.” This crap did not originate with the children, it originated with people unable to think for themselves who were out to protect their way of thinking and their way of living.

The reason there is no strategy is clear, it is the same reason for the Children‘s Advocate reporting the large number of Native children in provincial care and the large percentage of Native children dying when in provincial care. The majority of children with FASD and ADD are Native. The people of Saskatchewan need to get these grade six, racist bible thumping fools out of government, Saskatchewan Justice and all government agencies in Saskatchewan and start dealing with their racism legacy.

John Lucas received information that the twin girls were being raped with the full knowledge of the very people entrusted with their care. He contacted the police, prosecutors, his M.P., the Dean of Law, senior people within the Child Protective Service and many others. No one Mr Lucas contacted cared about two twin girls aged 8 who were being raped, sodomized and tortured.

Mr Lucas and his wife picketed to let the public know about the girls being raped, sodomized and tortured. They were both arrested and charged with defamatory libel.

The news media may think that a publication ban is crime against democracy. There is a far worse threat to democracy called a court gag order. The publication bans silenced freedom of the press. This is the first of many gag orders that silenced freedom of speech.

Three others then picketed and were also charged with defamatory libel. What I find amazing is that two of the three were previously arrested and charged with sexual assault against the very children they were picketing to help. They were also placed under a court gag order. Where was the media?

The court proceeding involving John Lucas and his wife were subjected to publication bans by Justice Paul Hrabinsky. The decision was condemned by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association as a further erosion of free speech rights in Canada. The following links are the Lucas case. They are not criminals, they picketed to help two twin girls who were being raped and tortured.

R. V. LUCAS Date of Judgment February 6 1995 March 9 1995

R. V. LUCAS Date of Judgment February 14 1995

R. v. Stevens Manitoba Court of Appeal February 22, 1995
Section 300 was considered at length in R. v. Stevens, [1993] 7 W.W.R. 38 (Man. Prov. Ct.). That decision was approved by the Manitoba Court of Appeal on February 22, 1995. That case observes that s. 300 sets a stringent standard as to mens rea: the Crown must establish, inter alia, that the accused intended to defame and had subjective knowledge of the falsity of the matter published. (Justice Wright, July 6, 1995)

R. V. LUCAS Date of Judgment April 12 1995

R. V. LUCAS Date of Judgment April 13 1995

R. V. KLASSEN Judgement of Justice Wright, July 6, 1995
Counsel also cited an unreported decision of this Court R. v. Lucas et al (No. 3), (Saskatoon Judicial Centre 7/94) which discussed s. 300. In that case the trial judge held that the test to be applied as to the accuseds' knowledge of falsity was an objective one. I respectfully disagree. What must be established is that the accused knew what he was saying was false. That places a considerable burden on the Crown but it reflects Parliament's concern that freedom of speech be protected as much as possible. It is not enough for the Crown to show that what the accused said was false. It must establish that the accused knew it was false.

From here on it is the persecution of John Lucas and his wife.


R. v. Lucas Supreme Court of Canada

During the Klassen/Kvello civil case John Lucas was picketing and arrested again. He was charged with defamatory libel. He is charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky and Rod Donlevy. His wife was arrested and held in jail for two days so their home could be ransacked. He was again placed under a court gag order.

His wife had a heart attack shortly after she was arrested. The July 6th, 2004 order amending the gag order was to allow Mr Lucas to accompany his wife to the hospital.

Mr Lucas’s gag order not only prevents him from contacting his own children, it isolates and prevents him from defending himself. The Judgement in the Klassen/Kvello civil case three delusional Christians were sacrificed. The Judgement also discloses the documents and information withheld by the crown at the first Lucas trial. Mr Lucas is being persecuted by Saskatchewan Justice. John Lucas is going to trial in October 2005. It is going to be a jury trial. He will not receive a fair trial. If the crown fails to again fully disclose, if he can not cross examine his accusers, if the gag order is not removed Mr Lucas will go directly to jail, again. Where is the news media, waiting for a publication ban?

One can not win an argument with an idiot. One can not win an argument with delusional idiots. One can not defend oneself against arrogant delusional idiots.

The children did not receive the help they needed, they were used and abused and further damaged by Saskatchewan Justice. How are they doing, Michael L. Ross is begging for help for his sisters on the internet. Dogs are treated better at your local SPCA then the Ross children received in Saskatchewan.

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