Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Injusticebusters Blog post about Johnna Lucas and my response.

I googled the name Johnna Lucas as she was my Dr. in the states. I am wondering if it is the same Johnna Lucas you have in an article about their arrest in Canada.
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You have the wrong Johanna Lucas. John David Lucas and Johanna Erna Lucas were given documents and tapes that showed that two twin 8 year old girls in the control of Christian Fundamental Extremists on a witch hunt that overtook Saskatchewan Justice in the Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry and trial were in danger and being raped by their brother with the full knowledge of the authorities. They wrote letters and sent copies of the information not only to the authorities, Mr Lucas wrote and informed anyone in their attempt to help the children.

No one they contacted did anything to help the children. There was an attempt at this time that has continued to this day by the authorities to keep the public from finding out about the Satanic child abuse cases in Saskatoon. Mr Lucas and his wife picketed and distributed posters in Saskatoon in an attempt to help the children. They named a Saskatoon Police officer who was later found guilty of malice by Justice Baynton in the KVELLO V. MIAZGA case, this was the same cult cop that made a disabled women in a wheelchair crawl to his police car when he arrested her and who in part had the children in his control.

Mr Lucas and his wife were arrested and charged with defaming this police officer. Mr Lucas had a past criminal record and he was an easy target for the police and Saskatchewan Justice to discredit. He was made out to be a child molester and a threat to the public and courts and his wife was made to look like his follower. It would not look good if the public found out that a women had to take to the streets in Saskatchewan to get help for 8 year old girls left to be raped by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services. Mr Lucas and his wife were jailed by Justice Hrabinsky for protecting children. Justice Hrabinsky, madam Justice Dovell and G A Smith then engaged in a ten year cover-up in an attempt to protect the judiciary from embarrassment as a result of their allowing prosecutors and police officers to deceive them.

If you are searching the internet for Johnna Lucas and find that she has a criminal record in Canada. This is the result of an administration of Justice in Canada that is collapsing in a morass of corruption. We could do with a lot more Johnna Lucas in Canada. Until the time come when Canadians get off their asses and demand the removal of judges like Hrabinsky, Dovell and G A Smith Canadian women are in danger, just like the children left to be raped by Saskatchewan Justice and Social Services.

John Lucas has been charged with defaming Justice Hrabinsky. He has been placed under a gag order designed to discredit him and protect Justice Hrabinsky. Canadian women should be hanging their heads in shame. It should not just be Johnna Lucas husband John Lucas picketing and demanding justice for his wife who was jailed along with him for attempting to protect children.
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