Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia

A short history as I research for the John Lucas Blog, this is the most bizarre story of Christian zealots and the Saskatchewan courts and Social Services. I am having a hard time believing what I am reading about Saskatchewan Justice, no one could be that stupid?

Three Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) children, twin girls aged 5 and their brother aged 8 are apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services in 1987.

The children were showing signs of unusual sexual activity known to be a symptoms of FASD. There was abnormal sexual behaviour before the children were apprehended by Saskatchewan Social Services and it was known that the twin girls brother was molesting his sisters.

Three seriously dysfunctional children with FASD, desperate for help, were in the control of Christian fundamental religious extremists. These fanatically committed Christian zealots were on a witch hunt fuelled by the local media and Christian fundamental extremists who were claiming that there was a cult sexually assaulting and scarifying babies.

The three children were kept together in a foster home run by religious sick nut cases, these nut cases were supported by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Service who were out to educate the court and public about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The boy was interviewed and he disclosed that he was sexually abused, a week later his sisters after being molested and abused for another week disclosed that they were also sexually abused and that they also witnessed killing and eating babies. The sexual abuse of the twin girls continued for 43 months with the full knowledge of Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. The twin 8 year old girls were asking for help because they were being raped by their brother and told the people in charge of them that they were not telling the truth and the nightmare still continued. Terror in the Name of God.

Three people were charged with assaulting and sexually assaulting the children. The evidence was non-existent and consisted of the bazaar stupidly being preached by religious nut cases about the satanic ritual abuse of children. The two deaf natural parents and their friend were found guilty after a hearing and trial. This rubbish made it to a hearing and trial bewildering everyone involved except for the witch hunters within Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

John Lucas and his wife picketed in Saskatoon in an attempt to get some help for the children after sending copies of documents and tapes of the interviews conducted to the authorities and others including the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal who did nothing to help the children. They were left to be raped and assaulted as a means to obtain more disclosures about sacrificing babies and the other assorted stupidly of the people in charge of the children. The nut cases continued charging innocent people and no one was going to stop them. The same delusional judge who heard the first hearing was enlisted to hear the following hearing. There is only one reason for a guilty verdict, they were all nuts, they were all witch hunting.

The appeal was the greatest exercise in twisting the law and cover-up in Canadian history. It is unbelievable that grown men would stoop to the depths bordering on insanity to protect the Christian fundamental extremists responsible for the rape of children.

People who leave 8 year old girls to be raped are guilty of child abuse. It does not matter that they are delusional idiot, judges, lawyers, newspaper editors, police officers, social workers, officers of the court and ministers of the crown. Own court system of justice, anyone knowing that an illegal act was taking place and did nothing is as guilty as those who committed the horrendous act of rape and child abuse.

The names of some of the people responsibly is interesting because of past Saskatchewan history and the so called Saskatchewan elite society. The names of the judges and prosecutors involved in the 12 year cover-up is in itself very revelling. The same judges protected Nicolas Stooshinoff when he was caught blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner by using the Builders Lien Act. Own court system of justice, anyone knowing that an illegal act was taking place and did nothing is as guilty as those who committed the act and are blackmailers and thieves. Could it be that there are just too many Pissmeoffs and Jackoffs within Saskatchewan Justice? The Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia. It is no wonder that the Saskatoon Court of Queen’s Bench is the laughing stock of the nation.


Anonymous said...

Your article on the so-called "Saskatchewan Doukhobor Mafia" is one of the most disgraceful instances of ethnic and religious bigotry and ignorance I have encountered on the Internet. The fact that you quote liberally from Simma Holte's "Terror in the Name of God" only exemplifies the extent to which you know nothing about what you talk about, and instead seek to rely on sensationalistic media accounts lacking wholly in facts to support your absurd view of the world.

I'm leaving this message Anonymously - not because I'm inherently afraid of disclosing my identity nor taking a stand in defence of the Doukhobors - but rather solely because I think you are a pseudo-internet-stalker and a creep who would likely seek to libel or defame me merely for voicing a contrary opinion.

You are absolutely whacked...

Proud to be a Doukhobor

Anonymous said...

I agree with "Anonymous" above. You are a bigot. Shame on you.