Thursday, June 23, 2005

You are still ignoring me Justice Hrabinsky

It is possible that you can not read? My doctors letter that you ignored said: "The court events before the treatments will seriously affect his health and must be delayed." He was referring to the pre-trial that you and Audrey Brent cooked up so she could avoid a disclosure of documents, appraisals and discoveries. You were into your angry act and out to intimidate me when you entered the room. Without hearing a word from anyone you started insulting me, do you remember the angry “get a job”, and the threats, you are very good at threatening a disabled man, did you not see the muscles sticking out on the side of my neck and my head on my right shoulder. Do you know the risk to my health by my having to increase my regular dosage of Oxycontin so I could attend your cooked up farce. I ended up in the hospital you fool. Your threats to put an 86 year old stroke victim out of her home based on lies was sick and discussing. You continued with your threats by telling me what would happen at trial if I did not agree to what you were proposing. Do you abuse your power as a justice on a regular bases or only when Justice Dovell and Audrey Brent request your help to cripple a disabled man and put him into a wheelchair for reporting their former law partner Nicolas Stooshinoff to the police for blackmailing a Saskatoon homeowner.

I thought the dumbest act by a lawyer was when Mr Stooshinoff told a Saskatoon Police Officer that he had never seen any cash sales slips for building materials when the police officer had a Statement As To Documents listing the cash sale slips with his signature on it. It did not surprise me when I discovered that Audrey Brent, Justice Dovell and Stooshinoff were former law partners.

When I first searched on the internet I discovered that you, justice Dovell and G A Smith have a history of “fixing” the out come of trials and court proceedings. The over ten year cover-up you engaged in with the Klassen case came to an end when a man with a grade 7 education left you in his dust. It was clear when Justice Dovell made her statement: "its imperative that this matter proceed.", that the now famous statement by Serge Kujawa, “The whole judicial system is at issue -- it's worth more than one person” was placed into action and there were going to be sacrifices made by Saskatchewan Justice, as the whole judicial system is at issue and its worth more than a cult cop, child therapist and a crown prosecutor.

The following is from the Baynton Judgement in reference to the Ross, Ross and White case.

[424] Third, Miazga was successful in keeping the videotaped interviews of the [R.] children's "disclosures" from the scrutiny of the trial judge. This was the most damaging evidence respecting the credibility of the [R.] children. Yet the trial judge did not have the benefit of this evidence in assessing the credibility of the [R.] children. I am convinced that had she reviewed these videotapes, her conclusions and findings respecting the [R.] children would have been vastly different.

Mr Lucas sent the videotaped interviews and transcript to a large number of people before they picketed. Mr Lucas informed the police, the local Saskatoon prosecutors, his M.P., the Dean of Law, several senior persons within the Child Protective Service and a multitude of others including the Court of Appeal. He did this after the Ross, Ross and White trial and before the Ross, Ross and White Appeal. Mr Lucas and his wife picketed to let the public know that two twin 8 year old girls were in danger and were being raped by their brother with the full knowledge of officers of the court and social workers after receiving no help for the children. It was not just a police officer and social workers that left these girls to be raped. If the truth were to be told the vast majority of the people of Saskatoon were overcome by the satanic child abuse hysteria. Your persecution of Mr Lucas and his wife had nothing to do with defaming a police officer, it was done to protect the administration of justice as a result of the greatest judicial fraud I have ever heard of, the Saskatchewan Ross, Ross and White preliminary inquiry, the trial, the appeal and the Klassen preliminary inquiry and last, but not least, the rape of 8 year old children.

Democracies rely on the trust people have in the administration of justice. The stronger their trust is, the stronger the democratic society is, and the more likely it is that the citizens will be deceived and betrayed by corrupt judges.

The allegations of fact presented to the Supreme Court of Canada in the Ross, Ross and White appeal and the R v Lucas appeal must have been assumed to be correct by the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada. The people of Saskatchewan’s trust was betrayed and the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada were deceived and lied to by Saskatchewan Justice.

You Justice Hrabinsky, Justice Dovell and G A Smith, are corrupt judges. You assault the disabled, you do it in a complete vacuum of any accountability. You protect yourselves and corrupt lawyers who blackmail citizens who placed their trust in your court. You have the power to destroy lives, it is the shame of a community that allows you to continue.

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